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Category: History

Uni Watch Library: ‘The Pro Quarterback’ (1966)

While on the road for the Uni Watch 25th-anniversary tour, I found a really good NFL book from 1966. Let’s take a look!

A Leo’s World Mighty Wishbone C Quiz (and Debate!)

A deep dive into the “Wishbone C” and all the baseball teams who’ve used it.

A Gift That Kept on Giving: The Weird Glitch in the 1989 Mets Yearbook

A recent birthday present sent me down a really fun rabbit hole.

1955 Grey Cup Had Amazing Opening Ceremony

An old video clip captures a sensational moment in time.

Supe’s On 2024: Kansas City Uniform History

The complete uniform history of Kansas City by the Gridiron Uniform Database’s Timmy Brulia.

Supe’s On 2024: San Francisco 49ers Uniform History

The complete uniform history of the San Francisco 49ers by the Gridiron Uniform Database’s Timmy Brulia.

Mike Tyson Always Wore Black Trunks and Shoes, Right? Wrong!

The boxer’s famous signature style took a surprisingly long time to develop. Here’s a fight-by-fight look at what he wore early in his career.

1942 Ted Williams Game-Used Jersey Featured on Antiques Roadshow

The televised segment featured a very Uni Watch moment between the jersey’s owner and the show’s appraiser.

Possibly the Greatest Basketball Jersey Ever

Former pro hoops star George McGinnis, who died earlier this week, wore a seriously awesome uniform in high school.

Teacher Gives Students Awesome Uni-Themed Assignment

A Uni Watch reader who works as a high school teacher has once again come up with a great way of combining American history and uniforms.

Major Find: Browns’ ‘CB’ Logo Appeared On-Field After All (Literally)

We have a new chapter in the story of Cleveland’s famous phantom logo.

Let’s Talk About NFL Captains’ Patches

There’s a lot more to this innocuous-seeming uniform element than first meets the eye!

A Virginia High School’s Trove of Sports Memorabilia

My weekend travels included an unexpected find: a stash of very cool sports artifacts.

A Frank Howard History Mystery (Plus a Very Funny TV Commercial)

An epic Uni Watch investigation.

1910 Cubs Feuded With Pittsburgh Newspaper Over Uni Critique

If you think athletes feud with the media nowadays, you should see these news clippings from over a century ago!