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Notre Dame Football Unveils New Green Uni for Ohio State Game

The Philadelphia Eagles aren’t the only football team adding a new Kelly green uniform.

Notre Dame announced today that the Fighting Irish will be wearing a new Kelly green design when they host Ohio State in prime time on Sept. 23. Here’s an additional photo:

The Irish created a fun unveiling video themed like a Jerry Maguire spoof:

The Irish have worn green uniforms 16 times since 1983 (going 10-6 in those games). Fifteen of those 16 games are listed in this article; the 16th took place last year, when the Irish went green-clad against Cal. Those uniforms had blue jersey graphics instead of white:


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    Thanks for highlighting the Irish. I’m eager to see them jump from UA when the contract expires. Hoping to go back to Adidas or even Nike would be better. They wore green last year in a home game against Cal. Uni’s were clean, but the blue numbers were hard to read, so I’m glad they adjusted to white numerals on this year’s effort. Not crazy about the pants, but the shoes, shirt and helmet make it pop.

    Totally agree, the white numbers and ND monograms with gold outlines are an improvement. My favorite uniforms for the Irish from the past were made by Champion. The hues of blue and the gold were totally right during that era.

    I have a green and gold one like their new one done by Champion with the “1” on it. My fav jersey!!

    Spot on with the Champion jerseys. Such a great look and a great era of ND football.

    Does anyone honestly think this looks better than would an otherwise identical uniform with gold pants? Geez

    Agree. Full shamrock looks like crap, particularly when the gold helmet/pants combo looks so good.

    The green unitard style is pretty bad. Only thing that could make this matchup worse is if OSU went full scarlet .

    Really surprised there’s no alternate green helmet. The mentality is, if a green jersey is great, then green jersey and pants is twice as great! It’s just how sports people think now.

    Yeah, when I first saw the photo everything below the waste was cropped out. Once I saw it was green over green all my enthusiasm for this uniform disappeared.

    I do, yes. For two reasons. 1) It makes the gold helmet stand out on its own more, which Notre Dame of all teams would want to do and 2) There’s no such thing as ‘gold’ pants anymore. Notre Dame’s pants the last few years with UA have been mustard-to-brown, and a frankly pathetic attempt to do any sort of matching to the gold their helmet’s been the last decade. They’re better off ceasing their attempts entirely at this point.

    Holtz era was the last time they effectively matched the pants to the helmets. With the HGI helmets I don’t think they can anymore. I like those helmets but man! When the stadium lights hit those things just right they can look funky.

    I know this may have become one of those rules/guidelines the NCAA and NFL just ignore (NFL: socks anyone?), but wasn’t there a “no bike shorts” rule for both? Seems like I’m seeing alot of pics lately with exposed knees.

    Kids gonna kid.

    I’m done yelling at the clouds over biker shorts and untucked undershirts. Sadly it’s a fad that will take a few years to go away once the next generation decides this is not a cool look. Like bell-bottom blues, grunge and every other fleeting style before it, this too shall pass.

    Yes. NCAA rule is pants must cover knee pads and both must cover the knees.

    This jersey is the best effort UA has produced for ND ever since they started to supply the school. However, those shorts (I cannot call them pants) mess it all up and spoil this glorious day. These should have been gold. But like Paul says: a new generation of players. I define them as a generation that likes the mono look (if it were up to them: green helmets as well), likes short shorts (we see them in college basketball all the time now) and prefers practice gear sloppiness dispalyed during games plus BFBS uniforms (I would not have been shocked if the Irish would have come up with a mono black outfit with a shamrock on the black helmet). I am still very happy with this jersey. Go Irish! Funny video, indeed.

    These aren’t horrible like many of their recent alternate uniforms. Would look great with gold pants. As a USC alum, I remember the times they broke out the green against us. ND is probably the original team that had alternate uniforms when they did this. ND is also the “slippery slope” example of why USC shouldn’t adopt alternative uniforms. Initially, the Irish had some really nice green alternatives, but lately most of their alternatives have been gawd awful.

    I can’t stand ND, football in particular (I get the proud tradition, but they are criminally overrated). May I please blame them for all the alternate uni nonsense as well?????

    Like the green jersey, but loathe that it’s paired with green pants.

    Jersey finally got rid of the blue numbers. Pants are dreadful. UA taking something easy and making it hard for no reason. Nike cannot come quickly enough for the Irish.

    Had to chuckle at this.

    We’ve (rightfully so) bashed swooshie so many times and in so many ways for ruining (or at least making terrible original) uniforms, yet those schools outfitted by UA can’t seem to wait to ditch them as a uni supplier…and to a certain extent adidas-outfitted schools do as well.

    Be careful what you wish for. If Nike’s not making a throwback, they’re probably not making something particularly good either.

    These aren’t bad, but I’m another ND fan who is ready be done with UA. The small numbers for football need to go, men’s BB unis have been terrible for years, and the softball unis the Irish wore at the College World Series were bad on a level reminiscent of the Great Britain baseball unis at the WBC.

    Very yes on every count! Especially the basketball uniforms with their angular design. Brrrrr.

    if ND wins, every one of their faithful will forever love the green britches

    This Notre Dame green jersey marks a standout alternate uniform effort, channeling the classic greens the Irish broke out against rivals back in the day. While the jersey perfectly captures vintage Notre Dame style, the shorts ruin the overall look. Gold pants would have elevated the aesthetic. Still, the green jersey alone connects tradition with today’s aesthetic. With some tweaks, this alternate could have been an all-timer.

    I initially thought it was interesting that they’re not going with the green for the game they are actually playing in Dublin this year, but then again I figure it’s a little bit like the MLB London games where for the sake of branding etc. they’d much rather show off their “iconic” looks for the sake of the foreign crowds.

    The jersey’s fine, I guess. Not sure why you’d wear something other than one of the best jerseys in the sport, but I guess if you’ve got your mind set on an alternate, this isn’t bad. It would look a lot better with gold pants. I didn’t mind the blue numbers on last year’s, but I can see why people prefer these.

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