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Sunday Morning Uni Watch

Michigan State Glitter Helmet

By Phil Hecken

Ah…shiny things.

As we’ve said on Uni Watch many times before — the shiny things are designed to attract seventeen year old recruits. Yesterday, Michigan State broke out a new helmet for the Bunyan Trophy game against Michigan…and lost, 12-10, on a last second field goal — returning Bunyan to Ann Arbor. But, in the battle of the headwear, Sparty was the clear sparkly winner.

I didn’t get to watch the game, but I did look at a lot of highlights, so unless you were seeing the helmet up close — you couldn’t really tell it was any different from their normal lids. Not too bad, all things considered. Some additional stills are below:

Screen Shot 2012-10-20 at 8.02.04 PM

I figured this new topper had to be one of those “HydroGraphics” jobs — and I was right. They’re the company that does the Ducks helmets, and they were also responsible for the TCU Purple HydroChrome ® Frogskin Helmet which debuted October 6th against Iowa State. The kids must love it.

But Michigan State weren’t the only ones debuting new lids yesterday.

Boise State, who went BFBS yesterday, broke out a brand new flat black helmet (which I thought looked great).

OSU (the Oklahoma variety) went with a new orange “Pistol Pete” dome. It wasn’t quite as good as this circa 1967 beauty, but still it was good — and it was much better than this rumored Pistol Pete helmet. And I’m pretty certain this is the first time the Cowboys have worn something besides “OSU” on their helmets since that 1967-68 logo. You can get a better look at that helmet in this short video clip:

Not to be left out of the new lid parade, Northwestern broke out their own new flat black helmet for their own ‘NU/NU’ game. They may not be “BFBS” but this was really relegating their purple NW stripe to almost invisibility…and the purple to relative obscurity. That may not be such a bad thing.

That will do it for my intro into yesterday’s new bucket extravaganza — I now turn the rest of this over to our SMUW guru, Terry Duroncelet, as he takes you though the…

. . .

Sunday Morning Uni Watch
By Terry Duroncelet

Lotta teams wearing black in week 8. One at a time:

• Arizona State not only went with a blackout on national T.V. on Thursday night against Oregon, but they also changed the fork?/trident? on their helmets to black (it was yellow last year) and painted the logo at midfield black as well (no photo for that one). Also, — and this is hard to see — they had their Twitter handle “@thesundevils” with the hashtag “#fearthefork” in the endzones. Plus, this gentleman actually knows what Oregon’s colors are.

• I don’t normally report FCS stuff, but I caught a quick glimpse of the Hampton/NC Central game, and saw that #3 not only had a tear in the ‘O’ of his jersey, but his T.V. numbers were oddly more forward than normal. Was somewhat like that for the other players, but nowhere near as extreme as his. Probably one of those things where there’s a “ghost” number (space where the first number should go for double-digit numerals). I think this was mentioned on Uni Watch before a looooonnnnnng time ago.

• It’s rare that you see Purdue in mono-white. It’s even more rare to see the college Saints and tOSU go into overtime for two straight years. But back to the mono-white. I like. I especially loved the footwear worn in that game: black cleats (not that black and white mess *side note: I’m kinda glad I missed that WYO/AFA game last week*) with white socks. Yes! That’s the way it should be done (for most teams, at least). Also in that same game, this was a thing. Yeah.

• Well, we can’t complain that Oklahoma State doesn’t wear enough orange anymore (check out the perfect footwear). Like really. I’m normally not that big on white facemasks, but it seems to work here (also note #7’s pink laces). Here’s another close-up of the helmet. Also, while I was looking for game photos of said uniform/helmet, Miss Rarity showed up in my search. I did not plan this. I wasn’t even going to make a single pony plug-in this week.

• Temple wore mono-black against Rutgers. I would’ve tolerated this slightly more if they paired the black tops with the cherry pants that they wore against UConn earlier this season (which I think I forgot to cover when they debuted).

This! Is! SHINY!!! That’s Michigan State, who came out with these new HydroChrome helmets from HGI against Michigan. I know I shouldn’t like this, I know that the greens don’t match, and I know that it looks like a Christmas ornament, but dammit, that’s a nice lid.

• Interesting to see Georgia Tech wear gold at home, although there wasn’t much contrast from their opponents (Boston College), except for the pants. Also, the ‘GT’ logos on the field were pink.

• In the game between NU and NU, Northwestern wore all-black on Saturday against Nebraska. We already figured that. What we didn’t figure was that they would have new helmets to go with the black uni. Nice. Here’s a closer look at said helmet.

• Boise State wore an entirely-black uniform, from head-to-toe on Saturday against UNLV. I was seriously thinking about writing a chilling novel about how this shouldn’t be a thing, but decided against it when I woke up Saturday morning. I’m sure the readership has plenty to say, both positive and negative about the uniforms, whether it be about how the helmet looked, or how the numbers fared (that’s really the only thing that I actually like about it. It reminds me of a sky), and Phil has already provided great coverage of said uniforms. Plus, considering the woes and malfunctions that come from a combination of blue, orange, and black (for black’s sake) in sports, Boise State should consider themselves lucky that they came out on top 32-7 unscathed. At least the numbers were readable. Sorta.

• Nothing uni-notable on the field between Penn State and Iowa, but off it? Ahem. (thanks to Phil for sending me that)

• Remember when Duke tried to split the difference between blue and black earlier in the season? They did it again against North Carolina, just inverting the colors from blue/black/blue to black/blue/black.

• Southern Miss. wore their throwback uniforms against Marshall, with the latter wearing mono-green in that same game.

• Last, but not least, no gold pantaloons here, but happy 30th!

. . .

Thanks, TJ! Top-notch job as always — sorry for stealing a bit of your thunder with that lede, but great job! Readers? What say you about the stuff that passed for uniforms yesterday?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Screen Shot 2012-06-24 at 10.32.36 PM

“Benchies” first appeared at U-W in 2008, and has been a Saturday & Sunday feature here for the past two years.

. . . . .

How ’bout one from the (Sorta) Wayback Machine…

10-21-12 s-mike int

Click to enlarge

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all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

Like the colorizations, I’m going to run these as inline pics — click on each one to enlarge.

And so, lets begin:


astros 80s tweak

First up is Jim Vilk, who still likes to swim upstream when it comes to Astros concepts for 2013 (this one is already full-size)


A simple concept for the Astros: take the 80s unis and top them with the 70s caps.


. . .

texans! - Tate Brown

Next up is Tate Brown with a new Texans, um…


I think this uni concept would be a pretty cool look for the Texans”¦maybe Nike would actually do it…

Tate Brown

. . .

CWS Logo - John Mitchell

We close today with John Mitchell, who has a new logo/number font for the Chisox…

CWS Road - John Mitchell


My white sox uniform concept

John Mitchell


And that’s it for today. Back with more next time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Catherine 5 & 1 (animated)

Catherine Ryan’s 5 & 1

The five and one has been a staple of Uni Watch for three years, usually ably administered by Jim Vilk. But he got old and tired, so we needed someone young and fresh. And we’ve found that someone in this year’s new 5 & 1 decider…Catherine Ryan.

Some interesting games for sure today, with several teams going with new looks — will any of them catch Catherine’s fantasy? Do your 5 & 1 choices match up? I know what I’d pick, but like Mr. Vilk’s selections, they probably won’t match up — and that’s fine, because it’s all opinion anyway. So…let’s see what’s on tap for today’s 5 & 1:

. . .

Happy Sunday, UniWatchers! It was a busy weekend around college football as teams were going out of their way to secure my +1 position. Let’s start with the more enjoyable games!

5. Colorado vs. USC: I chose this game because I had a bit of a revelation. I am usually opposed to black pants. I think they look like tights and I just never think they look good. However, I realized I tend to enjoy them more when they aren’t also paired with a black helmet. Look at these Buffs! That picture also sums up the game nicely. Oh, and Matt Barkley broke a couple of records.

4. Middle Tennessee State vs. Mississippi State: I really liked this game. It wasn’t a major match-up in the slightest but I thought it was a great game to watch. Middle Tennessee’s pants look like pants my little sister used to wear for dance recitals but I can look past that.

3. Stanford vs. California: White on color done right!

2. South Carolina vs. Florida: I wrote this game down the minute it came on because it looked so awesome on my TV. Weather, field, teams: all looked great!

1. Minnesota vs. Wisconsin: Badgers and Gophers. In my humble opinion, the best of the weekend.

And the bad one…

+1 UNLV vs. Boise State: I didn’t want to cop out and pick this game but good Lord. I think the gradient on the numbers looks ridiculous on the all-black uniform.

And an Honorable Mention +1:

Boston College vs. Georgia Tech: The colors were all off in this one.

Maryland: This uniform is too busy for me but, in reality, is one of their more least offensive sets.

There was plenty more to comment on, most notably the 95 teams that wore chrome helmets. I’ll leave that discussion for the comments. Let me know what you all think! Enjoy your Sunday!

. . .

Thanks Catherine! Um…yeah. OK, we’ll just agree to disagree, especially what makes a good BFBS uni ;). Readers? How about you?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And that’s going to do it for this fine Sunday. Thanks, of course, to Terry, Catherine and Ricko. Enjoy the pro games today, and don’t forget, there’s a playoff game tonight in the City by the Bay. Have a great day everyone, and I will see you next weekend.

. . .

“Wow, can we nominate that Oregon-Ohio State coin toss pic for tomorrow’s 5&1, preferably in the number 1 spot?! So much color, it makes me weep.”
–Patrick in MI.

Comments (120)

    I do not like that Boise State helmet for three reasons.
    1. It’s black.
    2. I looks like a car painted with black primer. Thanks to
    Robertmarshall for that analogy.
    3. The shiny black portion that was not removed from the
    logo makes for a disruption of negative space.

    LoL, the irony right? The site is all about against advertising in uniforms, logo creeps and what not, but this site is freaking ridiculous with ads.

    I’m still trying to understand the “Straw Man” concept, but I’m pretty sure this is an example.

    Ditto for Firefox and adblock. The latest set of popups freezes up the browser on the Kindle Fire.

    I’m not getting any pop ups and the only ads I am getting are the Shirtwiz and Nomaz in the top right corner.

    As far as I know I am just using Firefox with the settings to block popups (also have Outpost Firewall). Brother set up my computer so don’t know for sure if something else is on it.

    Are the people having problems on a real computer or one of those phones?

    As a Michigan State fan (don’t bother me today: I’m in mourning), I thought the shiny helmets were atrocious. I mean, you acknowledged the greens don’t match but you STILL liked them? Not I. It looked like a bad photoshop effort the entire game. (Then again, so did the Spartans’ offense…)

    I didn’t like the special unis for last year’s UM game either (the bronze helmets were ridiculously Notre Dame-ish), so maybe I’m just a traditionalist. Or old.

    How old are those guys in that Oregon-Ohio State coin toss pic? #40 looks like he could be a grandfather.

    I notice in some old college players the guys do look older.

    I absolutely love that color shot Ricko used yesterday.
    Ohio State looks sharp and Oregon does too. it would be great if the Ducks used the school colors more often.

    “I notice in some old college players the guys do look older.”

    So I’m not imagining things. I wouldn’t be surprised if college football players started to look like Justin Bieber by the time I’m in my 50s.

    The OK State circa 1967 helmet should be 1976/77 which is when Rawlings first made the ‘ridge’ model helmet shown in the photo.

    im admittedly not a helmet guy, so i won’t argue with your knowledge, but both based on the helmet history of that OSU helmet link and the url of the image:


    are you sure that’s 76/77? again, not arguing it’s just that the evidence seems to point to later 60s

    99.99999999% sure (never say 100% with helmets) that the Ridege was not available prior to 1976. It first appears in their 1977 catalog, (and was gone by the 1979 catalog), so it is possible that teams had it prior to its commercial release in 1976.
    The ‘Ridge’ model, as it is known to helmet collectors, was actually labeled the “Pro Tek 1” by Rawlings and was a variation of their HND 9 model which was a staple of their brand for years. The Ridge was designed to strengthen the outer shell by including an additional layer of plastic along the edges but didn’t see wide spread acceptance besides a few pro players like Tony Dorsett, Richard Todd and Terry Bradshaw as well as a few NCAA teams like Texas A&M, Michigan and Houston.

    One caveat is that the decal style could be from the 60’s and they just applied it to the 76/77 helmet model.

    The helmet project also shows that decal as 67-68. Maybe we’re looking at some sort of custom helmet – a 77 shell with a 67 decal? It wouldn’t be the first time someone took an old helmet and slapped the wrong sticker on it for whatever reason.

    Hello –
    … not being “smartassy” – but yes , I’m a “helmet guy” , and that’s definitely 100% an ULTRA rare Rawlings Ridge helmet( Terry Bradshaw briefly wore one ) from the later 70’s – so is that facemask(rare) – I sold a “ridge helmet” last year on eBay for $1,100 … if you go to Helmet Hut they may still have a Cardials prototype helmet w/the “ridge” of the helmet painted red – but plans fell thru as it would have been a pain in the ass to paint all the helmet’s ridges …

    Houston is wearing Halliberton Red jerseys today. Don’t know about the pants. Hopefully not…

    If the Bears come out in orange pants tomorrow night, I’m booking the next flight to Columbus and I’m hunting you down.

    The Halliburton connection kills what would otherwise be a really nice uniform. The Texans color scheme may be lazy, but it lends itself well to three “team color” jerseys, and makes life on fans easy (who doesn’t have blue jeans and a white t-shirt kicking around their closet?).

    I’ll say! (except for the matte helmets looking good part) I’m going to start a paper route right now.

    Why no love for the Alabama/Tennesse game ?!? THAT, IMO, was the best looking game on TV (easily over Florida/South Carolina) for the beautiful, simplicity.

    Glad to see some fresh takes from Catherine. She does well and perseveres despite Phil’s arrogant, abrasive and snarky comments.

    “She does well and perseveres despite Phil’s arrogant, abrasive and snarky comments.”

    I think there’s a difference between throwing blatant shade (which Phil hasn’t done to Catherine) … and palling around and (in a good sense) giving her shit.

    Although, I do agree with you in saying that Catherine does a great job with the 5&1, despite the whole diff’rent strokes thing and all of that.

    Oops, Florida/SC wasn’t #1 but Wisconsin/Minnesota still takes a back seat to Tide/Vols, IMO

    Also, Bucs are apparently throwing back, according to seeing Bucs cheerleaders throwing back too.

    Aggie would have looked better if those God awful stripes would go away off the tops and britches. Boise St was pure greatness. T. Boone Pickens U was nice, but would have loved to see the go orange hats, black shirts, orange no stripe britches and shoes. West Virginia did it right yesterday, but played like crap at home. I sure thought red raider would wear the white hats against TCU yesterday. TCU looked great.

    No, the problem with Texas A&M is that the uniforms are designed to be worn with non-matching jerseys and pants. If you wear maroon/maroon, then you have a white-maroon-white stripe on the jersey and maroon-white-maroon on the pants. When the jersey and pants contrast, the center stripe matches. A&M should not go monochrome. It looks terrible.

    It would look better if Aggie went back to the plain britches. Why I am concerned about Aggie any way, they went to the Big Southern Dummy conference anyway.

    some of the tOSU players had pink towels as well

    like i said yesterday, the Buckeyes are big into the fight on cancer because of The Stephanie Speilman Fund.


    Made the major mistake of trying to go out to eat in Berkeley on the afternoon of the Big Game.

    TRY to find a parking spot. DARE you.

    Did my own 5+1 last night just to see how it would match up with Katherine’s. We agreed on #5, and then that was it.

    5. USC/Colorado – USC in red and gold is nearly as good as it gets. If Colorado had gold pants, this may have been number one.

    4. Indiana/Navy – Red pants on Indiana would have been better, but the contrast in still very nice.

    3. Penn State/Iowa – Iowa wears the Steelers uniforms better than the Steelers do nowadays. And Penn State remains Penn State.

    2. Pitt/Buffalo – Buffalo’s uni’s aren’t perfect, but that blue certainly pops. And Pittsburgh looks better in white.

    1. Alabama/Tennessee – Tennessee, at home, at night, against Alabama. We call this the Perfect Uni-Storm.

    +1. Rutgers/Temple – Rutgers could practically be the +1 every week, but it’s not them that makes this matchup nauseating. Why, Temple, when you have such beautiful home uni’s would you resort to this BFBS nightmare? Why?

    All I really have to say is there is no way Alabama/Tennessee wasn’t the best looking game of the day. No way in the world.

    Would also give a strong dishonorable mention to Georgia Tech/Boston College. That’s just brutal.

    Nice of BC to add the stained glass to their jerseys; a football team made of glass-that’s the image you want. But then again the Eagles are 1-6 (including a loss to Army (puke)) so those jerseys seem just about right.

    Notre Dame and BYU was an absolute uniform TREAT yesterday. Two great looking sets that I think eclipse MTSU/MSU and UF/SCAR.

    Agree with the ND game but had picked them last week and was trying to spice it up a bit. It’s not scientific obviously but I try to remember when I’ve picked teams before and just try to find new games. Interesting to see a lot of Tennessee/Alabama picks, definitely considered them but my 5 and 1 just ended up coming together without them. No doubt a classic game though. A bunch of great (and a bunch of awful) uniforms this weekend

    bama has the best uniform in all of college football (imho), so any time they play, there is a great chance they’ll be a top 5 candidate…

    while i may at times (today being one) disagree with catherine, i like how she mixes it up…and unlike vilk (at least from what i’ve seen), there are no *automatic* DQ’s (or teams who can only be the “and 1” like oregon always was) due to his preconceived biases

    I think that’s the greatest source of whiplash for people who keep complaining about the 5+1. Vilk was great, but to a certain extent predictable. You could watch any given SEC game on a Saturday and instantly you knew it was the Color Palette Special of the week. You could see Penn State play any team that had at least average uni’s and know that they had a good chance at being there. Predictability wasn’t bad, it was comforting even. Give people time, they’ll start to feel comforted by Catherine’s patterns, too.

    Vilk is a good guy. But yes I teased him about his PSU uni love. Catherine mixes it up and does a nice job.

    as James said above

    You could see Penn State play any team that had at least average uni’s and know that they had a good chance at being there.

    Minnesota and Michigan Tech went maroon vs. gold on the ice last night.


    It kept confusing me that the Golden Gophers were not wearing gold.

    How do you feel about the Flyers nameplate? I feel it’s great for visibility on those Tech unis. I’m kinda jonesing for hockey a wee bit but the Tigers going to the World Series has tempered that a bit.

    How could they give the chargers a bye this week?

    This is the weekend where their cheerleaders would come out wearing [slutty] hallowe’en costumes.

    “This is the weekend where their cheerleaders would come out wearing [slutty] hallowe’en costumes.”



    stay classy san diego name redacted

    Switched over to this game for a bit…

    Let’s see, Duke didn’t look like Duke and NC didn’t look like NC.
    And isn’t that what college football is all about these days.

    From today’s NYT:

    Nascar Offers N.B.A. Insight Into the Possible Influence of Sponsors


    “It could be voted on when owners meet this week, and those logos are likely to be on uniforms beginning with the 2013-14 season.”

    “Could they also give sponsors more power? ‘It’s a matter of time’ Keselowski said. ‘It could be 6 months, could be 6 years, could be 60 years, I don’t know. It will evolve into that, absolutely. It’s just like Nascar. The business model of the sport will adjust to having sponsors. And once it adjusts, that will create a leverage factor that gives the sponsors the leverage.'”


    What if Northwestern would have just used all purple yesterday. Think of how sharp that would have looked. Even the helmet.

    I just do not like the black very much. The Wildcats and TCU bug me with the same dark purple and black unis.

    I mean if Northwestern used that logo but on a purple helmet.


    Northwestern has a perfect helmet that has remained basically unchanged since 1981. That serifed N is unlike any other anywhere in athletics. That’s iconic.

    NU shouldn’t wear any other helmet or any other logo ever.

    Ok I get what you mean now. I agree on the logo.

    That being said they would have looked better yesterday in purple than black.

    But yes they should wear the regular N period.

    If you’re going to do something “different” with a helmet color I’d prefer the Jaguars route with the color change. I think the Cincinnati Bearcats used to do this as well. That I like. It has a nice look for USC’s facemasks as well even though they should be red and not gray.

    The shiny/chrome stuff? I think it works for ND and Oregon and that’s it. I can take it or leave it depending on the situation.
    As for the matte? That’s a trend that should’ve been stopped before it started along with the “let’s all go back to the 60’s and wear gray facemasks again” trend. Terrible!

    Tampa Bay’s throwbacks looks particularly great and I don’t know why. I’m not even a huge fan of those unis, I like the pewters a lot more.

    I was very happy to see those and NE’s red unis. Beautiful! I saw a promo on NFL network for a Vikings game later this week that showed Ponder and Peterson wearing their throwbacks. The shot with Ponder showed the Packers in the background. I actually paused the tv just to look at it for a bit.

    Not for nothing, and I know the national “importance” isn’t like it was in the 90’s, but THIS should have been tops for Uni match up of the week.


    Years ago my brother got a set of pocketpro chrome NFL helmets. That is the look we see in college now.

    Do I like it? Not sure.

    That Michigan State chromedome helmet looked ugly. Plus, I couldn’t even see the Spartan on the helmet. I don’t care what others say, it just looked ugly! Seriously, I wish teams would stick with what worked over the years and stay with their traditional look and throwbacks and limit the gimmicks. Call me old school, but winning and tradition should be the next selling point after education in why a recruit should pick your school.

    Actually TCU elected not to debut the chrome helmets against Iowa State, since our quarterback, Casey Paschall, had just been suspended. They wore the matte purple lids with black stripe (it’s pretty clear in the photo you linked to). They debuted the chrome lids on October 13th against Baylor.

    The ultra-shiny effect also reared its head yesterday at the ALMS Season-ending Petit Le Mans race at Road Atlanta. One of the GT class teams went with an ultra silver scheme for their Ferraris: link


    A Porsche in the GTC class also ran an ultra-shiny gold scheme, but I couldn’t find pictures.

    I suspect this is becoming the next “just because we can” thing across sports in general.

    Dreadful today on the tube. No Niners….and still four hrs til first pitch.

    Vamos Gigantes.

    Catherine Ryan has a fetish for white jerseys over dark pants. That is UGLY as sin. I think white, gold and silver pants look great. Anything else? PUKE.

    What goes best with a white jersey is (in general) a pair of pants that’s the same color as the helmet. That’s why all white works for the Colts but the Bears need to wear blue pants on the road.

    I think your opinion (which is quite the absolute…) is much less common than Catherine’s.

    Indeed. Although I still despise the all white look except on a few teams (Dolphins home day games). I’d much rather see the dark pants with the white jerseys.

    Ok so I’m not a fan of how the “nikelace” looks on most unis. Well it’s not really the “nikelace” itself but all the neck rolls and the awful thick collar the Texans have that look awful. What I find interesting though is that the “nikelace” is a performance addition not necessarily an aesthetic “brand recognition” addition. It is supposed to make the uniforms fit better around the neck and get rid of the collar stretched over the shoulder pad issue after a rough tackle. I will say this despite being aesthetically bad I can’t recall seeing a single player from any team that has the “nikelace” have the shoulder pad issue all year long. On the other hand I have seen that still happening for teams that do not have the “nikelace”. Just making an observation that maybe the newfangled technology does work.

    Oregon State went blackout yesterday. Doesn’t count as BFBS because it’s their team color, but still a bit of a shakeup.

    Way to go Saints for ruining what could have been a cool looking game with the Bucs. #fugly black pants

    The Saints should always wear the black britches. Don’t they purdy with no stripes!!! I wish Baltimore would take that black stripe off their white britches.

    I love how all the throwbacks look in the nike cuts vs reebok. I think it’s the materials. Reebok’s always had a shine to them, the new Nike unis just have a nice saturated look to them without any gloss. Love it.

    Credit where credit is due: Kudos Nike.

    (I can’t wait to see the Bears’ throwbacks in action…)

    I agree with this comment so much, it hurts. But to be fair, it looked like the Bucs were still using the link fabric for their link that they’ve been using since 2009 (which is very different from the standard mesh used by Reebok), which make sense, given the era and all of that.

    never liked the mesh

    reminds me (as it should, i suppose) of those shitty durene jerseys of the 70s…

    interesting they got nike to make them this way

    I know the stripes on the Patriots’ current throwbacks match more, but they need to use the 60’s throwback last seen in 2009 as their throwback uniforms. Or at least use the white jersey version of their current throwback. Red tops with white pants and tall white socks (regardless of how many stripes they have) looks seriously unbalanced.

    Naaaaaah… The helmet, jerseys and pants are perfect, while the socks are nice (read: have stripes and ones that fit the rest of the elements) adn I understand your point, it’s not worth wearing an inferior uni in general just to get better sock.


    Catherine, now that I know your reasoning behind the 5&1 – I salute you! Two uni match ups I thought were good looking shows which haven’t been mentioned (which I admit are heavily based in my personal biases) are: 1) Oklahoma/Kansas link – Just wish the KU stripe was a little bit narrower and 2) ECU/UAB link. Not much flash on the unis, but it is nice in its simplicity. I loved the BYU/ND game as well and I loved the look of the LSU/aTm game. The unis aTm and Missssssssippi State wear I’m starting to really like.

    I like Vilk’s concept. Then again, I picked up that orange hat last month when I was in Cooperstown.

    On the bright side, I didn’t happen to notice any players on either the Jets or Patriots wearing “pink” accessories in that game.

    Admittedly, due to being tired from being up rather late last night and still waking up around 8AM, I ended up nodding off sometime around halftime, not waking up until OT had just ended.

    The other game that I saw parts of this afternoon (the first quarter, anyway), Baltimore at Houston, also seemed to lack in player pink-outs.

    So, I don’t generally follow the Bengals, so I wouldn’t know if this is normal for this season or not, but their jerseys looks REALLY red tonight. If I had never seen football before, I’d think their colors were Red, black, and White.

    Arizona vs. Washington yesterday looked good. That’s two years in a row that Arizona wore one of the only four combinations they should be wearing against Washington (white-white-navy last year in Seattle and white-cardinal-white this year in Tucson) and Washington was a huge improvement from last year since they wore the BFBS clownsuits in Seattle but went with gold-white-white this year. The only way it could have been better is if they wore gold-white-purple.

    Washington should burn those white pants. Gold at home. Purple on the road. No need for the white.

    Could be worse. Just for shits and giggles, I played that game on NCAA 13 with Washington wearing white-white-black. Ugh. Terrible.

    no picture, but dave righetti of the giants has been wearing the old dugout jacket a few times, but has also worn the new one as well

    See that all the the time. The latest model is pretty much the same style as the previous- most noticeable difference is a much smaller ‘sf’ on the sleeve.

    Oh, and, go Giants—here we go to Game 7.

    I just wish Catherine provided more reasons for her picks. A little analysis would be nice.

    i’m guessing the geniuses who screwed up the MLB schedule didn’t plan on going up against both SNF and MNF…

    stupid asses

    As a die hard, old school Cleveland Browns fan, I am looking at those hideous unis the Bengals are sporting tonight and I fear that look (or worse!) is going to find its way here eventually. The wolves are at the door. Fans want change here in Cleveland, and it is coming! :-( The times are a changing. End of semi-drunken rant!

    Collin Klein of Kansas state had two slits in his jersey near his mid section that almost look like he used it as a hand warmer. Check out these two links:



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