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UM Hurricanes Release New ‘Miami Nights’ Alternate Uniform

The University of Miami today release a new alternate uniform. It’s BFBS, and they’re calling it “Miami Nights.”

As the name implies, the uniform features a jersey with bright neon green numbers, outlined in black and neon orange. Sleeve caps appear to be anthracite, and have orange piping. That same bright orange piping is also found down the pants leg, which also has a thicker anthracite stripe and green piping on the opposite side (the same pattern found on the helmet).

Here’s the hype video which accompanied the release.

That gives us a 360 degree look (albeit quickly) of the uniform. It looks like NOB will be neon green, and the rear numbers receive the same treatment as the front. There is a pattern embedded into the anthracite sleeve caps.

The helmet is a black shell, featuring thin green and orange stripes on the outside, with thin black stripes in the middle, and what looks like a thicker anthracite center stripe. The nose bumper reads “Miami” in orange with a green drop shadow.

Here’s another look at the uniform:

It’s difficult to tell, but it appears the green and orange piping on the uniform is embedded with some sort of iridescent material which is reflective.

The team has not announced when these uniforms will be worn, but based on the name and features, it will likely be a night game.

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    It’s fun.. you guys gotta stop being old fuddy Duddy’s! And I’m no spring chicken.

    I must be too old for this stuff. The endless parade of uniforms is so needless and exhausting. But I guess this stuff resonates with the younger generation. Whatever.

    So when is Alabama coming out with their stupid uniform? Anyone that comes to your school because of this nonsense, I don’t think I’d want them on my team.

    What kind of things do you think Miami was secretly offering recruits during its climb to fame in the ’80s? Hookers? Coke? Don’t pretend that “kids these days” are any worse than those notorious Hurricanes teams. But if it was your school fighting its way out of obscurity and the special burden of being in an NFL market, you’d make the deal with the devil for multiple National Championships.

    This generation gets pretty hyped for these kind of off the wall uniforms. The players tend to love them and they sell surprisingly well. I’m a generation behind (millennial vs gen x) but the youth trend is towards louder uniforms.

    I tend to think that college and high school is the place for these kind of uniforms while the NFL is for classier and more traditional uniforms.

    I can see it both ways. If you have a storied program then there is great appeal to wearing the same uniform (or close enough) as the great players and rosters that came before you, and in the vein of police/military/firefighters/etc, there is also the appeal of it truly being a UNIFORM that is historically recognizable and respected and makes you feel like “when I put this on I’m going to WORK”.

    On the other hand these are 12-20 nights in the prime of their lives when they are expected to command attention from a large group of people, potentially on nationally TV. Imagine hosting 15 huge parties a year. Sure you could wear the same black tux every time and it might be a suit that looks good on you. But lots of people would prefer to mix it up and wear something new and different and exciting, particularly if there is a special occasion for the party (holiday weekend, rivalry game, etc). There is also the desire to establish oneself as a unique entity. Yes great players X, Y, and Z wore that uniform, but I want people to remember my time here as being extra special. So recruiters can say, “if you come to U of M, this uniform will be the look of the (potential player) era!”

    Both sides of the coin have pros and cons. But ultimately we’re all uni-heads here, and for me it’s the design and execution of the design that matters. Not whether it’s ANOTHER college uniform. I mean what would we talk about if every team picked one look and never changed?

    Just an idea, Get back to winning. Good old orange and green till National Title back at The U.

    I love them!!! The uni’s capture and communicate the “Miami night life vibe” in a fun way. Obviously only appropriate for night time home games. One of the better college kits. And I’m a baby boomer.

    I agree with almost all of that. I’m just not ready to put them on the top of the college podium yet (though they are VERY cool) There’s so much time left in the season. And too many unis left to reveal. But I think it’s a great uni and a (finally) unique take on the Miami nightlife theme.

    Canes fan here. I’m generally not opposed to alternate and creative uniforms but c’mon. Helmet is OK, I don’t hate it, but the rest – PUTRID! As in really REALLY awful. Take those uniforms straight to Mt. Trashmore and bury them DEEP. I realize The U is now coached by a former Oregon Duck coach but let’s keep the eyesores in Eugene and OUT of Coral Gables.

    Not terrible, and on the plus side, it’s not black & pink like so many people really seem to want Miami sports teams to be now…

    i hate the BFBS and think miami should just stop it already. inexplicably, the fan base LIVES for the black alternates. that being said, it’s a cool concept and well executed.

    The U won five national championships without stupid uniforms, although I disliked the green pants with the white jerseys. These are asinine. Leave that crap to UCF and USF.

    I mean I wasn’t really paying attention to unis in 2000 but I could totally see people at the turn of the century thinking their 00-03 kit was “out there”.

    OK, let’s end this thing once and for all: every school gets a BFBS uniform and a WFWS uniform and that is it. Players want it, coaches do not give a hoot and most younger fans seem to love it. Football as a chess game with human beings, which it basically is. We can complain alle we can bout these dreadful looking uniforms but we do not get to play in them, will not buy them anyway and do not have to recruit future players with them. If this is what college football wants these days, let them have it.

    Miami has a pretty distinct uniform when they wear their particular shade of Orange. I am not liking these alternate uniforms and it’s becoming played out when everyone has a black uniform.

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