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Happy 17th Uni-versary to the Uni Watch Blog

The overall Uni Watch project began in 1999 with a monthly column in The Village Voice. The column then moved to Slate in 2003 and to ESPN in 2004. In 2006, I began supplementing the column with a daily blog — the same blog you are reading right now. The very first post on the blog was published on May 17, 2006 — 17 years ago today.

During those 17 years, an amazing comm-uni-ty has developed around this site. To all the readers, commenters, emailers, Twitter-ers, contributors, supporters, subscribers, and more, please accept my thanks for helping to make this site the amazing place that it is. Our latest anniversary uni-versary is as much yours as it is mine. Cheers!

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    Happy to have been reading and participating since the Village Voice days! Congratulations Paul, Phil and the whole team!

    Happy anniversary! My mornings haven’t officially started until I look at Uni-Watch.

    Happy Anniversary Paul!!
    This site has been so valuable to me over the years (thinking I was the only one out there that cared about uniforms & sports logos)
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!

    Happy Anniversary!!! It’s gotta be tough to make something that is uniquely your own, but that is exactly what you’ve done, Paul. Congratulations!!!

    Happy Anniversary!!! Thanks for all you do and for making this day the most important on the Uni-centric calendar!!!!

    How important has this site been to me?
    Everyone who knows me knows about Uni Watch.
    Congrats! And more importantly, thank you!

    Happy Anniversary, Paul! Uni Watch has been a part of my daily routine since I first discovered it 15 or so years ago. Thank you for all of the good information and reading that the site continues to provide.

    Love reading UniWatch! Think of Paul every time I see one of my grand daughters wearing purple!

    Paul, thanks for continuing to give your readers somewhere to convene and discuss UW-like minutiae. And to the other readers, thanks for making this the community that it is.

    Happy Anniversary! 17 years later, and we still haven’t come up with a better word than “blog”.

    We could always go back to the original unshortened term — web-log. Not sure it’s any better, though.

    Man, this makes me feel old. i started reading this site in college and I’ve checked every day since. Congrats on 17 years!

    Cheers, Paul. First ran into you on Slate. Been following ever since. I was happy to find a community of other folks who appreciate and care about the look of the game as much (or nearly as much) as the outcome. Thank you for your writing, research, and the occasional NYC travel tip.

    Congratulations on 17 years! I know the day will come when this blog ends and can only hope someone will carry the torch. But I am so appreciative of everything you have done and look forward to continued content and supporting in any way I can.

    I wanted reply again just to make sure my UniWatch+ was noted. Keep up the awesome work!!

    Happy Uni-versary to Paul and the whole Uni-verse on here! It’s great to be part of a family of weirdos who share my weirdness, proving none of us is the weirdo our friends and family might say we are!

    I’m glad I came back today….congrats Paul. We love you for you, but we also love all you do.

    Happy uni-versary! This is THE place for everything logo and uni-related. Please keep up the fantastic work.

    Happy anniversary, Uni Watch! Thanks Paul, Phil, the staff and all the contributors for the daily great contents. Uni Watch blog was at the start of its journey when I first discover it and it was fresh water for a football and uniform fan born and raised in Italy. I discovered a number of anecdotes, and my passion grew even stronger. Even if now my free time is limited I rarely miss an entry.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    17 years! What an accomplishment, and what a commUNIty. Thanks for all y’all do!

    Happy Uni-versary! Uni-Watch has been my breakfast companion for all 17 years and I can’t imagine a day without it! Truly amazing how you keep coming up with fantastic content! Thank you Paul!

    Thank you for the many years of thoughtful writing, and Happy Anniversary. (Reader since the “Page 2” days.)

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