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Are Pink Numbers Returning to Oregon Football Unis?

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There was an interesting uni-related tweet this past weekend from the Oregon Ducks, who released their “2022 Color Schedule.” The schedule instructs fans on what color apparel to wear to specific home games.

The October 22nd game against UCLA instructs the fans to “Wear Pink.”

This led fans to speculate that pink might return to the Oregon football uniforms.

If you weren’t aware, twice before Oregon has modified their uniforms to fit pink onto them —   in 2012, the Ducks wore pink helmets in a game against Washington State, and two years later, they wore black jerseys with pink numbers against Arizona. In that game, the helmets also featured a pink “O” on the rear.

Now, asking the fans to wear pink for a given game in October (Breast Cancer Awareness month) is one thing. But a photo was briefly posted to Instagram (and was then deleted) which shows what appears to be a new “22” black jersey in the current font style showing pink numbers:

While we cannot confirm this photo is 100% legitimate, it is strongly believed this jersey will be introduced this year and worn in the UCLA game when fans are being asked to wear pink.

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    Since it’s oregon, all bets are off when it comes to uniform cohesiveness anyway. But I wish they would at least pair it with the apple green as opposed to the highlighter yellow. Green and pink could actually be a decent combo, but that revealed jersey is not encouraging.

    To paraphrase the brilliant George Will, Oregon enjoys the awesome strength that comes from being incapable of embarrassment.

    I feel that. Oregon can get as wacked out as they want with their unis, and I will not judge them, even if they put together a design or two that I don’t like.

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