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Uni Watch Notes from Last Night’s NHL Draft

I don’t think the Red Wings’ famous vertically arched NOB lettering has ever been pushed to the brink like it was last night, as the team picked defenseman Axel Sandin Pellikka in the first round of the NHL draft. Yowza!

As you can see, it looks like they Velcro’d the nameplate to the jersey. But that wasn’t specifically due to Sandin Pellikka’s lengthy surname — they also did it for Nate Danielson:

Detroit wasn’t the only team with some wonky-looking nameplates:

A few other uni-related notes from the draft:

  • Connor Bedard, the top overall pick, will be the first Chicago player ever to wear No. 98.
  • Speaking of Bedard, MLB’s Chicago White Sox welcomed him to town by Photoshopping him into a White Sox throwback hockey uniform:

  • Kudos to the Avs, who know the proper way to use an apostrophe:

  • Has anyone ever seen this Wild wordmark before? It’s new to me:


In addition, the Ducks unveiled a new alternate jersey, which I wrote about in a separate post.

If you have any additional uni-notable observations from last night’s event, feel free to post them in the comments.

(My thanks to Trevor Alexander, Mike Chamernik, Ryan Novozinsky, Brandon Veale, @kfel20, @kodywiddak, and @MyBees for their contributions to this post.)


Comments (13)

    I was going to mention, I’ve never seen that Flyers wordmark before. Is this relatively new?

    That wordmark isn’t new, they have been using it for a couple of years. There was no big unveiling and at first, I thought it was something from the local TV station… who shares Comcast as the parent company with the team.

    Also, wonder what the Wings did with the nameplates of the players they DIDN’T pick in the draft? Those had to have been made up well in advance.

    With the vertical arching, the Wings can’t make up a quick nameplate. (We’ve seen stories about the nameplate people in the past.) So it makes sense that they’d bring a bunch of nameplates for the prospects they’re seriously considering.

    That Sox jersey works really well. Next big jersey promotion: MLB and NHL teams swapping jerseys! That would be fun.

    Didn’t the Ducks unveil a new jersey at the draft? Or just announced it before? I didn’t watch it last night

    I guess they didn’t put it on their pick in the draft which is a shame. I always like seeing new jerseys unveiled in person like that

    Fortuitous coincidence, the Connor Bedard photo shopper started with a Regina Pats photo, so navy and red equipment carries over well

    My dad and I were talking about how Sandin Pellikka was going to be a difficult name for the Wings to fit on a jersey. This is even more awkward than I expected it to be though.

    That Danielson Velcroed nameplate looks like it was covering up another name. I wonder who.

    I’m having a hard time of finding footage of it now, but I saw a new-to-me script wordmark for the Rangers on some of the displays around the stage while they were on the clock in the first round. I couldn’t tell if it was event-specific or not.

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