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Around the League for Players Weekend

By John Ekdahl

There’s not much going on in the uni-verse this weekend besides the Players Weekend craziness, so here are some items you may have missed:

Forbes has the complete list of every nickname that will be seen across the league this weekend.

USA Today has photos of all 30 uniforms being worn this weekend. They’ve also put together their top 27 nicknames.

Via Paul, the Mets chest script being used for Players Weekend has never been used there before.

Maybe the official hats weren’t ready yet?

The Yankees Clint Frazier is really playing up the ginger angle.

Mr. Red is joining the fun too.

From Bryan Redemske, it looks like the “TM” mark is missing from the Cubs’ logo for Players Weekend.

For comparison, here’s their standard logo:

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

From Trent Ewert, Jumbo Diaz is wearing a World Baseball Classic undershirt in the minors.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

This is incredible. Even with Hurricane Harvey barrelling towards southeastern Texas, Houstonians still refused to buy Cowboys-branded coolers. Everything else was sold.

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + +

From earlier this week, UW-Platteville unveiled new uniforms for the upcoming football season. .

[edit: I mistakenly had the 2013 press release quoted above. It appears as if the school didn’t issue a press release or even cover the unveiling of this year’s new unis. If anyone can find it, please let me know. Bizarre. (thanks to UW-P Fan for pointing it out)]

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    None of the altered-color Cubs jerseys have had the TM to my knowledge. My assumption is that the trademarked logo includes the specific colors and design, and that TM protection is implied but not assigned for the camo, lighter blue, Stars and Stripes, et al designs.

    Close, but standard Cubs logo has the ® symbol, not ™. The former indicates a registered trademark, viz., registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. All trademarks are protected under both the Lanham Act and the common law, but registering the mark makes it easier to sue for infringement.

    The various non-standard Cubs logos lack the ® symbol for the reason you suggested, which is that the registered mark “includes the specific colors and design”, meaning any other version of the logo is, technically, not the registered mark.

    “Player’s Weekend” – basically it’s “Little League Weekend.” Let’s wear the kind of pull-over jerseys most of the players wore when they were kids. The same league-wide template, and just like little league, stressing color. It would have been more authentic if they forced yellow, purple and maybe florescent green on teams just so everyone had a distinct color. They even had a patch, just like: link. Gee, MLB could outfit little leagues around the country with these “t-shirts,” though it might cause parents to reconsider signing the kids up for football. “Hmmm… seeing these jerseys all summer or brain damage…” Tough choice.

    If one wouldn’t buy a cooler because it had the Cowboy’s logo on it, I guess one didn’t really need a cooler.

    Why is MLB so insistent on teams wearing gray pants on the road? Most of the road uniforms would look much better if they wore white pants. This has to be a recent development. For years, the Cubs blue jerseys on the road with white pants. And many teams did it on the 70s. Does anyone know when MLB put the mandate in Place for teams to have to wear gray pants on the road?

    With Players Weekend over, MLB can now easily segue into supporting Red Cross on the batting helmets for rest of regular season.

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