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MLB Finally Releases All-Star Caps, Confirming Earlier Leaks

Major League Baseball today officially unveiled the caps for this season’s All-Star Game. As we had previously seen via several leaks, all of the caps are a sea-foam green with the team logo rendered in dark navy and white and a Mariners-colored side insignia.

All 30 caps are shown above, and you can get a closer look at each one in this slideshow:

In addition, MLB also released all of the All-Star workout caps, which will be worn for player workouts and the Home Run Derby on the day before the All-Star Game. Again, these caps match earlier leaks that we’d seen for several teams.

The cap unveiling comes one day after the release of the All-Star Game socks. Still no sign of the jerseys and pants, although those are presumably coming soon.

The All-Star festivities will be held in Seattle, with the Home Run Derby taking place on July 10 and the All-Star Game itself following on July 11.

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    Call it a ‘maker’s mark’ if you like, but let’s not kid ourselves, the “New Era stitching” *is* an ad.

    I don’t know who would buy an all-star cap for their team in a pretty bleh Mariners-inspired colorway, but the workout caps aren’t half bad.

    Probably Mariners fans. Only time I’ve ever bought any All-Star gear was when Fenway Park hosted back in 1999. So technically my parents bought it for me. Only circumstance under which I’d buy All Star gear is if Fenway hosted again. Baseball also the only All Star game I watch and wouldn’t eliminate if given the chance.

    Until you said they were sea-foam green, I thought they were beige. Kind of like the hat and uniform of the Diamondbacks Serpientes look.

    Unless they look “greener” in person; that’s not seafoam green.

    Yeah, I thought they might be seafoam when they were leaked, but that’s definitely a bit lighter than seafoam. Not quite sure what I’d call that… light green? pastel green?

    LIDS has them as “mint” and I suppose that’s better than seafoam, but it’s not quite what I think of when I think of mint either link

    Maybe “hint of mint”? link

    I think “Faded Mint” might be the closest match I found. So…yeah, I guess just “mint” will work…


    Pretty uninspiring. What is with MLB’s fascination with having all the teams wearing the same cap when playing each other?
    When ever they do the AllStar games,Military ones in May, Mothers Day edition etc, both teams look ridiculous anyway, and then they all have matching caps?
    Growing up , my absolute favorite part of the All Star game was the opening player introductions with all the different teams and their colors in full display. Never again I guess….This year they all are going to look like a Canadian goose crapped on their heads.
    Bravo Manfred
    You are doing a marvelous job.

    Ugh… Part of the fun of the All-Star Game back was the assortment of colors and uniforms from the various teams.

    It would be nice if MLB ditched the game hat and had the players wear the workout hat during the game. This would add some color to what I think will be a bland game in terms of the color.

    But then there would only be one hat to sell! I’m surprised they aren’t coming out with new hats for every inning.

    The hats are OK as a fashion item but for the ASG I prefer players wearing their own hats with a patch, if necessary. Like these workout hats.

    An oddity with the (wholly unnecessary) workout caps – they gave the Tigers an orange “D”, which they wear on the road. With Seattle as the home team, wouldn’t Detroit be wearing their home uniforms? Or am I just too lazy to look up their BP outfits to find that they wear an orange D with those regardless of where they are?

    When they started doing special caps for the All Star game about 10 years ago I was actually kind of into it–they kept the team colors and added a design element to connect it to the host city/team. White fronts in Minnesota, side bands in in Cincy (to mimic the pillbox style)… but since then it’s been so uninspired.

    When’s the last time the Reds went with black on any style of hat for this sort of thing? I know they never really officially retired the black/red alt hat, but it’s still a little jarring to see a version of it out in the wild. Thought for sure their workout hat would just be an ASG version of the regular home hat.

    Also, it’s a little weird to see the Tigers choosing their orange road look for one of the few ASGs in the last several years that have been in an AL park. But I guess they just wanted some sort of splash of color so the side-mountain-thing design wouldn’t look out of place. I also get that for the A’s, quasi-reviving their previous road look; since all of the workout hats apparently had to be single-color when it comes to the crown/brim.

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