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Leo’s World: (Somewhat) Old-timey College Football Unis and Helmets…in Living Color

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Good Sunday Morning, Uni Watchers!

I’m back one last time (for August anyway) with reader and contributor Leo Strawn for a final “Leo’s World” old-timey uniform quiz.

Like last weekend, what follows is a set of photographs and questions, this time designed to challenge your college football knowledge.

Leo provided me with six questions — (good for a touchdown) — and an extra point.

Leo has also provided me with the answers, but I won’t post them with this article. I’ll post the quiz with the answers later on this afternoon, so after you’ve made your guesses, you can come back later to see how you did.


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(Somewhat) Old-timey College Football Unis and Helmets…in Living Color
by Leo Strawn

Years ago, I did some UW content on occasion. I’m Leo…welcome to my world!

This edition will focus on (somewhat) old-timey college football uniforms and helmets…all from over a half century ago and all in living color!!

Some of these are difficult, like a decision with seconds to go in the final quarter to either kick the PAT and go to overtime against a stronger opponent or go for two at the end of regulation, but there are some that are easier, like a decision to go for two in the final minutes of a 50-14 blowout win against that team up north just because we hate them, so just give it your best and have fun with it like Woody did, okay? (O…H…)

1. Who wore these crazy horned helmets in 1968?

2. Before playing in three pro football leagues, this QB wore this beautiful uni in college. What college team did he play for?

3. This photo shows the team on offense with two different helmets, one with a single white stripe worn by an All-American/future college & pro football hall-of-famer while the rest wear helmets with a dark center stripe. What team is wearing orange in this photo from 1956?

4. This All-American/future college & pro football hall-of-famer wore this gorgeous uniform in 1948. What college team did he play for?

5. This All-American/future college & pro football hall-of-famer won the Heisman playing for what NCAA school that wore these in the mid-1950s?

6. (This is the “of course one of these has to be the Buckeyes” photo and it’s TRICKY.) Who was THE Ohio State University’s opponent for this game? (Hint: They were NOT the Ducks.)

Extra point: What game was it?

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And there you have it! Please post your answers/guesses in the comments below — and NO PEEKING at those answers posted before yours ;). I’ll have the official answer key in a separate post later today, so let’s see how you do!

Thanks to Leo for coming up with this fun quiz for a Sunday morning! Please give him a quick “Thanks” in the comments below if you enjoyed these (or even if you didn’t)!


Comments (18)

    1 is Colorado
    3 is Syracuse
    4 is Chuck Bednarik of Penn
    5 is Paul Hornung of Notre Dame
    Is 6 Miami (FL)?

    #6 is the 1958 Rose Bowl – Ohio State vs. Oregon. But as Leo writes in the clue Oregon was not yet going by “Ducks”, they were still trying known as the “Webfoots”

    Bingo! Nice job on #6, John! Hoping that one stumped a few UWers…maybe even an old-timer or two.


    1. Colorado. Helmet design was brought back in 2009 against Wyoming paired with uniforms based on their original 1930 uniforms to celebrate the city of Boulder’s sesquicentennial.
    2. Miami, the QB is George Mira.
    3. Syracuse Orange, that’s Jim Brown with the white stripe.
    4. Chuck Bednarik at Penn.
    5. Paul Hornung at Notre Dame.
    6. Oregon Webfoots in the 1958 Rose Bowl.

    Excellent job, Brady!

    I might have to make “1st division” quizzes in the future so you experts have a bit more challenging quizzes, and “2nd division” for people who scored like I would have. I’m pleasantly surprised at how many people did 90%+ on these. I would not have been one of them!

    I gotta admit Leo, I only got 5. You totally threw me off with #6, so I didn’t think it *could* be Oregon aka Webfoots (I thought they’d dropped that in the 1920s or so). So that screwed me up and of course, if it ’twasn’t Oregon (which it was), then I didn’t get that it was the Rose because I knew Oregon and THE met up in 58.

    So well done on the “trick” question.

    Glad to know I stumped you on one!

    Honestly, it was nice to get all of this feedback. Wasn’t sure how easy or hard these would be. I didn’t want to make them so tough that it’s not even fun to try, but not so easy that any average sports fan outside of the UW sphere could ace them every time, either. From the comments, it seems that they pretty much landed in that middle ground, so I’m pleased with the outcome, and to top it off, it was fun to put these together! Definitely planning to do more of these (or something similar) down the road…


    1) Colorado
    2) Oregon
    3) Cuse, 44 is the express
    4) gosh…Kansas? Not sure
    5) Notre Dame
    6) the “what game was it” makes me think it was the rose bowl, so it has to be a PCC/PAC8 team…not the ducks, is that a trick because it’s the Oregon webfoots?

    Didn’t take the quiz – but great stuff, Leo!
    That Colorado helmet really needs to return to full time use …so good.
    Love today’s sunset pic – thank for sharing, Phil!

    Thanks, Chris.

    General consensus seems to be that the quizzes were fun and they were fun to put together, too, so win/win. I’m sure there will be more in the future.


    2.5 out of 5 for me. I knew Jim Brown, Notre Dame and would have sworn that was Oregon against OSU in the Rose Bowl but the Ducks clue got me good.

    Also, I had no clue on Penn.
    And the “Close But No Cigar” guess on Colorado, I kept thinking it might have been some weird CSU horn that didn’t work but now it’s obvious why it didn’t work. It was Colorado doing a buffalo horn, not CSU trying a ram horn!

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