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Milwaukee Bucks’ City Edition Jersey Apparently Leaks

The torrent of NBA City Edition leaks has continued, with the Bucks’ design being the latest to emerge.

I have no idea what the design is supposed to represent. Anyone have any ideas?

Assuming the leak is legit, this would be the second straight season that the Bucks are going with a blue City uniform. Here’s the one they wore last season:

The NBA preseason is now under way. I’ll have the Uni Watch NBA Season Preview next Thursday, Oct. 19, and then the regular season begins on the following Tuesday, Oct. 24.


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    Another Bronzeville design? Blue is one of their complimentary colors. It’s in every uniform.

    So basically switching from properly radially arced to vertically arched lettering? Huge downgrade!


    Bucks fan here sick of seeing our team in blue. I understand its the official accent color, I understand they can’t do cream this year (NBA rule), but blue ALWAYS feels like a different team. I think I would enthusiastically like this jersey if the blue were switched to a very dark green (ala late 80s Bucks), keep the lime green trim and cream. Or forever switch the accent color to purple.

    But then you’d need to make a new floor. Yes, I am aware of how ridiculous that sounded but this is where we are in the uni-verse. I’d rather the Bucks went back to hunter green and red and be done with it, it is a unique and great combination.

    Last year’s blue uniform was fine, why change it; Ah, because it was last year. Ridiculous. The NBA is turning into euro soccer.

    It has to be safe to assume that releasing this barrage of mostly forgettable uniform combinations is actually making Nike and/or the NBA a lot money or at least enough money for them to keep doing it. If its not why even do this? I mean, we talk about it because we’re a bunch of people obsessed with uniforms but is it being talked about in more mainstream media outlets? I was a basketball before I was uniform fan and the basketball lover in me, it makes figuring out who’s who among teams not as easy. I wonder how successful this program has been and also how the NBA/Nike is even measuring success?

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