The Strange Story of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Necklace

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s birthday was on Saturday — he turned 75 (just like the NBA this season!). And in a nice case of good timing, today’s Uni Watch entry is about him.

Here’s the deal: Uni Watch reader Daniel Wilson noticed something interesting while recently watching video of a Hawks/Bucks game from Oct. 17, 1970 […]

MLB Celebrates Jackie Robinson’s 75th Anniversary of Breaking Color Barrier

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A good Saturday morning to you, Uni Watchers. I hope you all had a pleasant week.

As you’re all no doubt aware, yesterday marked the 75th Anniversary of one Jack Roosevelt Robinson playing his first game for the Brooklyn Dodgers, becoming the first Black athlete in the […]

Treasures from the Ripon Vault: More on the Suns’ Shorts

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Good morning! I received lots of very positive feedback in response to my recent post about the Suns still wearing zipper-fly shorts as late as the mid-1980s. The most interesting response came from Robert Martin, who works for Ripon Athletic, the venerable uniform manufacturer […]

How Patrick Ewing Changed the NCAA’s Logo Regulations

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Good morning, and happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m looking forward to seeing lots of green today (including on the baseball diamond, where spring training games are slated to begin this afternoon).

Meanwhile: As we all know, Patrick Ewing famously wore a T-shirt under his jersey while playing […]