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UCF Rewards Donors with New Big 12 Swag

I got a note the other day from Uni Watch reader and UCF alum David Staples, as follows:

UCF officially made it to the big time on July 1, when they joined the Big 12. The school had a ton of countdowns and tie-ins to celebrate the big day. One of them was that if you donated at least $120 to their athletics program, you would get a limited-edition box of promotional items. I donated because I figured that the stuff would probably be pretty good, plus I live in South Carolina, so it isn’t easy to get UCF stuff up here.

The box included stickers, a magnet, sunglasses, a mini-banner, a larger banner, a collapsible water bottle, a magnetic pin, some pseudo tickets, and a very cool hat. I thought you might like to see, so I took some photos.

Here are the photos David sent:

Fun! I’m struck by how the “Knights” script is somewhat similar to Sacramento’s new “Kings” script, which I wrote about earlier today. An odd July 5th coincidence!

(Big thanks to David Staples for sharing these photos with us.)

Comments (7)

    Nice items! The box itself is cool as well, with the rocket launch picture with the stadium on the inside of the lid.

    So-o-o-o frustrating looking at that script and the “g” with the underscore and seeing an unfinished sword/saber.

    Plus it has a weird point at the end. Looks like a diagram on how to tie a half Windsor knot.

    True uni-watcher. He took a photo of the water bottle both collapsed and … extended! Thanks for sharing, David.

    It also has a very Charlotte Knights, AAA Baseball, feel. They did some rebranding recently but feels like the last branding from the Knights.

    I have a soft spot for UCF, not because of the Golden Knights identity but because of the old Citronaut mascot they bring out with their special space uniforms every year. I agree that the Knights script is a bit clunky, but that helmet logo is very good as is the monogram.

    Don’t know what I was expecting but, jeez, that strikes me as quite a box of garbage.

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