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Kamala Harris and Jill Biden Gear Up for Purple Amnesty Day!

[This post is part of Uni Watch’s 2023 Purple Amnesty Day content. For additional background and details, look here.]

Two of Washington’s most powerful women — Vice President Kamala Harris and first lady Jill Biden — both geared up for Purple Amnesty Day yesterday by wearing purple, although one of them did so under duress.

Harris, who’s a longtime Golden State Warriors fan, is married to Doug Emhoff, who’s a Lakers fan. With those two teams recently facing each other in the NBA playoffs, the couple made a friendly jersey wager two weeks ago:

Since the Lakers won the series, Harris held up her end of the bargain yesterday, although you could barely see the purple jersey peeking out from under her jacket:

As for Jill Biden, she and the president were attending their granddaughter Maisy Biden’s commencement ceremony at the University of Pennsylvania, where the first lady wore a purple suit:

I think it would be fair to say that Biden’s level of purple more than made up for Harris’s.

(In the spirit of Purple Amnesty Day, I ask that any negative comments please be directed at the color, not at the people wearing it. Thanks.)

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    “In the spirit of Purple Amnesty Day, I ask that any negative comments please be directed at the color…”

    Because when it comes to the Accursed Color, the amnesty only goes so far! :^)

    Can negative comments be directed at people not wearing purple?
    ; )

    Purple like neon green is an awesome color.

    (said no one ever)

    The VP looks like she’s about to be sick in that Lakers jersey…

    If you don’t want commenters to be negative, then don’t GUSH. Fair is fair.

    As a fan of a team with the color that shall not be named , do you have any constructive suggestions to improve the Baltimore Ravens uniforms ?

    Fun bet that the VP lost, she held her end up. I agree with the notion mentioned above that everybody looks great in purple, even I do so I hear from friends. How about you, Paul? I think the color suits you more than you like to admit.

    Penn’s school colors include blue and red, so Jill Biden probably ended up mixing the two rather than picking an outfit of either red or blue. Maybe that mix is also an attempt at suggesting the government come together at a critical time? President Biden is also wearing a tie with blue and red, but I think those also line up well with Penn’s school colors.

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