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Nats to wear 1969 ’Spobacks; Royals Will Also TBTC

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A big surprise emerged yesterday out of DC, where the Nationals announced that they will honor their franchise’s previous incarnation by wearing 1969 Expos road throwbacks for a game against the Royals on July 6. The news was first reported by The Washington Post.

The throwback threads, which will include the 1969 MLB centennial sleeve patch, can be seen in this video:

This will be the first time the Nats have worn Expos uniforms since the franchise relocated from Montreal to DC in 2005 (although they have worn Senators throwbacks on several occasions). A few notes, all gleaned from that WaPo article:

• Although the game will be in DC, the Nats will wear the Expos’ 1969 powder blue road unis, “because the Expos’ away uniforms are more striking than their original home whites.”

• The Royals will wear 1969 road throwbacks (as worn by Lou Piniella in the photo shown above), so this game will be road uni vs. road uni.

• The Nats will embrace the 1969 theme with period music. They’ll also offer Montreal-themed foods like poutine and smoked meat.

• Former ’Spos star Vlad Guerrero will be on hand, and the Nats will recognize employees whose ties to the franchise date back to Montreal.

I’ve heard from people in Montreal and in DC who are unhappy about this move, but I’m fine with it. More than fine, in fact — there are lots of younger fans who probably don’t even realize that the Nats used to be the Expos, so it’ll be a good history lesson. And anything that gets those ’Spos unis back on the field is A-OK with me.

(Big thanks to Phil, who came up with the ingenious term “’Spobacks.”)

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ITEM! The design contest you’ve been waiting for: I haven’t done a Uni Watch team-redesign contest since I left ESPN. But I’m announcing a new one today that will run on Sports Illustrated’s website, and it’s a doozy: Redesign the Bengals!

I’ve wanted to do a Bengals contest for years and years. I mean, few teams are more in need of a makeover, and there are lots of fun possibilities, right? I practically begged ESPN to let me do this, but for some reason they only wanted to let me do contests for teams that had recently announced plans to get new uniforms, and the Bengals haven’t had new unis since 2004 (the year I joined ESPN, as it happens), so I was never able to do it.

Happily, SI was happy to partner with me for this project. You can see the full contest announcement, including the deadline and all of the rules and particulars, here.

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I’m not usually a sneakerhead, but…: Look at this sensational vintage metal sign for Top-Notch sneakers, made by Beacon Falls Rubber Footwear. Spotted it for sale on eBay — it’d look great at Uni Watch HQ, but it’s a little too pricey for me.

I’d never heard of Beacon Falls Rubber Footwear before, so I did a bit of Googling and found this gorgeous ad from 1952 (click to enlarge):

Hmmm, this may be a company worth investigating further.

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ITEM! Rare summer appearance by Uni Watch cookie monster: As longtime readers are aware, one of the nicest Uni Watch rituals is the annual baking of uni-themed cookies by reader Elena Elms. She sends me a box of these treats every December — and only in December.

So imagine my surprise yesterday when I was working in my outdoor home office (let me tell you, having a front porch is by far the best thing that’s ever happened to my work-at-home routine) and saw the mailman walk up with a package from Elena. Surely she wouldn’t be sending me cookies during the summer, would she?

She sure would (click to enlarge):

How great is that? It’s like the Uni Watch merch shop reproduced in edible form!

Elena enclosed a card, which read in part, “Since I couldn’t make it to this weekend’s celebration, I’m sending cookies in my place. I don’t normally mail them in summer, due to the effects of heat and humidity, so I hope they survive the trip.” They did!

Isn’t that nice of Elena? And there are more cookies than the ones shown in the photo. I couldn’t resist eating one or two, but I’ll bring the rest of them to our Brooklyn gathering this Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday’s gatherings, I’m super-happy to see that there is now a party scheduled in the town with the most Uni Watch name ever — Uniopolis, Ohio. (Well, the party is actually in a nearby town, because Uniopolis doesn’t have a bar, but still.) In addition, new gatherings have just been added for Richmond and Denver!

Here are the updated map and spreadsheet showing all of the currently planned gatherings. If you want to organize or attend a party this Saturday in your city (it’s not too late!), contact party coordinator JohnMark Fisher.

Oh, and the Paris party will take place today! Have fun, Parisians, and remember to post your party photos to social media with the hashtag #UniWatch20.

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Skateboard reminder: In case you missed it earlier this week, I have two cool skateboard items that I’m looking to sell. I’ll put the proceeds toward the shipping costs for this year’s year-end raffle.

First, I have a New York Rangers skateboard made by Aluminati (click to enlarge):

And there’s also an NBA/Warriors “The City” throwback skateboard deck (i.e., a board with no wheels), also made by Aluminati. This one is still in its plastic wrap:

The Rangers skateboard retails for $130, and the Warriors deck goes for $60. I would strongly prefer to sell them together as a set, because I only have one box that can fit them. I’m thinking $120 plus shipping let’s make it $100 plus shipping. If you want just one of them but not both, we can talk about that, but I’d reeaally prefer to sell them as a set. Interested? Shoot me a note. Thanks.

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The Ticker
By Paul

’Skins Watch: The Ottawa Senators’ arena is located on ancestral territory that once belonged the Algonquin Anishinaabe people — a fact that will now be acknowledged at every Sens home game (from Jerry Wolper). … The school board in Manchester, Conn., has voted to change the local high school’s team name from Indians to Red Hawks (from John Dankosky). … Another Connecticut school board, this one in the town of Killingly, has voted to let a local Native American tribe decide if the town’s high school teams should continue being called the Redmen. Tribe members have previously said they favor changing the name (from Alan Duda).

Baseball News: Here’s how Mets P Noah Syndergaard looked in a Brooklyn Cyclones uni for a rehab start the other day. … Oh, for fuck’s sake: I still call it Independence Day. … Lots of unusual Reds-related memorabilia, like a washing machine from the team’s clubhouse, is up for auction here (from Cincy’s own David Sonny). … 1990s throwbacks tomorrow for the Astros. … The Durham Bulls have partnered with the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes to create hockey-themed “Bunch of Jerks” uniforms, which will be worn on Aug. 23 (from Casey Hart). … Dodgers OF Alex Verdugo wears No. 27 but used to wear No. 61. He has necklaces with pendants for both numbers (from Jakob Fox). … The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Alexandria, Va., has a display on counterfeiting that includes some knockoff Angels caps. … Four new specialty jerseys on tap this season for the Tri-City ValleyCats. … Blue vs. blue last night at Wrigley. That’s the second day in a row that the Cubs have worn their blue alts at home, after not having done so for about a decade. … The Mets called up P Chris Mazza yesterday. Here’s hoping he brings his hosiery heroics with him to the bigs.

NFL News: Check out the all-white officials’ uniforms in this video from the 1936 NFL championship game. Interesting facemask about six seconds in, too (from Jerry Wolper).

College Football News: New midfield logo for the Coast Guard Academy (from Joe Kelly). … Indiana, which went NNOB last year, is apparently bringing back the NOBs (from @bhaggard89). … New field for Valparaiso (from Joel Mathwig). … A Notre Dame blogger has offered a theory about this year’s ND alternate uni design. … Looks like Troy will be using its crossed-swords logo to mark the kickoff spot on the field.

Hockey News: The Canucks’ practice uniforms have been updated with the new stick-in-rink logo (from Wade Heidt). … New uni number assignments for the Canadiens: Nick Suzuki will wear No. 14 and Cole Caufield will wear No. 36 (from Mike Engle). … Cross-listed from the baseball section: MiLB’s Durham Bulls have partnered with the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes to create hockey-themed “Bunch of Jerks” uniforms, which the Bulls will wear on Aug. 23 (from Casey Hart). … Kings prospect Jaret Anderson-Dolan has a very unwieldy NOB. … Looks like Maple Leafs RW Mitchell Marner has have a winking smiley face written on the palm of his right glove (good catch by Tanner Emeterio).

College Hoops News: New floor design in the works for Austin Peay (from AG Harris).

Soccer News: Oh, good: MLS will now allow gambling and liquor sponsors advertisers on jerseys and for naming rights (from Kary Klismet). … The daily download from Josh Hinton: New kits for Real Madrid, Fulham FC, Milton Keynes, and Darmstadt. … USWNT jerseys are popular with young boys. … New kits for Morecambe FC (from @TexasTrevor). … D.C. United wore pride kits last night. Here’s how they looked in action (from our own Jamie Rathjen and Jacob Bogage). … Adidas is reportedly pressuring Manchester United to keep MF Paul Pogba, which seems like a serious case of the tail wagging the dog, no? (From Brent Kivell.) … The rest of these are from Ed Zelaski: New logo and colors for the Polish Ekstraklasa, the top men’s league in Poland. … New corporate name for the Scottish Challenge Cup. … New kits for Dunfermline, De Graafschap, Lausanne-Sport, and Hearts.

Grab Bag: Here’s a pretty hilarious article about how to fix all the bird-based team logos in the Big Four leagues. Recommended! (From many, many readers.) … This Tokyo Olympics logo concept is way better than the real thing (from Denver Gregg). … Buying, selling, and trading collectible sneakers has become a huge business (NYT link) (from Tom Turner). … Interesting article about whether police officers should be able to march in Pride parades while in uniform (NYT link). … The ultimate fusion of Cincinnati foods: chili with goetta (from Frank Bitzer). … Here’s a really good in-depth discussion of Northland Community & Technical College’s new branding, including its sports program (from Jason Hillyer). … Also from Jason: Here’s a ranking of the neckties worn by the male candidates in last night’s presidential candidates’ debate. … Parents of a five-year-old boy who recently died of cancer, and who had dreamed of joining the Army when he grew up, are asking service members to attend his funeral in uniform. … Can’t un-see it: The logo for the Xbox subsidiary Rare looks like a stylized “R” but is actually a golden roll of toilet paper. … New logo for the town of Mead, Colo. … It’s been a long time since I’ve said this, but it’s still true: Hamilton Nolan is really, really good. … Possible leak of a Rugby World Cup alternate jersey for Argentina (from Eric Bangeman). … Members of India’s opposition political party don’t like the national cricket team’s new orange jerseys because that color is commonly associated with the ruling party. … Here’s a ranking of 2020 presidential campaign logos (WaPo link) (from many readers). … A high school student caused nearly $700,000 in damage when he hung his JROTC uniform on his hotel room’s sprinkler head, thereby activating the sprinkler and flooding 10 rooms. … With golf’s U.S. Senior Open taking place at Notre Dame this year, players found customized Notre Dame jerseys waiting for them in their lockers today (rare non-UNC item from James Gilbert).

Comments (105)

    Tradition is being damned in the celebration of tradition.

    Road v. road uniforms? Really?

    I’m seeing color v. color creep. Not sure I like it.

    Road v. road uniforms? Really?

    Hardly the first time it’s happened. The Blue Jays wore powder blue throwbacks as a home alternate uni for three seasons (2009-10); the Phillies have done the same thing for the past two seasons. There may be other examples I’m overlooking.

    Not saying it’s good (or bad); just saying it’s not a new thing.

    So when the Yankees bat first in London wearing pinstripes will be cats and dogs living together, I assume.

    That’s what I was thinking; the Nats and Royals balancing out the Yanks and Sox …..

    Was a word left out?

    “I normally mail them in summer, due to the effects…”

    Over $600 million of public financing and were supposed to watch some other city’s uniforms? I’m supposed to cheer for the corporation’s previous brand and location? Yuck. I don’t like seeing the Nats provide fan-service to non-Washingtonians.

    It’s still the same franchise and part of its history. There’s nothing wrong with spending a single game honoring the the previous city and nickname of the franchise, especially when it’s the 50th anniversary. There’s still 80 other home games where you can root for Walgreens.

    Real Nats fans will also be serviced by the celebration of the team’s proud Montreal heritage. To the extent that this is about “fan service,” it offers a useful test of whether one is actually a real fan of the team. Think of it as the uniform equivalent of a long losing streak, or of the 2019 season in general.

    It’s also worth mentioning that in 1969 Washington had a baseball team! The Seantors had their best season in a generation that year and hosted thr All-Star Game.

    The Rangers have worn Senators throwbacks a few times. Have the Nationals ever done the same?

    As cool as it will be to see the old Expos uniforms (and those amazing caps) on the field again, I really hate when teams do this (including the recent Whalers exercise).

    It’s one thing to celebrate the history of your city/community by wearing a previous team’s uniforms (old minor leagues, Negro Leagues, etc. etc.). But to me, if you leave a city for greener pastures somewhere else, you should forfeit any right to the history, colors, uniforms and name you leave behind. If you didn’t value any of those things enough for you to stay, you shouldn’t get to “celebrate” it years later in some other town.

    Yeah it’s a business and legally the Nats are the same organization as the Expos as far as MLB is concerned, but it’s really disrespectful to the fans in Montréal who had their team trashed by Loria and stolen away by the league.

    Are you also opposed to the Dodgers wearing Brooklyn throwbacks?

    Not trying to play gotcha. Just genuinely curious about how you feel about that case, since the team name/identity hasn’t changed, just the city.

    My feelings: Teams and leagues have been very inconsistent about how they’ve handled this type of thing. I don’t know that there really is a “right” or “wrong” way, because the circumstances are often complicated. I do know that I like seeing history acknowledged, and in this case the history is that the Nationals used to be the Expos. Having the Nats wear Expos uniforms bothers me a lot less, frankly, than the current Cleveland Browns pretending to be the original Cleveland Browns, complete with the old franchise records/stats/etc., which seems like revisionist history, not actual history.

    Not OP but I’m absolutely bothered by the Dodgers dressing up as the Brooklyn Dodgers! Are you not?

    Not really, no. I understand why some people are, but I’m OK with it. I like the through-line of franchise history.

    The Dodgers are still the Dodgers, they’re just in LA. Here is what rubs me wrong about this. There is a pretty large movement afoot to bring the Expos back to Montreal, not simply baseball, but the Expos. This announcement feels like Washington is kind of rubbing it in Montreal’s face, “yeah, you might get a team, but not your team”. It feels kind of like the Ravens wearing Browns throwbacks while Cleveland didn’t have a team. A pretty giant middle finger if you ask me.

    Under that logic, isn’t it also a giant middle finger to Brooklynites when the Dodgers wear Brooklyn throwbacks?

    I’m not saying you’re wrong (or right). I’m just saying your argument seems to apply to both situations.

    Like I said earlier, these situations are complicated.

    I think it’s an intent issue. I don’t see this as anything more than an effort to drive up the cost of the new Montreal franchise buying back the Expos moniker. I think when the Dodgers do it, it’s at least an effort to pay homage. Although if someone from Brooklyn had a strong opinion as to where they can stick their homage, I wouldn’t begrudge it to them.

    “It kind of feels like the Ravens wearing Browns throwbacks when Cleveland didn’t have a team.”

    That’s nice, except IT NEVER HAPPENED.

    The only thing that is close is that few hundred t shirts and sweat shirts with the Browns helmet Baltimore Browns were made and sold, before Cleveland proved that the entire city is nothing but whiny crybabies and whined and blubbed and bitched until Tagliabue decreed that Baltimore couldn’t use any logos or words associated with the Browns.

    Agree w/Paul when he says no right or wrong way to handle franchise moves because circumstances are often complicated. To wit: how many of you know the Minnesota Twins were born in 1961 when the Washington Senators moved there. That very same year, 1961, a new expansion franchise started in DC called the Washington Senators (who, of course, moved to Texas in 1972). Let’s do some throwback uni days for that quartet.

    The Twins did throwback to their Washington days once in 2001 (to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the American League), and the Rangers dressed as the Senators 2.0 in 2002 and 2008.

    Have to agree with Derek here. It is the same as the Titans wearing Oilers throwbacks and it is absolutely disgusting.

    The Expos franchise history, including uniforms, rightfully belongs to the Nationals, not to the city of Montreal (or to some ‘franchise of the future’ that might play there), just as the Oilers stats/logos/etc. is the property of the Titans, not the city of Houston and clearly not the Texans.

    Nope. Not even close. Earl Campbell didn’t run for one single solitary inch in Nashville. The Oilers belong to Houston. The history of a team absolutely belongs to the city it played in.

    Robert Moses was a(n) (insert insult here)…because of a parking garage…which eventually became a real estate deal to become an arena…no more Dodgers…(and horrid driving patterns).

    To Paul’s point…history is nice, and the team history (uniforms) generally does not belong to to the public, that’s what stones and plaques are for. That’s what I tend to research.

    They might as well take down the Expos names and numbers from the ring of honor in Nats Park.

    That’s not a bad idea. Gary Carter, Rusty Staub and Andre Dawson never played in Washington.

    It’d be one thing if Montréal currently had a team. But since no other existing ball club is in an arguable position to rock Expos unis, let the Nationals do it.

    I’ve heard more than one person who grew up with the Expos grumble that Washington wouldn’t so much as acknowledge their previous incarnation … but now that the team’s doing that, suddenly THAT’s a slap in the face. What I’m getting from this is that some people will never be pleased, and are best ignored.

    That’s really good perspective.
    The Nationals were the Expos, even though they focused their previous throwback efforts to dress as American League predecessors who once played in Washington DC

    I’m pleased that the Nationals have finally chosen to celebrate their Montreal roots.

    The Yankees were the Baltimore Orioles…why not honor that?
    And to reach beyond that, why don’t the modern day Orioles honor the St. Louis Browns? Or the the Cardinals honor St. Louis baseball and play dress-up as the Browns?

    In fact, why don’t we let everyone do as they damn well please!

    Might as well have a team take the identity from two teams that left NY and claim it as their own…(oh wait…that’s the Mets…no originality there)

    So now Independence Day needs a corporate sponsor? That’s a terrible look for El Paso.

    The worst part is that, according to the article, it’s not even on the actual Fourth itself. So not only is there a corporate advertiser slapped onto our national holiday, /it’s not even on the actual holiday itself!/

    Ironically, I live in DC and wear my Expos stuff to Nats Park all the time because I went to McGill, but I will be out of town for this game! All for the best, as I’d probably hate it. The Nats had 15 years to do anything to acknowledge Expos history, but did less than nothing—aggressively tried to peg their history to the Calvin Griffith Senators instead. Now, the Expos jerseys AND a poutine pop up AND bringing in Vlad Guerrero? Too little too late. No thanks!

    Are they pegging history to the Griffith Senators which moved to the Twin Cities or the Short Senators which moved to Texas?

    Hope the Nats do the ‘Spobacks right by paying attention to little details. They need to be wearing a solid blue batting helmet like the Expos in ’69.


    I don’t have a problem with teams “adopting” throwbacks. It’s good to see those old uniforms again.

    However, my big beef is with the lack of accuracy when manufacturing the throwbacks.

    In this case, the red-white-blue sleeve trim and pants piping are way too large.

    If they are going to do it, do it right!

    I’ve never gone to a nats game and not seen somebody wearing a Expos. This is just me talking. I don’t care even a little bit about the expos “legacy” although I’m fine with them doing this. What I am not fine with are the “franchise records”. They list Geurrero etc and I can’t stand that. I’m interested in nats team records. And I really hope Montreal gets a team

    So, a lot of the Nats merchandise says Est. 1905, but they’re celebrating the beginnings of the franchise in 1969? This makes no sense. Pick a lane.

    I like that SI has used the word “challenge” instead of “contest” for the Bengals thing. The use of “contest” has always bothered me with these re-design things here, mainly because I associate winning a prize as the reason to hold/enter a contest.

    Both Michigan and Vanderbilt wore white pants with colored jerseys last night in the final College Baseball World Series. Is this common in college baseball?

    For the past 10+ seasons, the Nats have been wearing road greys that are clearly inspired by Montreal’s, but a one-off TBTC is the thing that gets people in an uproar.

    I don’t get it.

    The cricket World Cup is the first time the ICC has enforced ‘alternate jerseys’ for colour clashes. Seeing as the way cricket plays is rather static, it’s not difficult to work out who is who. Many see it as a cash grab.

    As an Uni Watcher from Sydney, I’m really liking the Australian uni for this tournament. The only bug bear is the numerous shades of green it uses…

    I’d like to see the umpires get into the spirit of throwbacks and wear what the umpires wore in 1969 in the game. Looking at the one picture, it appears that shirt, jacket, and tie were the norm.

    I’ve been saying for many years that officials in all sports should look the part for throwback games. The NFL did it for its 1994 throwback games, and also for some AFL throwback games in the 2000s. But I don’t think any other sport has done this.

    Back in the 1991/92 NHL season, whenever two of the Original 6 franchises played each other, both teams and the officials all wore throwbacks. As seen lower down on this page: link

    NHL officials wore throwback sweaters (literal sweaters, mind you!) with shirt and tie underneath for the 75th anniversary throwback games in the 1991-92 season, including the All-Star Game in Philadelphia. The throwback sweaters also made an appearance in the 2003 Heritage Classic in Edmonton and the 2004 All-Star Game in Minnesota.

    The NHL has did this during select games during the 75th anniversary season and also for the 2003 Heritage Classic outdoor game.


    Back in 1969, the leagues still had distinct umpiring crews, with different uniforms (and the AL home plate umpires wearing big chest protectors that looked like balloons). So to make this extra cool, to acknowledge the interleague (the very idea still a sacrilege for most in 1969) game two umpires in NL gear and two in AL gear.

    I like this idea. FWIW by the nature of the thing, if something was ever a sacrilege, it always is – yes this applies to interplague

    FWIW by the nature of the thing, if something was ever a sacrilege, it always is…

    Well, no, because standards evolve and change. That’s why interracial marriage, to cite one simple and obvious example, was once sacrilege (and illegal) but is now common, and almost everyone agrees that that’s fine. It’s why women working outside of the home was once sacrilege but is now common, and almost everyone agree that that’s fine. And so on.

    Obviously, there are *some* things that fall into the “It was bad then, and it’s still bad now” category, and different people may have different ideas about which things do or don’t belong there. (Personally, I agree with you that interleague play definitely qualifies.) But applying a blanket rule is demonstrably wrong.

    by including the historically brief mania for ethnic purity, you’re using a much broader definition of sacrilege than I am. intermarriage was common (relative to the presence of members of other ethnic groups) in most of the western world until the 16th century

    Gregg, we both know I could cite literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of examples of things that were once “sacrilege” and are now both commonplace and well-regarded.

    My only point is that a blanket approach of “It was bad then, so by definition it’s still bad now” is not a good rule to apply, and has empirically been shown to be false. Better to argue for or against things on the merits, not by trying to fit them into a one-size-fits-all dictum.

    Rugby in Europe is sponsored by Guinness. For a couple of years Wales rugby was sponsored by Brains a Welsh brewer. Sort of funny to see rugby kit with the word BRAINS on it.

    Lots of English soccer teams are sponsored by betting concerns.

    Don’t see the issue with it.

    I don’t think anything will ever top whatever soccer club it is that wears a jersey with “BIMBO” printed across it.


    As an FYI, Bimbo is a Mexican multinational baking company. Per Wiki, they own 29 baked good brands in the US.

    The general affection for the old Expos’ jerseys is further evidence in favor of my theory that any design, if enough time passes, will be considered a “classic”.

    I can’t prove it of course, but I would bet a paycheck that if the Expos were an expansion team introduced this year, most Uni Watchers would opine that the uniforms, especially the weird logo and tri-color caps, were ugly as sin. I seem to recall that the caps especially were derided when they were first introduced.

    I love the logo but find the jerseys, fonts, and tri-color cap to be utterly hideous. It’s gotta be pure nostalgia at play for people. The hat, in particular, looks like something you’d slap on a toddler.

    The last look that the Expos had was their best and it’s not particularly close, for me.

    The Expos last set was boring and generic. Their first set was livened up by the elegant font (which matches the script) and the unique cap. I suspect the new Expos would go with this, with maybe a blue cap for the road.

    I mean… the logo on the chest with the team name under it?!? That would be thoroughly and completely derided by all.

    methinks the fonts would be the most loathed element were the original Expos unis issued brand-spanking today, but those were the epitome of swank in those days

    That’s right Jack! July 2, 1776 was when they signed the Declaration of Independence! Not the 4th!

    Look it up!


    One of the most widely held misconceptions about the Declaration of Independence is that it was signed on July 4, 1776. In fact, independence was formally declared on July 2, 1776, a date that John Adams believed would be “the most memorable epocha in the history of America.” On July 4, 1776, Congress approved the final text of the Declaration. It wasn’t signed until August 2, 1776.

    Nothing wrong with the Nats celebrating their existence as the Expos. At the same time, a new Montreal team (whether the Rays or expansion) should be allowed to be called the Expos.

    Growing up, I was an Expos fan. Washington DC didn’t have a team, and I knew (even as a kid), I didn’t live in (hated) Baltimore. So I picked the Expos, because my parents had taken me to Montreal in 1968 to see the Expo for which the team was name, and their uniforms were buck as hell.

    When they moved to Washington and became the Nationals, I got lucky. I still root for the same franchise.

    I’m doing cartwheels over this decision. Road v Road or not, I’m just excited to see the Expos blues (bleus) again!

    Great content today. As a kid in the early 80’s, like many I’m sure, I used to draw all kinds of MLB, NFL, etc. link logos, jerseys, players and such. Wish I still had them because there were over a thousand and I’m not exaggerating. I ALWAYS used black for the Yankees, Tigers, and Bears.

    Beacon Falls CT is just south of Naugatuck CT, where Keds sneakers (and Peter Paul chocolate bars) were manufactured until the 1980’s

    Re: Spobacks

    As a lifelong Expos fan, I cannot and will not support what the Nationals are doing here, no matter how much I’d love to see the Expos come back. While I agree they legally have the right to, I cannot in good faith support them in doing this. Like someone else had posted above, this appears to be an intentional act by the part of Washington management to drudge up ill feelings towards Expos fans.

    Like someone else had posted above, this appears to be an intentional act by the part of Washington management to drudge up ill feelings towards Expos fans.

    It’s one thing to say that this move lacks empathy and is painful for certain people. But you honestly think that’s the *intent*? You think a pro sports team in DC is staging a throwback game as an *intentional* attempt to troll people in Montreal? Because they have, oh, nothing better to do?


    Honestly? Yes I do.
    Do I think it’s because they don’t have anything better to do? No, I don’t. It’s been no secret there’s been animosity between the two areas stemming from the relocation. But, I’m not sure what the Nationals plan to gain from doing this. Are they going to be selling caps/jerseys/shirts from this event? Are they planning some kind of financial gain from this? If not, I don’t see what their motivation for doing this is.

    I’m not sure what the Nationals plan to gain from doing this.

    Well, the “gain” from any promotion is to put asses in the seats, to keep things lively, etc., so there’s that. And yes, I’m sure they’ll be selling some sort of merch.

    I understand that you miss your team, and I feel for you — really and truly. But seriously, you’ve lost all rational perspective if you think the Nats are doing this just to fuck with you. Trust me, they have bigger issues to worry about.

    I’m sure Paul is right, they have better things to do….

    But let’s just pretend for a sec that the Nat’s are messing with Expos fans……google “Rocket Richard Riot”…

    They take their teams pretty serious in Montréal et la belle province….

    Obviously still a lot of lingering pain & resentment there about how the team was gutted & shipped to Washington. Whenever the Nats crap out of the playoffs anyone who’s been to the Big-O or Jarry Park to see the ‘Spos does a little happy dance…LOL

    I wouldn’t doubt for a second that the Lerners would do this in some attempt to drive up any settlement price for granting a new Montreal club the Expos name. I don’t know if the logic behind it would make sense, but if they thought it would help their bottom line I’m sure they would do it.

    I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve made that type of typo on “does not” and I get “doe snot” in my message :)

    Since “Baltimore Orioles” is the full species name, shouldn’t the correct name for the team be called the “Baltimore Baltimore Orioles”?

    I’ve never seen a Bengals uniform proposal that I’ve liked since the original duds. The 80’s look was fresh for a minute and I still love the helmet, but their current sets are wretched and all the fan-made updates have been worse. I hope you guys out there knock it out of the park and The Bengals take note.. Looking forward to the results!

    As much as I enjoy this site the comments section always reminds me of this:


    I’m not supporting a baseball team cause they are wearing a jersey from another city that they came from. MY DAY IS RUINED!

    I just love the 50+ year old white male crabby demographic (of which I am one).

    The opposition to throwbacks like these is ultimately just an exercise in priggishness and the only possible goal of such opposition is to shoot down the chance for uniform heritage to be celebrated. If some feel more strongly about being self-appointed gatekeepers, protecting some trumped up notion of the “appropriate” way to pretend like a sporting contest is being held fifty years ago they can go ahead but I think it will matter very little to the vast majority who will just appreciate that this interesting piece of sporting and aesthetic heritage is getting the recognition it deserves.

    Neat article about fixing the bird based logos and one of the links leads to this site too, cool.

    The Anaheim Ducks just need to use the goalie mask duck face as a logo instead of a webbed duck print that also represents a D.

    Great article, well done! I really enjoyed it.

    I think the Jays & Ducks in particular are much improved!

    As a Bloomingtonian I’m getting a real kick out of IU using a player named Bedford to model the new NOBs

    Oh good, the MLS is getting criticized for doing exactly what NASCAR has done for decades.

    That Toyko 2020 logo concept is cool, but, I’m betting it runs afoul of the Olympic Committee rulebook… that solid red circle is probably too close to the national flag to be a part of the logo, right?

    My biggest beef with the Expos throwback is the sleeve trim looks too thick…it should be a very thin soutache trim. That made the uni for me.

    As for teams that have re-located, I am calling myself a hypocrite. I seem to be bothered by Washington throwing back to Expos…but would not bat an eye at the Atlanta Braves throwing back to Milwaukee. Perhaps time heals wounds…also Milwaukee has a team now. One thing I do believe – if a team changes their nickname, all records should stay in the original city. I might even support that becoming a prerequisite for a franchise move.

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