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Ewww: LA Kings Announce Jersey and Helmet Ads

The Los Angeles Kings’ jerseys and home helmets were ad-free last season, but that will not be the case for the 2023-24 campaign.

The Kings have sold space on their jersey to an insurance company and have whored out their home helmet to a health insurance company. The helmet ad appears to have raised/3D lettering:

Both ads made their on-ice debut during last night’s preseason game against the Ducks. You can see lots of game photos here.

Comments (8)

    The only LA Kings announcement I want to hear is the return to purple and yellow fulltime! (aka Forum blue and gold).

    Take your pick. Either one of these beat the current uniforms.



    I definitely pick the second link provided.
    Those colors are so underrated and feared by corporate.

    Sorry apparently I butt commented this in my pocket haha. While I’m here, why isn’t the Marlin Man “Fan” at the Marlins series in Philly? He’s been in Milwaukee the past two nights right behind home plate. Some Marlins “fan” he is …

    For whatever reason, NHL uniform/ helmet ads can be more easily ignored. Barely notice them during a game. Maybe because there’s more movement in hockey vs MLB where players are more stationary.

    Except when the ad sticks out like a sore thumb, like the green TD patch on the black Canucks thirds.

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