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Timberwolves Unveil New Throwback, Confirming Earlier Leak

As I reported on Wednesday, a photo taken from outside the Timberwolves’ arena seemed to indicate that they had a throwback uniform in the works. That has now been confirmed, as the team has unveiled a throwback version of their inaugural uniform design, which they originally wore from their 1989 inception through 1996. It will be added to their uni rotation this year as part of the team’s 35th-season celebration.

The full uniform is shown above. Here are some additional views:

Man, that green really pops, no?

If you compare the throwback to the original, it appears that they’ve reduced the size of the letters and numbers:

Also of note: Not many NBA teams have used a captain’s “C,” but the Timberwolves did so during this period, as seen here on Christian Laettner:

It would be fun to see the team do that with the throwbacks, although the maker’s mark and jersey ad might not leave enough space for it.

This uniform will debut when the Wolves host the Pelicans on Nov. 8 — the anniversary of the team’s first home game in 1989. After that, the press release says the uniform will be worn two dozen more times, for a total of 25 throwback games (which is a lot for a throwback!) — 11 at home and 14 on the road. Here are the dates:

Home games include Nov. 8 vs. the Pelicans, Dec. 16 vs. Indiana, Dec. 30 vs. the Los Angeles Lakers, Jan. 3 vs. New Orleans, Jan. 18 vs. Memphis, Feb. 23 vs. Milwaukee, Feb. 24 vs. Brooklyn, March 3 vs. the LA Clippers, March 19 vs. Denver, March 31 vs. Chicago, and April 14 vs. Phoenix.

Road games include Nov. 12 at Golden State, Nov. 15 at Phoenix, Nov. 18 at New Orleans, Dec. 2 at Charlotte, Dec. 18 at Miami, Dec. 20 at Philadelphia, Jan. 25 at Brooklyn, Jan. 27 at San Antonio, Jan. 29 at Oklahoma City, Feb. 8 at Milwaukee, Feb. 12 at the LA Clippers, March 7 at Indiana, March 12 at the LA Clippers, and March 29 at Denver.

The uniform will also have a matching throwback floor design, featuring the team’s original logo at center court:

Comments (15)

    That “V” in “WOLVES” does NOT look good. They’ve bottom justified the green outline, making the V look smaller/raised, a la the “c” in “McDONALD”.

    I realize this is true to what they’re throwing back to, I just think it looks bad, and could’ve been tweaked/corrected.

    Yeah, compared to the 2008 wordmark, the V here just looks off. (Not much of a point comparing the 1996 wordmark, which was purposefully jagged and uneven.)

    Seems to be a real pattern here, the instances of teams across sports bringing unveiling modernized throwbacks which end up being so much better than their default set. Across all 4 big leagues, it’s nearly 100% of the time, the modernized throwback is better. Only instance I can think of off the top of my head in which the regular set is superior are the 49ers. Top of mind since they wore the throwbacks last night in TNF. That said you could argue their primaries themselves are a modernized version of an even earlier throwback.

    “Only instance I can think of off the top of my head in which the regular set is superior are the 49ers.”

    I was hoping they would have added an alt red helmet to wear with the throwbacks…ah well.

    Speaking of Minnesota and uni leaks, it looks like the Wild are going to officially announce their third uniform tomorrow, which earlier leaks showed the jersey being the green Reverse Retro jersey with an updated State of Hockey shoulder patch. They posted a teaser yesterday of a video of a mix of green, yellow, and white paint pouring over the crest on the home jersey. link

    This has to be qualified as a fauxback, right? The green is completely different from the orginal color scheme.

    This has to be qualified as a fauxback, right? The green is completely different from the orginal color scheme.

    Technically, it’s a new uniform, paying homage to the original. When you compare the two, side by side, they are noticeably different.

    Well, add another pair of to the shorts collection. I was just considering the Mitchell and Ness version of these but will go with the Nike pair once they release as they keep the waistband correct.

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