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EXCLUSIVE: First Look at MLB’s 2023 All-Star Workout Caps

Earlier today I showed you two of this year’s Independence Day caps. Now the same source who provided me with those has also shown me one of this year’s All-Star workout caps. These are the caps that the players wear during the Home Run Derby and other activities on the day before the All-Star Game.

Before I show you the newly leaked cap, let’s take a look at last year’s design. They were trucker-style — cloth in the front, mesh in the back — and featured the teams’ standard cap logos along with a randomly placed star, plus an All-Star logo patch on the side:

They’re taking a similar approach this year, but they’ve scrapped the mesh and have added team-colored striping around the side patch (this image was photographed directly off of a computer monitor, which explains the glare and the odd cropping on the left side):

In short: Nothing to get too excited about or to complain about. Your favorite players will look familiar and recognizable during the Home Run Derby (which is probably more than we can say for the All-Star Game itself).

Workout/Derby day is scheduled to take place in Seattle on July 10, with the All-Star Game to follow on July 11.

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    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I actually kind of like the striping — assuming it doesn’t wrap around or anything bonkers like that. Guessing it’s an homage to Mt. Rainier…?

    That’s definitely what I’m thinking too! Not a bad design, and very good potential design explanation to make it make sense too.

    Kinda like it. I wonder how far the striping extends? It is looking like it keeps going.

    Glad they’ve moved away from the mesh backs, and I love the stripes on the side, but that star next to the logo still looks incredibly stupid. It feels like MLB/New Era are running out of ideas for all these special event hats and we’ll return to something a little more normal before too long.

    The AL is the home team this year, yes? In which case, the Twins will have a 5-pointed star next to their TC logo, avoiding the much more fun (way more ugly!) mess of a 5-pointed star next to the four-pointed star above the M on their road cap.

    I wonder if all the stars will be in the top left corner this year to represent the game being in the Pacific Northwest

    Can’t imagine many Houston fans would want to buy caps with asterisks on them.

    Mmmm, it looks a bit clueless this striping on the side. But why not? As long as it does not extend to all the way around the back and back tot the front. Then this would look like an old school cycling cap, be it with a longer brim/bill..

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