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Sunday Morning Hot Spur


Today’s guest entry was written by Morris Levin, who you may remember from this summer’s “Fridays with Morris” series. Morris was at the Uni Watch gathering last night in Philadelphia, where I begged him asked if he’d like to pen an entry, on extremely short notice, for the Sunday Uni Watch. He agreed, and I can’t thank him enough — enjoy. [Phil]

Sunday Morning Hot Spur
By Morris Levin

Paul hosted a Uni Watch party last night at Devil’s Den, here in the northern reaches of South Philadelphia. I wore my white Tottenham Hotspur jersey – the one which I will be wearing this morning as I drink coffee at Shot Tower, and listen to Spurs’ match against Stevenage.

The jersey itself was last worn by Spurs in 2010. From the 2006-2007 season through the 2009-2010 season, Spurs’ shirt sponsor was Mansion (Gibraltar) Limited, an online gambling company. This is the shirt pictured here.

Paul writes a good deal about logo creep here. My own objection to logo creep is that the uniform is a team’s primary and best opportunity to brand itself, and build a tradition, and build a narrative, in all of the best ways that we create symbols for ourselves as socializing creatures.

I am taken with English football for its long club traditions, which are preserved and expressed ”“ to my American baseball eyes ”“ in the longevity of clubs, and longevity in team identity expressed in the team’s colors and jerseys.

Here is how it basically works in English football: Each team has its colors. It’s like a national flag. Spurs wear lilywhite and navy. Manchester United is red, and Shrewsbury Town is blue and amber, and Chelsea is blue, and Derby County is black and white. [Statler and Waldorf: And Leeds United are just dirty! HA!].

Teams do not re-brand themselves and change colors as we do here. By English practice, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would still wear orange and white, and the Atlanta Hawks and Vancouver Canucks would pick one color template, and stick to it for a generation or six.

What this primary color means for the jersey is that each team wears its primary- color jersey as its first choice for each game. We go nuts here in Uni Watch for color on color match-ups, but that is the norm in England (and most of the association football world). Spurs wear their white jersey basically all the time ”“ until they play a road match at one of the few other teams which wear white. The jersey is white because white is Spurs’ primary color, and not merely the fabric-canvas indicating home, on which we mark the team’s colors.

Since 1983, Tottenham has sold the front space on its jersey for commercial logo sponsorship. I am no fan of logo creep ”“ look – it bothers me that the Phillies have the Majestic mountain showing on their game jersey. But in the English context, the almost sacrosanct quality of a club’s primary kit colors seems to allow for this kind of prominent display of another brand, on the game jersey itself.

One of the strange quirks in our American sports culture is how we set-up sports and online gambling. One can place a bet on the game itself at a football match in England as we do here at a horse or dog track. So I like that this jersey is very straight about the English game’s acceptance of advertising dollars from a gambling enterprise. More so, Mansion is headquartered in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. Yes – as in – “Rock of”. For family reasons, I am deeply partial to Gibraltar, and happy to see Gib do well.

One of the pleasures in supporting Tottenham is finding another local fan. Which is one of the great pleasures in being a team fan the world over ”“ the discovery in a far away place of another person who shares your otherwise solitary support of a team, defined by the colors of their work shirt. Last night at Devil’s Den, that was Terence Kearns, a member of the Spurs’ New York supports club which you should check out here,

Remember, Spurs at Stevenage, Fifth Round FA Cup Match, 9am for those of us on the East Coast. COYS


Thanks Morris! While I’d worked with him on a number of articles (GREAT articles, by the way, which you can check out here, here, here and here), until last night I’d never actually met Morris. He was both a gentleman and a scholar, and heartily agreed to pen today’s entry on extremely short notice — so big big tip of the cap to him for pinch hitting. I’ll be back again with Morris this coming summer when Paul takes his annual break. The UW gathering was great (I’m sure Paul will have more on that this week) and the curling was awesome — just a quick update on that — the great fella who taught Paul and me to curl (Dean Gemmell) WON the US National Championships — so he’ll be competing with his team in the World Championships later this year in Switzerland. But I’m sure you guys don’t want to hear anymore about curling from me until the 2014 Winter Games, so we’ll close on that note. Everyone give a big thanks to Morris for today’s break from curling!


all sport uni tweaks

Uni Tweaks Concepts

We have another new set of tweaks, er…concepts today. After discussion with a number of readers, it’s probably more apropos to call most of the reader submissions “concepts” rather than tweaks. So that’s that.

So if you’ve concept for any sport, or just a tweak or wholesale revision, send them my way.

Please do try to keep your descriptions to ~50 words (give or take) per image — if you have three uniform concepts in one image, then obviously, you can go a little over, but no novels, OK? OK!. You guys have usually been good with keeping the descriptions pretty short, and I thank you for that.

And so, lets begin:


We start with Glenn Simpkins, with a Giants baseball/football tweak…


A single tweak, er concept, to share today, and a venture away from baseball to my second string sport, Football.

It came about whilst I caught a quarter of the Monday Night Football game on 28 Nov 2011, after seeing again how bad the New York football Giants look on the road, the muse struck me as to how to fix them; A brand new, three uniform kit that mixes elements from their baseball brethren.

The elements used:

SF Giants current numerals

Black, Orange, Cream, and Gold uniform colors

The Baseball Giants first interlocking NY in orange

The three stripe “Zito Socks” look

–Glenn Simpkins


Next up is Davis Jaye who has a couple concepts for the Braves — and he not only concepted them, he DIY’ed them too!

Dear Mr. Hecken,

Here are both a tweak and a concept for the Atlanta Braves.

1st. The Alternate Navy Road Jersey has always looked unfinished to me, and inconsistent with the rest of the Braves uniform set. So, I’ve changed the script “Atlanta,” the tomahawk, and the player number to red outlined in white to increase legibility, and added the two-color trim around the sleeves, collar and placket.

Alt Blue Jersey … in “action

2nd. A New Sleeveless Home Concept. I think the sleeveless jersey is classic, but the Braves have never worn one. So I placed the Tomahawk ‘A’ logo on the left chest, and maintained the two-color trim around the collar and placket, and added it to the arm openings.

Sleeveless Jersey … in “action

Hope you like them. I enjoy the site.

Davis J.

PS I liked these jersey designs so much that I got some blank jerseys, and DIY-ed one of each for myself. Here’s (low-quality) photographic proof.


And finally, we have Greg Seher, who has concepted all 32 NFL teams…enjoy:


Rather than sending multiple teams designs and all the comments to go along with them, heres a link to the pages I have designs for all 32 NFL teams.

Some teams arent changed at all (Packers, Dolphins…), some have very minor design or color changes (Cowboys, Bills…) and some are more radical (Bucs, Bengals…)

I appreciate the feedback from you and other uni watch staff, and possible spot in a future uni watch blog post. I’ll be getting around to MLB, NHL, and NBA shortly, none will be this extensive, but some designs in there nonetheless.

Greg Seher


Nice job gentlemen. Back with more concepts next week!


Benchies Header


by Rick Pearson


A spectacular run requires an appropriate name…

2-19-12 s-Fever

And, as always, the full-size.


And that will do it for today. Thanks again to Morris Levin for the great job in a pinch. Everyone have a great Sunday.


“Bud Selig is a Purist’s nightmare. I cannot stand that man. Whore it all out for the Almighty Dollar. Sickening.” — Mark Peterson

Comments (78)

    I have one of those change kits spurs wore during their anniversary with the chinese script on it.

    One thing about euro soccer i find annoying is that teams often wear a third kit during the champions league matches, along with some weird uefa rules that sometimes change the normal shirt sponsors (iirc, teams cant wear beer sponsors on their kits in the champions league).

    I wonder hoe american fans would react if teams changed their uniforms every year, as they do in futbol.

    Glad phil and paul had a good time. I was supposed to go saturday, butnhad to work. I went during the week and had a fun time.

    Yep. Champions League is sponsored by a beer company and as part of the agreement there can be no advertisements for another beer company within the stadium including kits.

    Additionally, in some countries – such as France – it is against the national law for a football team to wear kits sponsoring alcohol or gambling enterprises, which also forces a kit change for some visiting clubs in the Champions League.

    Heineken does not restrict other beer sponsors from putting the name on kits during the Champions League. This pic is from the Playoff Round on August 16 where FC Copenhagen had “Carlsberg” on their Jerseys and lost to Viktoria Plzeň. link

    …Also I don’t believe any clubs with Beer Sponsors made it through to the Group Stage this season. (though I don’t profess to know who every shirt sponsor is…)


    Nice to see someone whose design sense doesn’t involve putting his thumbprint on everything to prove he was there.

    I agree. I’m still waiting for a design set to comes about that doesn’t simply harken back to the “good ol’ days” and then call it an improvement. It doesn’t do much good to try to show off designs if all they really are are just designs from the ’80s. Maybe it’s because I’m in high school and there’s a bit of generation clash going on, but surely we can be a little bit more creative than reinventing throwbacks because that’s what we’re used to seeing.

    My biggest complaints tend to be with the revising of teams such as the Rams, Vikings, Falcons, and Eagles, where there tends to be an easy uniform iteration to fall back because the current one is so messed up. Instead of going to a throw back, someone should try to take what’s already given and create something unique out of it. For instance, although the Rams classic blue and yellow is pleasing to look at, I find that their current set-up of a darker navy and metallic gold/yellow looks great as well, as thus could provide a great background for a redesign without having to take the throwback route.

    Similarly, I find that the Vikings despite having a horrible uniform combination as it stands, did a much better job at making the purple and yellow tones blend into a more pleasing look than did the clashing color selection of the pre-Reebok uni’s. All that’s needed at this point is to exchange the garish piping and nuances for a more conservative look while keeping the modern color palette.

    I’m starting to ramble now, but the point is that I think guests designers could do a lot to update the uniforms of the NFL through a progressive eye instead of designing with nostalgia at the forefront. Does anyone else agree?

    Indeed. And I wasn’t even really referring to that aspect of the set… I was looking more at teams like the Cowboys, where “pick one silver and one blue” is the most obvious tweak and has been submitted a few hundred times.

    Sadly, I’m probably not as progressive as I’d like to be, as even my previously featured uniform concepts still had a bit of fauxback in them.

    I wish I were more apt with photoshop and the like because if I were to ever create my own uniform designs I’d be relegated to using colored pencils unfortunately

    I think with the NFL & football in general, less is more and IMO the uniform really shouldn’t strive too far from being a functional football uniform with team colors, a distinctive & clean helmet logo & legible numbers. If anything, we expect too much out of football uniforms & is the last sport that should be about fancy uniforms, sparkly helmets, trendy colors, cutout panels & excessive team wordmarks & logos plastered everywhere that look more suited for a fashion runway & on a regular person than on the field.

    The Cardinals, Vikings, Falcons, Seahawks & Broncos quickly come to mind what is just absurd with modern uniforms.

    I’m noticing a continuing trend:

    The Eagles in green & away from the current ghastly Midnight Green
    The Vikings need to ditch the current look & go classic & clean – that’s pretty much a given.

    I wouldn’t change the Bengals striped helmets. It’s a solid helmet design that works.
    The New York Football Giants in blue pants – ugly. I’d prefer classic solid white.
    The Seahawks look is awful – no matter what way you color it in that Seahawk Blue & horrible neon Bright Green. They need to go back to royal & green.
    I’d lose the outline trim on the Cardinals.
    No complaints on the Buccaneers concept.
    I’d lose the red Bills helmet & keep it white. That red helmet on a blue uni just never looked right.
    Steelers need to lose the stupid italic numbers – completely unnecessary – out of place on a classic uni.
    Lose the Jets green pants & lighten up that green – it’s way, way too dark.
    I think the Patriots need to blow up their look & start over.
    Broncos: I would drop all side panels & helmet stripe & lose the contrasting color collar. Not a fan of that look in general at all & they should go retro.

    I’ve concluded that nothing easily can help the Ravens, Jaguars, Titans & Texans and that somebody has to look like that.

    I’m am not a fan of designing uniforms based on the fact that another team simply wears the same color, which is something Greg did a lot.

    The Broncos need to change their blue because it doesn’t look as good as the secondary color in their current design (nor do I think it will look good any in other design), not because Chicago already wears those colors.

    The Cowboys will never wear Navy more than the white uniform, the only thing we can hope to see improved is the sticking to the same blue and getting rid of the black outlined stripes. We sure as hell shouldn’t force the Patriots to resemble the Red Coats because the cowboys somehow own silver and navy.

    The Giants need the grey pants, they look the most dated in photographs of them pre-2000, I agree with the away jersey but the pants need to be unchanged (except maybe having only one version of them).

    For the Seahawks, 2 blues are better than blue black and neon green. I personally feel that several teams with BFBS would be greatly benefited by exchanging the black for Navy (if you aren’t going to get rid of the drop shadow at least make it match your color scheme better, heck when I first saw the Mets blue hats with the black brim, and the black NY I thought it was Navy, and wondered why they used black everywhere else for a while).

    I can’t get on board with giving the Texans a red jersey because Chicago apparently has a monopoly on Navy whether its paired with orange or red. Navy Helmets paired with Red jerseys don’t look good, if you are going to change that uniform around you do so by making the helmets white.

    The colts don’t own the rights to white helmets with blue jerseys, so there’s no reason to downgrade the Bills look for that reason.

    The falcons should not wear black pants, and if they wear a red helmet it should be accompanied by the gold stripes.

    The Panthers should keep Silver, I agree with making the blue jerseys their primary ones but making them into clones of UNC is not a good idea (this means keeping the silver helmets, and keeping the numbers on the white jerseys black with blue outlines).

    There are quite a few things he did right though.

    Greay job, boys! I actually just wrote an email a couple of days to Paul & Phil about my beloved Spurs (and an amazing Spurs-related story, which resulted in a very cool uni-surprise). Diehard Tottenham Hotspur fan here, 45 mins north of NYC. Big ole smile on my face to see this topic this morning. I’ll be wearing last year’s light blue Van der Vaart this morning. I own the shirt above, in blue as well. One my favorites, actually. It’s been an amazing run! Let’s take care of Stevenage—-and then a huge couple of weeks coming up! COYS!!!!!!!

    I always found European soccer clubs to be similar to college football in that it is rare the club colors change, however they have secondary kits inn various colors that have nothing to do with the club. Manchester United is red and white, but their secondary kit is blue and black. Chelsea is blue and white, but have a black secondary kit. The majority of clubs seem to be doing this now and I feel while it may increase merch sales it diminishes tradition and brand.

    France also doesn’t allow kit sponsorship from gambling enterprises, which means a club like Lyon which has a sponsorship from an online gambling site can only have their advertising on league games played in Monaco and cup games played outside France while they have another sponsor on their kits for games in France.

    Marco, that’s the WHOLE point of the change strip. It’s not supposed to have any real connection to the club’s traditional strip or colors. If it did, then everybody with colored strips would wear a white change strip and they’d look like MLS.

    That’s why you see clubs with radically different change strips when they get new unis, but the primary strip remains untouched for the most part. The club I support for very personal reasons (Man United) has used black, white, blue, and gold for change strips over the last several seasons. I like to see the clubs change up the change strip; to me, that’s where you see “personality”, if you will.

    That would be the 2nd thing I hate about soccer uniforms. (first being the sponsor logos). I love the idea of wearing a primary uniform for most of your games with a 2nd uni for color clashes – that’s how all sports should be, imo. But if your colors are navy & yellow, then your two uniforms should be navy or yellow. Not freaking red.

    One club that has been very good about that is West Ham. Their colors are sky blue and “claret” (dark red, one or two steps up from maroon). The only different color they use on their alts is white.

    West Ham rotate their change strips year-to-year, in a three year rotation, between white, Oxford Blue, and Cambridge Blue.

    But THE, that won’t always work.

    Man Utd’s colors are red and white. Based on your theory, United’s change strip should be white then.

    What would they wear then at Stoke City and Sunderland this season (both clubs wear white/red stripes)? That’s why most clubs have a change strip that is COMPLETELY different. It’s so Chelsea (blue/white) has something to wear at Blackburn Rovers (blue/white halves on the kit).

    yo dawg…

    if man u’s colors are red and white, and their opponent is wearing white, wouldn’t they just wear red? and if their opponent is wearing red, wouldn’t they just wear white?

    maybe im not following the protocol, but couldn’t they just wear the opposite of their opponent, regardless of the opponent’s colors? including different shorts & socks?

    He IS saying that.

    What he is pointing out is the problem when Manchester United visits Sunderland or Stoke. Both wear red and white striped shirts. So United can wear neither red nor white. This is why United has a change kit that (for this year, at least) is blue and black hoops.

    It has nothing to do with personality and everything to do with jersey sales. Players and fans don’t need drastically different kits on the pitch to know which team is which. Here in Brazil 3rd kits just started around the time Ronaldo returned. The magazine VEJA did a report on the extra income clubs here pull in though the the sales of these jerseys and it is insane. Most fans already have a jersey in the traditional colors and these jerseys are seen as limited edition collectors items and the clubs know it. I see no difference between this and throwback and blackout jerseys that college teams do. Its just another way for teams to make money.

    While we’re discussing the cynical proliferation of various soccer jerseys/football kits, it’s worth remembering how confusing it can be when teams only have one jersey, as used to be the case fairly recently in rugby union.

    Hence England vs. Argentina link

    And, even more confusingly, Ireland vs. South Africa

    I think the weekend posts are geared more towards us, the readers. Note the uni concepts and the colorizations (oddly not in today’s post). Paul’s M-F blogs are all about uni news and the like. If those are too long for you, just skip over the stuff you’re not interested in, like I do. I couldn’t care less about soccer, rugby, tennis, golf or who’s wearing what shoes so I just bypass it and get to what I find interesting. Lots of stuff on here, you just have to pick and choose what you like.

    The best way to look at European soccer sponsors is to look at NASCAR. If you’re a Jeff Gordon fan, you’ve got a Dupont logo somewhere on your shirt/jacket/cap – and you’ve worn that sponsor for decades. Ditto for Dale Earnhardt and his black GM Goodwrench aura.

    I worked with someone who is a Dale Jr. fan. He wore Dale Jr “Bud” clothing – until he switched sponsors. Now, he wears Amp and National Guard. I just read this year that Dale’s gonna be Diet Mountain Dew. And he will purchase a lot of new merchandise.

    Tony Stewart used to be sponsored by Home Depot, and his fans all wore the #20 and the corporate orange color – very unique. Now, he is #14 and in boring red Office Depot colors and logos.

    I just read this year that Dale’s gonna be Diet Mountain Dew. And the CO-WORKER will purchase a lot of new merchandise, not Junior…

    Speaking of NASCAR… I’m not really a fan, but the video games can be fun… I remember a few years back, due to E rating, Dale Jr’s car always had a stylized DALE on it instead of the Budweiser logo. I always wished they’d do that in reality. Driver-centric custom paint schemes would be *SO* much better than the rolling billboards.

    Last night in the shootout Harvick has a nice new classic red & white Budwiser look, but Dale was still mainly National Guard not Diet Mt. Dew, I believe. And Tony Stewart is now Mobil-1 main sponsor, with Office Depot secondary. But it was only the Shootout, so these may not be the full time 2012 looks.

    A lonnnnnng time ago, when TV was black and white, English soccer was network telecast on Saturday afternoons here in the states.

    I remember thinking “Tottenham Hotspur” was one of the coolest team names on the planet.

    Only used that reference cuz don’t remember the exact year.

    Wasn’t a “walked five miles to school, uphill, both ways” thing.

    “I remember thinking “Tottenham Hotspur” was one of the coolest team names on the planet.”


    Guess I should have wrote; “A few things about the Hot Spurs,…” Or, “A few things about the Spurs,…”

    Harry Hotspur, knighted at age 11. Damn, that’s one brave little dude.

    Not sure if it was touched upon here, but I remember reading when Spurs switched their sponsor recently (or rather, made a sponsor logo switch as Aurasma is an Autonomy brand) that they would be looking into having “augmented reality technology” built into the garment. Aurasma is an “augmented reality technology” branch of Aurasma. Interesting, but I have no idea what this potential tech would mean? Help? Tough one at Stevenage today, the boys looked disinterested. Cool story that that Stevenage will be playing in the bright lights of White Hart Lane soon, though. More FA Cup craziness!

    If the uniform is “a team’s primary and best opportunity to …build a tradition”, then why are the change kits such a huge step away from this tradition and why do the colors change almost every year?

    This year, the Spurs have a purple change kit with navy, sky blue and yellow in the three previous years. Looking at the palette of all historical change kits for the Spurs shows some sort of unifying pastel theme to these change kits, however these change kits generally have almost nothing to do with the tradition that Morris talks about in the home kit.

    The NFL regulates when a team cannot wear it 3rd jersey, presumably, to prevent the brand from being muddled during nationally televised games. I don’t really care to see Arensal wearing an absurd navy and sky blue uniform when they played ManU earlier this year. (Incidentally, the colors are probably why they lost 8-2.)

    I just wish the change kit related to traditional colors a little bit.

    The NFL regulates when a team cannot wear it 3rd jersey, presumably, to prevent the brand from being muddled during nationally televised games.

    If that was the case, you wouldn’t have teams wearing alternate uniforms on monday night games. The NFL regulates the use of 3rd jerseys because they’re control freaks. The Jets can wear ugly-ass NY Titans throwback uniforms for no damn reason twice a year, but the Chargers “brand identity” would be harmed by them wearing the powder blue alts for 3 games? Bullshit.

    Russ, the main kit is the tradition, not the change kits. And yes the Arsenal change kits this year are a monstrosity.

    Yes, but why can’t the change kits be part of that tradition? I agree they are currently completely outside the brand of the club, and that just obscures the overall look.

    Spurs could wear navy. Arsenal could wear white. ManU could wear black or red. I agree with The Jeff in his post above about 2nd uni color.

    Arsenal could wear white

    Except that’s Tottenham’s color. Not going to be met with much approval from Arsenal fans.

    DJ hit it on the head.

    An Arsenal change strip in Spurs colors will NOT go over well (and won’t sell either).

    Man Utd had a black change kit in 03-05, 07-08, 09-10 among others. Interestingly, blue has been the “traditional” change kit, as well as white. They’ve worn some version of either or for most of their history.

    Maybe it’s because I’m from New York, where the Yankees have literally not changed their basic design since WWII began, and the Giants, Jets, Knicks, Rangers, and now the Mets all wear basically what they wore in 1970 (albeit none of them continuously since then). But I find it really strange how the soccer teams change it up every single year.

    Of course, Paul gave the solution a couple of days ago — if you have a problem with this, STOP BUYING THEM.

    I am a Tottenham supporter, and watched the frustrating match this morning against Stevenage. Scott Parker’s 8 on the back of his shirt was upside-down. I’m surprised no one else picked up on that. It drove me nuts. Here’s a photo:


    Arsenal changed their non-red kit this year to a blue based version. In their FA cup tie with Sunderland yesterday (who wears red) they had to wear their blue version. T


    in their Champions league match at AC Milan, they wore an alternate kit:


    Now as far as I can tell, you can’t buy that champions league kit at all from Arsenal. You can buy the home kit and the away kit, but with respect tot he alternate blue kit, you can’t buy the light blue short they were wearing. (The kid who walked out with the team at the beginning of the match was wearing the blue kit but with the dark blue shorts that you can buy.) Probably seems like I am making a mountain out of a mole hill here, but it is Paul’s favorite company that sponsors the Gunners…wouldn’t you think they would take any opportunity to sell all the variations to the fans?


    And by “sponsor the Gunners” I was referencing their kit maker, not the airline that is on their shirt.

    But sometimes there is such a tradition. Liverpool FC wears as much red as possible for its default kit, but its change kit alternates yearly between green and yellow.

    Except this year, where Liverpool are wearing white with black shorts. Or when they wear gray. Or black and silver.

    Liverpool’s traditional away kit (for many many years) was white shirts with red collars or trim and black shorts

    AKT, that’s last year’s (the last incarnation, anyway) change strip from Arsenal. They’re using it as their third kit.

    Davis Jaye’s DIY’d alt blue Braves Jersey is mighty fine!

    If I was a Braves Fan, I’d want to own one!

    Meant to congratulate Davis on that navy jersey.

    A heck of a lot better than that navy-on-navy goofball thing they wear now. His is elegant. The current one is just…dopey. Has nothing to do with the platform of the current design (which, of course, is based on a look going back to their time in Boston).

    You’d think they’d have asked the design genius created it, “You DID look at our whites and grays before you came up with this, right?”

    Thanks, Glenn and Ricko. I appreciate it. My idea was to make it fit in with the rest of the Braves’ uniform set. And Glenn, I am a life-long Braves fan, so that’s exactly why I made myself one. Thanks again, guys.

    Other Uni-News…The Montreal Canadiens will be wearing jerseys with the #8 in the warm-ups tonight to honor the late Gary Carter. They will also be wearing helmet decals. I’ll be interested to see if they wear the decal the rest of the season, seeing the Expos wore a memorial for Rocket Richard for the entire season…

    A very interesting post and the idea of logo creep is something that irritates me more and more.

    Spurs are noteworthy in terms of their kits for a couple of reasons; in 2010 they had two separate shirt sponsors – Autonomy for Premier League matches and Investec for cup competitions, including the Champions League. Is this second shirt sponsor concept common in any other sports?

    Also, from the 2010-11 season Spurs will wear kits by Under Armour and I am really intrigued to see what kit designs they come up with for soccer.

    It’s Pink day on my TV!!!

    NCAAW : NC State (pink) at NC (blue) Carolina Blue @ Home!
    NCAAW : Georgia (red) at Florida (pink) FL’s blue trim helps
    NCAAW : FSU (pink) at Miami (white) Pink + Garnet.. Meh..
    Serie A (!): Lazio (white) at Palermo (pink) Dang, was hoping for same colors as NC State-NC, though Lazio’s blue is a tad lighter.

    Can’t wait for the Giro d’Italia to start…

    On Saturday the Kansas St(Pink w/ Purple trim). Texas(BFBS w/ pink numbers) ladies hoops was a retina searer.

    Not necessarily uni-related, but I’m currently watching “The NFL Super Bowl Gospel Celebration” on Fox. For such a heavily protected brand, I’m shocked it’s being used in such an irrelevant way. No sign of the NFL logo, but they’re using the Super Bowl XLVI logo everywhere.
    Does this happen every season?

    500th episode of “The Simpsons” tonight.

    Only two TV series in history had more.

    Anybody know what they were?

    Or The Today Show or All My Children…but we’re talking about dramas or sitcoms…prime time programs.

    Gunsmoke for sure (635, I believe) because I am a Gunsmoke Geek. I’d say…Lassie might be it (counting its syndication run). I was gonna say Hee Haw, but I guess variety shows don’t count.

    Encore Westerns is now running the 1955-1961 era 30 minute episodes of Gunsmoke. Awesome. And Amanda Blake was a sweetie in that era.

    That’s what I heard on one of the network news broadcast this a.m.

    Gunsmoke’s the only one over 600.

    Lassie is #2.

    Even though it had three entirely different casts, according to the storyline it was the same dog.

    I love most of Greg’s desighns, but I was thinking the Falcons Away Uniforms might look better with red numbers and a black outline, also instead of black pants maybe silver pants.

    I know a number of futbol fans who really hate when a team’s change kit color is too close to their rvial(s). United wearing blue (even though its not the same shade as City) is one glaring example.

    Personally, im glad that everton ditched the pink away kit this year. They arent palermo.

    The NY Football Giants won two super bowls in those “horrible road uniforms”, uniforms so full of tradition that they are iconic. Please don’t try to improve perfection.

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