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Denver Broncos Set Date for Alternate Helmet Unveiling

We’ve known for a while now that the Broncos have an alternate helmet in the works. Now the team has let us know when we’ll finally get to see it.

In an announcement posted today on the team’s website, the Broncos said:

The team will unveil the helmet on Tuesday, July 25, and the new helmet will then be featured in fan-facing promotions during Denver’s Back Together Weekend practice on Saturday, July 29. The Broncos will bring back the alternate helmet display showcase at the team’s final training camp practice, which is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 17.

Although the announcement didn’t mention the alternate helmet’s color, earlier hints have suggested that it will be white. An additional hint may have come in a tweet that the Broncos posted today, showing an image that could be construed as breaking ice:

Whatever color the alternate helmet turns out to be, it will be worn only with the team’s Color Rush uniform, not with their primary uniforms.

The new helmet could be the first step in a significant visual overhaul for the Broncos. The team was sold to new ownership in 2022, and there have been indications that the new management team may scrap the team’s current look, in place since 1997, as soon as next year.

Late July is shaping up as a busy time for NFL uni news. In addition to the Broncos’ helmet unveiling on July 25, the Titans are expected to reveal their Oilers throwbacks on July 23.

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    When clicking on the image, it looks like there’s a helmet under the ice at the very bottom. The ice skews things, but to me I see a white shell with a royal blue stripe on top, and an the classic orange 80s style D with the bronco in the middle.

    Agreed. Noticed the same “preview” below the ice.
    Also, the emojis suggest ice or icy. In college uniform promotion terms that = white out

    Agreed, I’m expecting essentially an all-white (toe to helmet) version of this: link

    As a Broncos fan starting in the mid-90s, I don’t hate the current uniforms nearly as much as many here do (largely due to success, I’m sure). But, I would be very excited for a return to basic striped uniforms and the retro D.

    Assuming the team will wear the new helmet with the orange CR uni, I can’t imagine it being white…

    But (assuming CR unis are subject to the same 5-year rule as primary uniforms), it is entirely possible they will be introducing a new alt/CR uni, which is indeed white. I’d think that’s more likely if the team unveils a white hat. Will be interesting to see if the shell is white or royal (can’t think it’s brown), which would probably be telling as to whether the team will introduce a new alt/CR or throwback…

    I think it will be royal blue, do not know why but it feels like that direction.

    Feels like Detorit if they just slap a new helmet on top of the existing CR uniform. Not sure how white or Royal mix with that uniform pants combo. All the trim is navy. Just because you can have an alt helmet doesn’t mean you should.

    Alt-helmets in the NFL are interesting to me. When it comes to all these crazy jerseys City Connect, Reverse Retro, throwbacks, I get it because these leagues are basically just doing merch dumps for people to buy. That’s why teams and all sports have more than a basic home and away to begin with, which is all they actually need.

    But, people don’t generally buy NFL helmets as team merch. Unless I’m wrong, you technically can buy replica helmets but the only people who do are collectors. Not like jerseys bought by average fans who wear them to games and elsewhere.

    So it’s interesting that NFL teams are still hyping alt-helmets the same way they hype uniform elements that can actually be turned into widely purchasable merch.

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