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NHL Draft Road Trip Report

welcome ya jag off

…or: the one where the Pirates let us down while winning an exciting ballgame on a dazzling Saturday afternoon in Pittsburgh


[Editor’s Note: Phil here, subbing for Paul on today’s main entry. Except I didn’t write what you’re about to read — I just edited it. The writing was done by Jason Bernard. He and some friends took in the NHL draft a week or two ago — it was a trip I’d hoped to make, but it wasn’t in the cards — so today I’m going to live vicariously with you guys as we hear about their escapades. Enjoy. ”” Phil]


By Jason Bernard
Photos by Terence M. Kearns

I love Uni Watch for a million reasons (well, okay, like four.) Most of all, I love the great friends I’ve made, who I get to geek out with from time to time. This past weekend was one of those times, as Terence M. Kearns, Michael Walter and Patricia Troy came to Pittsburgh to take in the NHL Draft, a Pirates vs. Tigers game, and a few of Pittsburgh’s other gems. The following rundown of our weekend is mostly uni-centric, but has some Culinary Corner and Collector’s Corner thrown in for good measure.


Friday, June 22: NHL Draft, Consol Energy Center

Terence got to town and we headed downtown to pick up Mikey and Trish. We were a little early, so we stopped at Lefty’s in the Strip to kill some time. Our time killers of choice were pounders of Old German, brewed by Iron City Brewing Company in nearby Latrobe, PA. After only a pound of beer apiece, we received the call that Mike and Trish were ready, so we headed to their hotel to pick them up. There, we encountered these four guys wearing Bruins, Islanders, Flyers and Long Island Ducks sweaters. Bonus points to you if you spotted the Flyers fan being extra Philly.

After picking up those two, we headed for the William Penn Hotel to meet Jennifer Sweet. Jenny came straight from work and was not able to change into any Pens gear, but she fit in just fine once we made it to the CEC. Here’s a list of notable draft sightings:


• We saw several of these Russian Evgeny Malkin jerseys. And by several, we mean about a million.

• Here’s a group of young ladies in contemporary Capitals, throwback Kings and throwback Flames sweaters.

NHL trophies were on display in the concourse. Our favorite was the Ted Lindsay.

• Terence swears he took this picture for the Semin sweater. I swear he’s full of shit.

Hockey stick golf bag.

• Giant goalie mask.

• Buffalo fans rocking Flintstones-esque buffalo hats.

• Penguins poncho.

• A heavily autographed Edmonton Oil Kings sweater.

• A couple colorful Pens and Blues sweaters.

• Ditto for the Kings and Stars.

This guy said he was a Uni Watch reader. If you’re reading this now ”“ identify yourself!

Heh heh.

Jagr Rangers sweater. Cheeky, in Pittsburgh.

• A trio of Rochester Amerks fans.

• If Ryan Connelly was in town (as he should have been), he probably would’ve mugged (okay, begged) this guy for his fly Selanne Jets sweater.

• Oh yeah ”“ I was wearing my Le-Tang Clan t-shirt.

Post-draft, Jenny, Terence and I went to Krista’s Cantina (our beloved local), where Terence got fresh with this charming gentleman in a Pirates fashion jersey. We drank too much Jagermeister. Many thanks to Ryan Connelly, Rob Ullman and Todd Owens for the tickets!



Saturday, June 23: Strip District & PNC Park

We started our Saturday off in Pittsburgh’s historic Strip District, a neighborhood known for its ethnic food stores, art studios, antique dealers and boutiques. Our first stop was the Pittsburgh Public Market, where we ran into this guy selling wine. How do you like that, Chappy? Terence took particular note of the various offerings the street vendors had available. Along with bootleg sports merch, the Strip features some amazing old signage.

And, of course, meat. That, and this, were seen at the phenomenal S&D Polish Deli.

Our final stop in the Strip was back at Lefty’s, where we decided to throw down some Strong Island Iced Teas, just for you Phil. Smart. We also made sure to get a picture of their collection of old school pennants.

Sufficiently pickled, we headed to the park. We were all really excited for Saturday’s game, because according to this article from the Post Gazette, The Pirates and Tigers were supposed to be wearing Negro League throwbacks honoring the Homestead Grays and Detroit Stars, respectively. You can imagine our disappointment, then, when we got inside and”¦ yeah, not so much. How did you feel about it Jenny? Me too.

We still had a great time, though. Mikey wore an excellent Bad News Bears jersey. I was in an old Bucs jersey. And here were some of the things we saw walking around the concourse trying to avoid the sun:


• We were thrown off by this guy’s obvious confusion.

• But we appreciated this guy’s sweet Tigers jersey.

• Here’s a rear shot of a Pedro Martinez Expos jersey.

• Pretty cool poster showing an abridged evolution of the catcher’s mask.

• Terence was as excited about spotting this dude in his 7 Line Mets shirt as the dude was for it to be recognized.

• We weren’t sure if anyone had strong opinions about camo jerseys, but here’s a Bucs example just in case.

• Big fans of these Bucco socks.

• How did the Bucs pull out the win? ZOLTAN!


As we exited the park, Jenny noticed that the Willie Stargell statue was about to collapse, so she ran over and held it up while maintenance workers secured it.

On Sunday, Jenny, Terence and I went to the pool. Nothing aesthetically noteworthy there, since I didn’t want to include a picture of Terence’s sunburn and spark another redskins debate.


I’ll show myself out.


Phil here. Great job with that, Jason! Wish I could have made this trip to the ’burgh…or maybe not. Thanks for having those LI Iced Teas for me. Back in the day, I did enjoy knocking a few of them back.

Now…that is a guest reader entry, right?


Paul here. Thanks to Jason and his crew for today’s entry, and to Phil for editing it, formatting it, etc. — much obliged. And as a postscript, you Yinzers might be interested to learn that the phrase shown on the towel at the top of today’s entry has just been banned from your local newspaper. Don’t blame the messenger!

+ + + + +

Screen shot 2009-10-04 at 10.07.15 PM.png

Culinary Corner: The hot dog world was abuzz last week after the Chow web site posted a video showing how to spiral-slice a frankfurter. What does that mean? Here, see for yourself (the video is only 50 seconds long, so it’s not a big time sink):

Intriguing, right? Kirsten and I were curious about this. So on Sunday we got a pack of hot dogs, some bamboo skewers, and a sharp knife, and set up shop in my back yard.

It turns out that spiral-slicing the frank is trickier that it looks. My first attempt was kind of messy. Eventually, though, I got the hang of it (all photos by Kirsten):

Spiral Dogs

Spiral Dogs

The corkscrew dogs looked pretty cool on the grill, and we could definitely see all the exposed surfaces getting a nice exterior char:

Spiral Dogs

We didn’t load up on heavy-duty condiments (just mustard), because we wanted to be able to taste the dog itself. I was all excited when I took my first bite and discovered … that it tasted like a hot dog.

Honestly, there was nothing special about it. All that additional charred surface area didn’t really amount to much, flavor-wise. In some ways, it was actually a worse hot dog experience, because the snap of biting into the frank was missing.

So my take on the corkscrew dog is this: It’s an interesting experiment, and definitely a fun party trick (kids will love it), but not really a wiener winner from a good-eatin’ standpoint.

+ + + + +


Collector’s Corner

By Brinke Guthrie

We lead off today with what may be the single greatest Collector’s Corner item ever. The absolute sweet spot. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, in all of its mega-awesomeness glory, a 1970 NFL Chiquita Banana football, with all 26 NFL team stickers. The football decal shows a little futzyness (my word for slight degradation,) but so what? A vintage masterpiece.

And now on with the show:

• Here’s an interesting looking early-1970s ABA New York Nets bank.

• This one’s a hit in any league: a 1940s Canadian Ace beer sign that doubles as a scoreboard.

• Staying with ad signs, little did Howie Morenz of the Montreal Canadiens know back in the 1930s that he’d still be around in 2012 on eBay. The ad says it’s for equipment maker CCM, but I don’t see any logo or name. Very nice display, though, no matter which company it’s for.

• Great set of complete 1971 Kentucky Colonels ABA Volpe thermal cups. I have a set of these — be careful when you wash them! Some of mine were not that watertight, sadly. (If those are too pricey, here’s a less expensive option.

• Here’s a lot of 1970s-’80s lunchboxes depicting a variety of sports.

• Had these! Ad says late 1960s but these are really early ’70s NFL mini-posters that you got with trading cards and gum. I had that very poster of Gene Washington on my sixth grade binder cover, for some reason. It had a clear plastic pocket on the outside, and you could slide stuff inside of it to display.

• Not only did the great Ted Williams have his own baseball camp, but the camp had its own socks.

• I’ve seen this 1969 ad with Deacon Jones before- always wondered why he held a single-bar Rams helmet.

Seen something on eBay or Etsy that you think would make good Collector’s Corner fodder? Send your submissions here, and you can follow Brinke on Twitter and Facebook.

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In case you missed it yesterday, my latest full-length Permanent Record article is up now on Slate.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: Remember how MLB All-Stars wore little star patches on their jerseys and caps during the week leading up to last year’s All-Star Game? That gimmick must not have resulted in enough merch sales, because this year’s All-Stars aren’t wearing the little patches. … Speaking of the All-Star Game, Ricko pointed me toward this highlight show from the 1976 ASG, where I noticed something I hadn’t been aware of: The National League umps wore pillbox caps. What you can also see in that shot, just barely, is that George Foster wore red shoes. So did all of the Cincy players in that game. … New “heritage guernsey” for the Essendon Bombers of the Australian Football League, and it’s already controversial (from Joe Hollomon and William Blevins, respectively). … Rugby news: The St.George Queensland Reds have unveiled their Indigenous Round jerseys (from George Huff). … David Wright and Denard Robinson swapped jerseys the other day (from Ben Fortney). … Vanderbilt will unveil new football uniforms next Wednesday (from Archie Troxel). … “The Syracuse Crunch of the AHL just became the top affiliate of the Tampa Bay Lightning. after a few years with the Anaheim Ducks,” reports John Muir. “Here’s the first dose of their new branding.” … Some old kitschy-but-cool baseball postcards here (from Jeff Wilk). … The Houston Police Department is getting a new color scheme for its patrol cars and uniforms (from Mike Klug). … Larry Wiederecht sent a note to let me know that my list of zero-clad MLBers was missing a player: “Add George Scott to your list. He wore 0 for the Royals in 1979.” This is confirmed by Haven’t been able to find a photo, alas. … Under Armour has big plans for Northwestern (from Russ Chibe). … Those of you who don’t want politics mixed with your sports won’t like this one bit: Thanks to an anonymous donor/sponsor, a minor league soccer team on Long Island is wearing Mitt Romney’s campaign logo on their jerseys (from Ken Samelson). … Alice Cooper wore a Devils jersey onstage last night (from Alan Kreit). … We all know big league jerseys end up being repurposed in the minors, but couldn’t they have removed the original insignia first? Gerry Dincher spotted that photo at an antiques shop in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. “It shows Andy Seminick, manager of the 1959 Elmira Pioneers,” he says. ”¦ “I was at thrift shop in the Bronx last week and was somewhat confused when I first saw this Caps-style jersey,” says Ryan Jenkins. “It’s for a Brooklyn shop specializing in building materials.

Comments (146)

    Personally I thought the All-Star stars were fun, disappointed they aren’t becoming an every-year thing.

    Perhaps just for the All-Star Game itself? It didn’t seem appropriate for regular season games.

    I’m guessing it was just the NL umpires who wore pillbox-style caps during the 1976 Al-Star Game. They may have also worn them during the regular season and postseason?

    I couldn’t help noticing Cesar Cedeno’s 2-in-1’s, and the tiny numbers on the back of the Orioles’ uniform. Nowadays the numerals are somewhat standardized; back in the day they were all over the map.

    It would be nice if umpires could play along with some of the turn back the clock games in the majors.

    The editor of the Post-Gazette could of just wrote in his memo, “I’m not from here so stop using ‘jag off’.” If you know it’s a stupid rule that will be ridiculed and not taken well, then maybe it’s a bad idea.

    It’s not like writers use it as a regular word for hard news stories, “Three men were beaten and robbed today as a masked jag off with a gun targeted them coming out of some jag off dollar store.” Maybe he should trust his writers would use it sparingly and in the right story, like a light topical piece like it was used. I have lived in PGH all my life and read the PG on a regular basis and can’t remember the last time I read the word jag off in there. Making a problem where there is none it looks like.

    What a putz. Calling him a jag off would be an insult to other jag offs. It almost makes me want to buy more Tribs…almost.

    At a time when newspaper circulations are dipping, you couldn’t do much worse by saying “Three men were robbed and beaten my a masked jag off…” It makes me giggle just thinking of it.

    Not professional, but I’m still giggling.

    The Five Guys chains butterfly the franks…whenever I do that on my grill, I’m happy with it…you still get some snap and varying texture. You don’t have to overcook them if they are butterflied. Love them with chopped raw onion and mustard.

    I love that generic PRO SPORTS lunchbox. For kids with no particular favorite, but who just like the idea.

    I have a feeling its for kids young enough to be nudged in that direction. “The sports team from my city shall defeat the sports team from your city.”

    “Welcome ya JAG OFF” is actually a welcome mat for your front door based on the Terrible Towel design. Makes a great Christmas gift for out of town family and friends enat!

    Not that I’m an essendon fan, but as this 2nd article says, it isn’t there choice to wear a 2nd strip and is in the club constitution they only wear the black with red sash jersey. Also the ‘St. George’ Queensland Reds are just the Queensland Reds, with St. George bank being the jersey naming rights sponsor

    Granted Aussie Rules Football isn’t in the wheelhouse of most of the readers of this website, but I think it is safe to say that some of the people who frequent this site could come up with better designs for the “clash” jerseys. I find it interesting that the article that Paul posted noted that it took two years to come up with that design for the Bombers. Two years for something that weak?

    I love a good tribute to my hometown (even though I’m not a native, been here five years and it’s already home). Nice work, Jason!

    great recap! now i’m even more bummed i missed out… damn beach.

    what makes TK so great you may ask? he’s thoughtful enough to cup the balls when he’s ripping on you… we could all learn a lesson…

    I went to Ted Williams baseball camp, the land is now condos. I had shirts, laudry bags, but not socks. Still have a laundry bad I think.

    Note to Pedro Martinez jersey guy: 1) Don’t tuck your jersey in and 2) That jersey is beyond fake and looks bad!

    I’d have given him a hug anyways, just on principle.

    1. Pedro Martinez is God (not a god, God).
    2. The Expos!

    Ugh. I’ve gone to at least a couple of Sox games every year since 01, and I sadly never caught a Pedro start.

    That’s why I almost broke my neck to snap his pic at the Buccos game!

    In 2004 I went to two Pirates vs. Expos games at PNC park, wearing an Expos jersey. Had to make sure I did that at least once before they packed up and headed south.

    Compare the “M” and “A” on the actual Martinez jersey versus the one photographed in Pittsburgh. The “4” is also slightly different.

    This is making want to check my Expos jersey at home…

    I see your points…it’s not authentic….but not horrible. They made an effort to use the rare Varsity name font, but didn’t use the exact one.

    The jersey itself might be authentic, but the letters/numbers could have been an aftermarket job.

    He gets bonus points for link.

    I mean, if you’re gonna do the jersey tuck-in, you may as well go for broke.

    isn’t there like some *unwritten* jersey tuck law that if you’re ricko’s age, you can tuck?

    Tucked or link even *I* wouldn’t wear plaid shorts with a jersey…

    To each his own, though.

    Great stuff today, Jason, Terence and company! Today’s piece reminded me that while I’m not really a fan of hockey, I love hockey fans.

    Whatever became of the Question Time feature Paul alluded to, a few weeks ago?

    “-This guy said he was a Uni Watch reader. If you’re reading this now — identify yourself!”

    STEVE! The UW Reader’s name is Steve! At least, I think that’s what he told me. He said he just moved from NYC to New Jersey after like 30 years and I told him, “sorry to hear that…” ;-)

    Yep – I am the mysterious UW reader … had I known beforehand that you were a Rangers fan, I would have brought along a Devils Eastern Conference Champions shirt ;)

    I was completely flummoxed by that first picture of the Evgeni Malkin Russian jersey because it looks like the first letter in the team name is an English (Latin) N, with the rest of the letters being in Cyrillic.

    Turns out it’s just a trick of the folds in the jersey, and the front says link. I wonder why so many fans had them.

    I always liked the original “Crunch Man” design (link) because its so bad its good. The alternate sweater from that period is just as ver the top as any uniform and it almost a dead ringer for the much maligned “Flying Wing” Ducks alternate.

    Some of the most creative logos and unis are in the AHL. I always loved the Rochester Americans designs (link) because of their literalness. My personal favorite though is my beloved Portland Pirates origonal set (link). Their new design is OK but too kid friendly.

    The Philadelphia Phantoms had the best AHL logo…


    …best use of a team-branded superhero:


    And originally had some of the best uses of the color purple (which they abandoned for black prior to dumping Phlex once they skipped out for Glen Falls):



    They are dead to me now.

    Its a shame, I loved those uniforms. They had the All Star game at Portland a few years back (I have season tickets) and all the mascots from around the NHL were there. Phlex was a big hit and I loved the character design.

    I also miss the Old Worcester Ice cats (now just a Sharks rehash). At least the Houston Aeros(link) are still around!

    vandy’s getting new unis? i like their old ones

    you know who needs new unis in the sec? ole miss. freaking horrible. they should get rid off the shoulder strip and do something crazy. ole miss is the only school i dont have a prob with nike re-doing

    ole miss’ tradition is the grove.

    if you’ve never crashed a tent in the grove, you havent lived! haha

    anyway the uni’s are bland and horrible. tradition would be putting the col on baby blue helmets and whistling dixie.

    ole miss wake up and do something with your unis !

    The “Phillies” lettering couldn’t be removed from the Elmira jersey because it was done in chain embroidery, as were the back numbers.

    Wow, that spiral hot dog looks good! I can imagine all that extra bonus surface area for the condiments.
    But my stomach turned when I saw the guy in the video squirt that godforsaken ketchup on top…

    I considered my accent into manhood complete when I started using mustard (preferably spicy brown) on my dogs instead of ketchup around my early twenties. Raw onions a must…relish when I’m feeling cheeky. Chili and cheese when I feel like hating myself.

    You know I feel the same way. When I see an adult put ketchup on their dog, it’s makes me wonder if they would want to go play with their GI Joe’s afterwards.

    Best of all (IMHO) it allows one to wrap a slice of bacon in the voids of the spiral, and then grill it all at the same time.
    And then some grilled onions. And cheese. And then maybe some more bacon :-)

    But my stomach turned when I saw the guy in the video squirt that godforsaken ketchup on top

    Holy cripes, no kidding. That’s just WRONG. On mine, I like some yellow mustard, lots of minced raw white onions, tomato & cucumber wedges, sport peppers, sweet relish & a dash of celery salt with an opium-seeded steamed bun.

    Speaking of spiral charred hot dogs, you know what’s better? Two spiral charred hot dogs :P

    “I like some yellow mustard”


    christ…that’s worse than catsup

    and stop with that salad on a bun shit…oh, that’s right, you like to eat pizza with a fork too

    Nothing is worse than ketchup. Nothing. And I’m pretty sure it’s the against the law to put it on a hot dog here, too.

    And yes, I always use a fork. Have to when you have crooked teeth otherwise the cheese pulls right off.

    One with mustard, one with ketchup, one with either both of those or with a packet of Taco Bell sauce. Yeah…

    Hey, Micheal Walter got himself a BAD NEWS BEARS jersey!
    Me, too.

    And, despite any suggestions to the contrary, neither of us is a booger-eating moron.

    Andy Griffith has died.
    So let’s don’t all whistle this all day.

    Never heard the lyrics before.

    Griffith’s range as an actor actually was quite extraordinary. He just rarely got a chance to show it, or was given credit for it. Watch A FACE IN THE CROWD sometime.

    RIP, Andy.

    I know it’s a different kind of humor, but any football fan owes it to him or herself to watch this video at least once. It cracked me up.


    The term “jag off” would be much better used in Pittsburgh to refer to players traded from Jacksonville to Pittsburgh like Garrard.

    “…We were doing well through the first three quarters until they put that Jag Off Garrard in and we lost the game..”

    It’s too bad the draft wasn’t one week earlier, as I would have loved to see a Uni-Watch recap of Pittsburgh that included the annual Anthrocon convention (go ahead, look it up!)

    There would have hotel room problems if both had happened on the same weekend. And there’s no guarantee that the two crowds would intersect in any case. (I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a furry while going about my life in the years they’ve convened here.)

    The city & Penguins actually had to get Anthrocon to change dates for this year’s convention in order to free up the dates to host the NHL Draft!

    Just skinless supermarket dogs.

    I’m not sure how it would work with natural-casing dogs — the casing might get all tangled up and make a mess.

    today is a sad day if what you guys are saying is true. it may be cornball, but i loved mayberry rfd, and matlock.

    on the lighter side, i enjoyed today’s post bunches, i always get a kick out of when UW’ers from different towns get together.

    You know, I never saw either of those shows, but I was a big fan of “The Andy Griffith Show” and there was one other series he did that I absolutely loved as a kid. I’ve been trying to remember it all morning and it finally came to me — link.

    YES! I watched Salvage 1, too! That’s one of those “Only in the ’70s” classics.

    So long, Andy.

    “Mayberry RFD” was a spinoff, of course (Ken Berry, Captain Parmenter of “F Troop”, with the never-to-be-forgotten Fugaowee Indians…as in “Where the…?”)

    Did you know The Andy Griffith Show was re-titled “Andy of Mayberry” when it went into syndication (meaning when it aired in reruns on local stations)?

    Happened at lot in the late ’50s, early ’60s.
    Lassie became “Jeff’s Collie.”
    The Lineup morfed into “San Francisco Beat.”
    Dragnet was re-named “Badge 714”.

    There were plenty of others.

    As I kid I figured it was to avoid viewer confusion between new and old episodes.

    Not so. Apparently was more about producers attempting to hose actors out of residuals.

    That practice lasted into the 70s. I remember “Happy Days Again”, “Laverne & Shirley & Company” and a handful of other retitled shows.

    I miss the 70s classic “Kung Fu”. Lots of talk about peace and the great flashbacks with grasshopper, but by the end of the episode Caine was kicking ass in slow motion to save the day.

    Oh, man, forgot one of the really famous ones…

    Gunsmoke became “Marshall Dillon”.

    And the Phil Silvers Show (which had begun as “You’ll Never Get Rich”) was re-christened “Sgt. Bilko”.

    The Bob Cummings Show was “Love That Bob”.

    More recently, Quincy was changed to “Quincy, ME”.

    IIRC, they were the Hekawi tribe on F Troop. Fugawi was the tribe in the joke, but it wouldn’t play on network TV then.

    McGarrett and Jim Rockford, Private Investigator are two for-syndication titles I remember.

    Yes, I stand corrected.

    It was the Hekawi. I was remembering the joke, not the name in the series. It being sanitized for TV n’ all.

    So if that Northwestern promo video can be taken as an accurate predictor of the future, Northwestern may return to, oh I don’t know, actually wearing northwestern stripes? I’m certainly intrigued by what the Wildcats could come out wearing this year, because by the tone of that video, besides the bullshit about gothic architecture being incorporated, it seems as though this may be one of the first conservative unis that UA has rolled out.

    Hey, I had that Chiquita Banana football! I think one had to collect all 26 team stickers and send them in to acquire it. I could be wrong, it’s been 40 years.

    Oh, and that Howie Morenz Stencigraph is about the coolest looking thing ever.

    Definitely had that same banana football. And yes, we had to send in something to get it. Awesome stuff Brinke.

    The article stating the Tigers and Pirates would be wearing Negro League throwback uniforms was from when the Pirates played in Detroit back in May. That’s why there were no throwback uniforms.

    You didn’t read far enough.

    The teams will honor the Negro Leagues again June 23, though the Pirates will wear Homestead Grays jerseys.

    Alice Cooper has been wearing “local” jerseys at various stops on the current tour. I caught his show here in Knoxville, TN a few weeks ago and he wore a Tennessee Vols jersey during the encore.


    2 meat related posts in 2 days, good shit! Something to try out tomorrow with some Phillies Franks.

    Phillies Franks are nothing special; they’re repackaged Hatfield’s!

    Back when Medford Meats made them, they were top-notch.

    Even Mark Davis thought so (at first glance I thought he was wearing a single-digit, but there’s an obscured 4 preceding the prominant 3):


    Couldn’t agree more, the old Medford franks are stapled in my memory. I still enjoy the Hatfield all-beef frank, much better than their general hot dog.

    Thanks, guys. Bought it in the West Village a decade-ish ago. The screened graphic is now cracking, so the little salt and pepper packets don’t pop quite the way they used to, but it’s still a nice tee….

    Originally thought the ‘JAG OFF’ was additionally some sort of message that someone from Pittsburgh didn’t want Jagr back in Pittsburgh after playing for the Flyers. That tells you how much the heat and humidity are melting my mine.

    Now I can’t be the only one who immediately thought the Crunch’s new logo looks like hes holding a soup ladle in his hand…

    That’s pretty cool on the hot dog trick Paul. I’ll have to try it sometime.

    As for the word Jagoff, well, you can thank WDVE for inventing that one.

    It actually dates back to before KQV-FM became WDVE. I heard it as a kid in the late ’60s, and I wouldn’t care to guess how far back it goes from there. I know Roy Blount, Jr. mentioned the term in his excellent “About Three Bricks Shy of a Load” in 1973.

    I swear the guy in the 7 Line Mets shirt is my buddy Matty from law school. He’s a Mets fan too, which makes it even more probable. The sunglasses make it a little hard to tell, but I would put money on it. Any recollection of that guy?

    Terence was the one who stopped him to take the pic. It was a pretty brief exchange, unfortunately.

    Kearns, you remember anything?

    I hardly remember taking the pictures after those engine cleaning LIT’s we started the day off with!!

    I’ve never tried one, but the advantage of the “corkscrew” hot dog appears to be the ability to have all of the condiments sink inside the dog itself, not balance precariously on top of the hot dog as is the case with a conventional wiener. I like the idea of onions, relish and kraut embedded in the sausage itself.

    This might be a silly idea for an article but having traveled around the country to different ball parks I’ve always gotten made that team’s hotdog a must on the food list for the area. Phillies Frank here in Philly, Nathan’s in NY, Friar Franks in San Diego, etc… Would it be possible to have someone in each MLB city to do a review of their stadium’s hot dog? Maybe do it by division and spread it out. Kind of line them up with the team they represent to see who’s doing the best job?

    Ideally one person would be able to taste them all, but even with a different person in each city, it’s a good idea.

    McFarlane Sports which does its Sports Picks Collectable figures has made a BIG UH-OH with its current release.
    Tony Romo. The figure has a NIKE jersey with a REEBOK ‘BIG D’ hat. enjoy!



    also, wasn’t stabler the raider that once had a smiley face sticker on his helmet? if so, huge missed opportunity. if not, my mistake

    Wore a small one sometimes and a larger one at other times.

    There’s a brief sideline shot of the larger one (must be 3″ in diameter) on the back of his helmet in the NFL Network show on the top 10 left-handed QBs.

    The spiral-cut dogs are similar to a Brasilian street food. Diagonal cuts in a good quality sausage. Stuff the cuts with a mixture of finely chopped onions, red peppers, and garlic. Then grill.


    One of my golden rules of grilling is to never compromise the casing prior to or during cooking, be it franks, Italian Sweet, Brats or Polska Kielbasa.
    Tongs only!
    I may consider making corkscrew dogs (though I’d maybe stretch them on the skewer and cook/serve them on the stick)for children who are easily impressed and who wind up wasting perfectly good Martin’s potato rolls anyway.

    But these franks didn’t have any casing — they were skinless.

    As I noted in an earlier comment (scroll up), I don’t know that the corkscrew method would work with a natural-casing frank, because the casing might end up getting all tangled/gunked up during the corkscrew process.

    “… Sometimes things like this, were just meant to be.”
    That Permanent Record entry is something else.

    The “3” on the Bombers’ original alternate jumper [made by Puma] looks an awful lot like the “3” on Ireland’s replica soccer jersey made by Umbro.


    I had no idea. It did seem a little odd for Ireland to be selling replica jerseys sans sponsor and featuring numbers different from the authentic versions. A number logo is quite inappropriate for a jersey though, unless no other numbers are applied.

    Thanks for the info.

    Spurs announced Andre Villas-Boas has taken over as manager.

    Why am I bringing this up on UW? Because the team released the two pictures below, which I believe are the first official shots of any of Spurs’ new Under Armour gear:



    The uniform unveiling is set for next week.

    This Guy is not a REAL hot dog Guy…..Who the Hell puts Ketchup on a Dog when you are older than 12 ?!!!!!

    I know of one thing that is way more annoying than ketchup on a hot dog, and that is people getting worked up about ketchup on a hot dog.
    I usually just eat mustard and relish, but occasionally I’ll add a red stripe.
    To each his own.
    And St. Louis style pizza is cracker thin. With provel.

    Great article from Pittsburgh. Jennifer Sweet is seriously cute. Just sayin’.

    Those Romney jerseys should not have happened – FIFA strictly prohibit political messages or endorsements on jerseys.

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