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Apparent Leak Shows Reds City Connect Jersey Design

The Reds aren’t scheduled to unveil their City Connect uniform until next week. But as you can see above in a tweet from Reds beat writer C. Trent Rosecrans, we’ve gotten another hint regarding the team’s CC design, which will apparently feature a “CINCY” wordmark.

I don’t know what to make of this one, but I’ll note that the first “C” has that little prong sticking off to the left, while the second “C” does not.

As we’ve noted before regarding CC T-shirt leaks, just because the T-shirt is black, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the jersey will be black, since CC tees sometimes use secondary team colors.

This is the second hint we’ve gotten regarding the Reds’ CC design. The first one came back in February, when six CC sock designs leaked. Here’s the Reds’:

This uniform is scheduled to be unveiled next Monday, May 15, and to make its on-field debut four days later, on May 19.

Update: Perhaps in response to this leak, the Reds have moved up their unveiling date to this Saturday, May 13.

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    Please, dear sweet baby Jesus don’t let this be the actual jersey.

    I at least hope the jersey is white or red. This t shirt looks like a knockoff of the Marlins rebrand, and we know how awful those jerseys are.

    “CINCY” in ghost lettering/bespoke font with apparently two-directional block shadow?

    FFS I hope this aint it…

    Is “Cincy” frowned upon by locals, like “Frisco” or “San Fran” in San Francisco?

    Cincy is pretty safe. But there isn’t as much collective city pride in Cincinnati as other places. The metro area being split between Ohio, Kentucky and even to a lesser extent, Indiana is part of that. But also, Cincinnati is formed by like 50 separate neighborhoods within its own city limits , and you will more likely hear someone say their neighborhood (Mt. Adams, Over-the-Rhine, West End, Walnut Hills, Evanston, Hyde Park, Mt. Lookout, Oakley, Riverside, Price Hill, Westwood, Avondale, Bond Hill, Clifton, Northside, Mt. Airy, etc.) than Cincinnati. And if they are Catholic especially, the answer may be what high school they went to!

    Cincy is completely acceptable, Cinci is not.

    I completely disagree with the sentiment that there isn’t a lot of local pride in Cincinnati. While the neighborhood pride is definitely a thing (as is the high school thing), those aren’t mutually exclusive. I’ve lived in another similarly-sized midwest city and my wife is from another, and we both agree that Cincinnati has way more civic pride than those other two cities. Now, the NKy/Ohio thing is kind of odd (Covington and Newport are more a part of Cincinnati than say Blue Ash but don’t tell that to someone who lives north of the river) and the city proper being so tiny even adds to the neighborhood divide you mentioned, but people are still proud to be from the area.

    My college buddy from Detroit said it best, “You never hear people from Ohio excited about being from Ohio, but you hear people from Cincinnati excited that they are from Cincy.”

    Olde English C (lower case) with the state of Ohio in the negative space.

    Dot connects to the city.


    Please Reds get rid of the damn black in any form of your uni’s. Please go back to the Big Red Machine theme

    I wouldn’t blame Nike or CC. The team seems to have a lot of leeway. Most of the CC jerseys are really great with a few missing just one element from being great. Also, I believe each team has a completely different design team to work with, so it’s hard to say they are running out of ideas.

    I’m just curious how Cincinnati plans to incorporate this. I am just excited that it seems to have nothing to do with the Big Red Machine era

    the leak didn’t move up the unveiling, May 13th (513 area code) is Cincinnati Day

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