The Hidden Uni Connection Between Willie Mays and Tom Seaver

Willie Mays turned 90 yesterday, so there have been lots of Mays tributes floating around this week. One of them, improbably, taught me about a fascinating uni-related connection between Mays and another all-time great, Tom Seaver.

The tribute in question is this New York Times article about Mays that was published on […]

Untold Uni Story: The Day the Colts Had Two Greg Landrys

Hmmm, what’s going on here? Did the Colts find a way to clone backup quarterback Greg Landry during a 1980 game against the Jets at Shea Stadium? Nope, but it’s still a good story. With the assistance of a somewhat grainy and choppily edited video of the game broadcast, here’s what happened.

The date […]

1967 Film Showcases NHL Original Six Magnificence

For all photos, click to enlarge

Good morning! Greetings from Uni Watch HQ, where I’m happy to report that all three inhabitants have now received all their shots. Hope your home is also moving toward full vaccination.

Now then: Longtime Uni Watch reader Alan Kreit recently pointed me toward a […]

Book Cover Exposes Surprising Pirates Uni Detail

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The start of baseball season is traditionally when new baseball-centric books are published, and one of the new titles this year is former MLBer Dave Parker’s autobiography, Cobra: A Life of Baseball and Brotherhood, which was published last Thursday. The cover design is shown above, and it’s […]