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It’s Time for Another Round of ‘Ask Me Anything’!

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Good morning! This week’s Premium article over on Substack is a new installment of “Ask Me Anything,” where I respond to questions submitted by Uni Watch readers.

Unlike most of my Substack articles, this one is not paywalled, so it’s available to everyone. You can check it out here. Enjoy!



Too Good for the Ticker

You’ve probably seen plenty of photos of Big Klu going sleeveless with the Reds, and maybe with the White Sox, but did you know that he finished his career with the 1961 Angels? I don’t think I’d seen this photo until Dave Jones sent it to me yesterday. Sensational!



Can of the Day

This one is soooo gorgeous! Love the color, not to mention the term “Crisp-en-ized”!

I liked this one so much that I purchased it and added it to my collection of tin can planters:

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    It seems that Superior closed operations in Detroit in 1983 after the company was bought by Borden, leaving Better Made as the last potato chip maker in the Motor City until Uncle Ray’s hit the market in the 1990s.

    Hot take that will probably piss off both actual Los Angelinos and Orange County people. The Los Angeles Angels should really lean harder into the LA branding. Go back to the 90s era uniforms with 2 changes. Instead of CA on the hat, make it an LA like it originally was. For the grey away jersey, instead of Angels in navy have it say Los Angeles, not unlike the uniform you see above.

    Also, ditching Anaheim and branding as LA was a smart move. They’re clearly in the LA metro area, and Anaheim is a large suburb, it’s not a major city in it’s own right. The Ducks should do the same.

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