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Brilliant Twitter Project Puts Pokémon Characters in Sports Uniforms

I know nothing about Pokémon — like, literally not one single thing — but I do know that I love these illustrations of Pokémon characters wearing sports paraphernalia. They’re from a Twitter feed called, appropriately, Pokémon Wearing Sports Paraphernalia.

Some of the character/team pairings seem to make sense, like the dragon wearing the UAB jersey (above left); others seem more random, although I’m sure there are nuances that I’m missing. Here are a bunch more:

The project debuted in March of 2022 and currently has over 2,500 images, all of which are listed on this Google doc. Kudos to the person behind all of this!

(Kudos also to reader Trevor WIlliams, who let me know about this one.)

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    Great account. Just a note: both the Ottawa Senators and Detroit Red Wings characters are from Animal Crossing, not Pokémon.

    Correct, but those were described as “Special Fiance Day Celebratory Post(s)” by the creator.

    The character in the Oregon outfit is called Farfetched and has always been one my favorite Pokemon characters: a grumpy bird hitting everyone with a leek. I have him as a figurine. I know these characters quite well because of my kids who are now well into their 20s. Nostalgia!

    He also takes requests! He very kindly did one of a cactus pokemon wearing Texas Tech. Nice guy and a cool project!

    Typically, Pokémon evolve from a basic form, middle form, and greatest form (not technically accurate terminology, because I know only one or two steps beyond Paul in Pokémon knowledge). It would be interesting to see a Pokémon in sports memorabilia evolve. Would it evolve chronologically? Or would it evolve aesthetically?

    Anyway, neat drawings.

    Oh god, Paul, you have no idea the Pandora’s box you’ve just opened by referring to Charizard as a “dragon”…

    Most of the matchups make no sense (at least to most people, even diehard Pokémon fans) as they are simply based on requests from followers.

    Jajajaja, yep, Paul is now firmly in the “Charizard-is-a-dragon” camp. Welcome, Paul.

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