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Report: Panthers Getting New Uniforms Later This Month (but just a minor update, not a full makeover)

[Editor’s Note: This has been a fast-developing story that apparently isn’t quite as momentous as it originally seemed. I’m leaving the original report in place and then adding updates to show how the story evolved from various competing reports. — Paul]

Earlier today we had the news that the Arizona Cardinals will unveil a new uniform set later this month. They’ll apparently be joined by the other NFL team that’s been the subject of offseason uni rumors, as’s Andrew Lind is reporting that the Carolina Panthers will unveil new uniforms of their own during the run-up to the NFL draft, which begins on April 25. It’s good timing, too, as the Panthers hold the No. 1 pick.

This will be the first substantial redesign in the team’s history, as they’ve maintained the same basic look since their 1995 inception (a few minor tweaks notwithstanding).

The most intriguing part of Lind’s report is the revelation that the Panthers will no longer wear silver. He wrote:

One source indicated Carolina plans to remove silver from its color scheme to bring the Panthers in line with Major League Soccer’s Charlotte FC, as both franchises are owned by David Tepper and share Bank of America Stadium.

Interesting! If, like myself, you’re not a soccer fan and don’t know what Charlotte FC’s uniforms look like, here you go:

So does this mean the Panthers will be making blue their primary jersey color and relegating black to alternate status? Does the elimination of silver mean that the team’s black alternate helmet, which was introduced last season, will now become the primary? Too soon to say, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Update: A competing outlet is disputing Lind’s report:

Never a dull moment!

Additional update: I was just contacted by a Panthers spokesman who essentially confirmed the Riot Report tweet. Here’s what he told me:

  • This is not a redesign. This is a color correction to bring our uniforms more in line with our true color – process blue. When Nike took us on in 2012, they chose the color in their color book that was closest to our blue. They now have a better color match.
  • The shoulder stripe stops short of going under the armpit as part of change made by Nike to accommodate new technology related to increased mobility.
  • We are not removing silver.
  • The jerseys for our number one draft choice will reflect this updated color of blue.
  • We are not changing our logo.
  • This updated blue is consistent with the blue that fans see in our end zones.

And there you have it. So, contrary to Lind’s initial report, the team is keeping silver and just making small changes, not getting a full makeover.

Final update: You can now read the Panthers’ own announcement/clarification on their website.

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    I really really really like the Carolina Blue the Panthers currently use (link), and I won’t miss the silver. It is just too close to white, and with Nike’s unwillingness or inability to make a proper set of *silver* britches, I won’t miss those either (always preferred the white over white anyway – link ).

    Guaranteed this team, especially with the Charlotte FC news, has one solid black set (which won’t be that different from their current one: link.

    I hope to God they make the pants striping straight and vertical (as opposed to the current slightly “v” shape: link). And I pray they have pants stripes at all.

    Gonna also predict in addition to the mono-black uni, they have a blue helmet, probably something like this: link

    I never minded their shoulder loops — although for a while they were anything but (link). They were able to somewhat remedy that design feature with the latest Nike chassis (link), but I could see that design element being ditched with the redesign.

    Gonna say a mono-white (worn with either blue or black helmet), mono-black, and likely a mono-Carolina blue (although hopefully they’ll wear white pants with that jersey); I can see them mix-and-matching like they have done recently: link, but with blue pants now.

    The original 1995 uni was pretty modern then (and has held up surprisingly well), and I’m inclined to think there will be more cosmetic tweaks than a wholesale redesign.

    But I guess we’ll find out soon enough. At least we can (probably) be pretty sure the team won’t have a “throwback” — unless they somehow use that mono-black (including black helmet) uni, due to the “multiple shell” rule.

    ^I will vehemently and respectfully disagree with the use of the term “Carolina Blue” to refer to the hue that the Carolina Panthers use. It already has a well-known name, Process Blue.

    I will allow Carolina Panthers blue or Panthers blue.^

    I don’t disagree (I will always associate “Carolina” blue with that which is worn by UNC), but that’s the how it’s referred to by team color codes. Other websites refer to the blue as “Panthers” blue




    I was using “Carolina Blue” based on the term used by the first website. Since the others all call it “Panther Blue,” I’m fine with calling it that.

    Either way, I love the color.

    Seconded with prejudice. “Process Blue” or “Panthers Blue”, but this is not and never will be Carolina Blue, which is a thing unto itself.

    I believe the Panthers will be going from Tidal Blue to Neptune Blue, if you’re following the parlance of the Nike football catalog. UNC wears “Light Blue” – gasp! The Swoosh is notorious for doing multiple names for the same color shade, though, so don’t quote me.

    Whoever came up with the name Process Blue should probably be looking for a new job. Just an awful name!

    Let me guess, they both plan on releasing them the *same day*–or at least the same two-day span–just to make uni-bloggers lives miserable…

    Always thought black helmet/light blue jersey/black pants would be a good uniform combo for the Panthers if they ever changed uniforms. Maybe we get that!

    I am somewhat disappointed though. Part of me wants them to stay with the original uniforms and never change. Just because they are the originals and would stick with their traditional look from the start through thick and thin.

    IMO the black and blue jersey looks much better with silver britches. Agree Nike silver and white britches are difficult to tell apart. Blue britches may look okay with a white jersey. Black and white never looks good together even in a tuxedo.

    You are correct but Nike can’t make metallic britches. Not silver, gold or pewter.

    The tip-off for me something didn’t ring true on the original report? I was suspicious when it said the NFL team was adjusting its palette to align with the MLS team palette. Hard to believe that would have been the direction. If anything the inverse would be much more likely- and believable – in my opinion.

    I actually thought the same thing. It looks like the article has also been walked back to match what this post now says.

    Change the hue…ok.
    Stay with silver…fine.
    Keep the helmet stripes…ugh.
    How about ditching the too-tiny tv numbers?

    Us Uni-Watchers: ZOMG they’re changing the uniforms and the hues of blue!

    Nike folks who actually make the uniforms: “Eh, just pick something out of the book that’s close.”

    I love the panthers uniform, colors, logo, etc. Wouldn’t mind a few tweaks like with the hoops or pants stripe I guess, but everything else about this set (block numbers esp.) feels like a modern classic.

    One thing I hate with all cat teams is a scratch mark motif, which is often used in panthers concepts. If they somehow incorporate that (like in their wordmark) I’ll be very disappointed.

    I also don’t love going all in on black – like with helmets – it’s too hot in NC to be wearing too much black in the early part of the season. I think the current silver really makes the uni pop.

    Agreed. Yes, their uniforms are a bit untraditional. But they aren’t a crazy mess like the Cardinals. I’ve never understood why people dislike them so much.

    Very, very happy to hear this. After screwing the Panthers out of their actual color of blue for the past 10 years they’ll actually get to sport that color again. So glad the initial report was way off base. Pleased with all of it. Hate the black helmet and I’ve always hated the blue jerseys.

    The Panthers desperately need to change their uniform set more than their colors.
    The update of the Blue is fine, but they badly need a secondary logo. Black needs to be more of a primary use (I’d love to see a Black helmet with a process blue/silver/process blue center stripe and silver chromed facemask, Black jersey with Process Blue and Silver stripes stripes, and updated silver pants.

    The blue has been all over the place since the team’s inception. Some of the gear out there was a bit darker and almost purple in hue compared to what Nike has been putting out the last decade or so.

    It is different from “Carolina blue,” though the bad jersey fakes tend to end up in that hue as opposed to the blue the Panthers typically use.

    “Process blue”? Can we continue to call it “Panthers Blue” – not to be confused with “Carolina Blue,” James and anyone else – and call it good?

    (Also, stop wearing white pants with the black or blue jerseys. The former means silver helmets, black jerseys and white pants – which is a confusing the mess. The latter looks like Smurfs. Not the biggest fan of the blue jerseys in any form, but looks better with silver helmets and pants. Also … no blue jerseys with black pants unless they’re allowed to use the black lids with it.)

    How does Nike do it? They won a bid for NFL uniforms despite not even making an effort to match colors? Dyeing fabric isn’t hard. They could come up with a new fabric color for a billion dollar contract. They’re the worst.

    Good thing the process blue is restored and the silver is retained. I do prefer white pants for the Panthers instead of that grey hue that is supposed to look like silver. Panthers look is a strong one, as long as they stay away from mono blue or mono black. Mono white is OK.

    i loved the panthers look when they debuted, and as mentioned, not much has changed spare a few tweaks or combo choices.

    however: i am ready for them to try something (at least noticeably) new. i think what they have does sort of feel like a modern classic because they used mostly classic elements and stuck with it for a long time, but something about this team makes me not want them to feel like a team from the 60s.

    things id like to see “tweaked” if that’s all it is:

    1. the panther logo needs a refresh. not a wholesale redesign per se, but it feels old. the basic style, the color blocking, the silhouette can remain, but it’s sort of in a middle space between an old-school classic and a sleek modern look at this point.

    2. the shoulder stripes/hoops. i understand people’s hesitance to embrace “slash/scratch” marks with a “clawed mascot” team because it’s pretty on-the-nose, but a single shoulder slash exactly like the texans current look would give it that tapered look most of the players are now achieving with tailoring anyway, or simply collegiate-style over-the-shoulder stripes that don’t tussle with sleeve tailoring and don’t wrap under the armpit would be fine with me.

    3. white or silver. pick one but not both.

    4. pants striping. not so wide, and no tapering.

    5. the contrast collar. it’s not helping on a uniform with so much big chunky color blocking already.

    6. the helmet “stripes”. loved them when they debuted, still love that they are unique, but the more i noticed them, the more i couldn’t stop seeing how they only look great from a certain angle. the curve needs to be a bit more gentle so it’s not fighting so obviously against the flow of the helmet curve, and it should be a large enough arc (and logo placement tweaked) so that the panther’s head fit evenly in the space under the curve.

    my dream changes (more than a few tweaks): embrace the electric blue, have 2 helmets: electric blue (back facemask) and black (electric blue facemask). logo redesign to be something fully old school (think predators faux-back logo) or more modernized. have one main set that is blue helmet, black jersey and pants, blue socks, blue numbers with no outline. unfortunately what i just described is to close to the jags current look.

    Semi-snarky question: one of the better aspects of the Panthers’ jerseys was that the shoulder stripes went all the way around. As they should with UCLA stripes. Nike claims that they made an aesthetically-ugly choice because of some new technology. If the technology should be implemented to optimize performance, how much did it help? The Panthers were 7-10 in the worst division in football. Would they have been so much worse without this vaunted tech that Bike had to ugly up the jerseys for mediocrity?

    I am open to being persuaded that the tweaked blue hue will look good on uniforms on the field. But the digital side-by-side is terrible. The brighter blue is just so much more vibrant and inviting. If that wasn’t really their team color, then they should have changed their color specifications to match what Nike provided.

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