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Monday Morning Uni Watch

weddle gregory.jpg

Reader Brady Phelps was watching yesterday’s Chargers/Bills game and noticed something unusual about San Diego safety Eric Weddle (shown above). Do you see it too?

As you probably noticed, Weddle is wearing black tape on his fingers. This is unusual on two levels: (1) Historically, players who tape their fingers have usually done so with white tape. And (2) Weddle is that rarest of creatures in today’s NFL — a skill position player who doesn’t wear gloves.

Or at least he didn’t wear them yesterday. Is that a regular thing with him? Some quick photo research reveals that he never wears gloves, and his finger tape is usually white, not black. But those photos are all from this season. Has Weddle always played bare-handed? As it turns out, he routinely wore gloves in 2010, 2009, 2008, and 2007. So his gloveless move is new for this season. Interesting! I’m gonna try to get an interview with him to learn more about this.

In other NFL notes from yesterday:

• Speaking of taped fingers, Cowboys kicker Dan Bailey is another player who appears to be taping over his wedding band. (My thanks to Chris Zagorski for spotting that one.)

• For the second straight week, the Cardinals went full blood clot and won.

•  The end zones for the Pats/’Skins game were still painted with “Army” and “Navy.”

And that’s it — a very uni-quiet day in the NFL.

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Just a coupla guys whipping out their sausages: Last Thursday night I went to the Brooklyn Kitchen, where two of America’s best young butchers — Tom Mylan of the Meat Hook (Brooklyn) and Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats (San Francisco) — were co-hosting an event. The point of the evening was ostensibly to promote Farr’s superb new book, Whole Beast Butchery (highly recommended if you’re buying, say, a half-hog from your local CSA, or if you just like meat/butchery porn), but it was really a chance for Mylan and Farr to show off their tremendous sausage-making skills. Here they are describing the links they prepared for the occasion (Farr speaks first, followed by Mylan):

The resulting sausagefest was overwhelming — a seemingly endless parade of spectacular cased meats. As if to gild the lily, there were also several bowls of Farr’s addictive chiccarones, which were easily the best ones I’ve ever tasted — lighty, airy, porky, and just spicy enough. Fortunately, he doesn’t sell them outside of San Francisco, or else I’d be in a heap of dietary trouble.

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War on Xmas reminders: After today there will only be nine weekdays left until Xmas, which means I’ll only have nine more opportunities to keep copying/pasting the same old holiday-related crapola:

• If you want to buy someone a Uni Watch membership as a gift, full details on how to do that are available here.

• From now through the end of the year, if you order two sheets of stickers based on your membership card design (that costs $26), you’ll also get a free sheet of Uni Watch logo stickers (a mix of all three colors). Instrux for ordering stickers can be found here.

• Speaking of the circular Uni Watch logo stickers, my recent offer still stands: If you want three of these stickers (one of each color), send a self-addressed stamped envelope to Paul Lukas, 671 DeGraw St., Brooklyn, NY 11217. If you want to enclose a coupla bucks or a barter offering, that’d be nice, although it isn’t required.

• T-shirts, beverage coasters, coffee mugs, and the like are available at the Uni Watch shop on Zazzle.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: In case you missed it, I pinch-hit for Phil yesterday, complete with a rare weekend Ticker, so you might want to start there if you didn’t already read that material yesterday. ”¦ Boxing refs routinely wear rubber gloves, because of all the bodily fluids they come into contact with. But until Saturday night’s junior welterweight title bout between Lamont Peterson and Amir Khan, I’d never seen a ref wearing purple rubber gloves. ”¦ New holiday kit for Werder Bremen (from Kenny Loo). ”¦ Here’s something you probably never expected to see: a slideshow on the Bengals cheerleaders (thanks, Brinke). ”¦ New logo for the Yokohama BayStars, to go with their new owner (from Jeremy Brahm). ”¦ Alex Lawler scored himself this original, pre-makeover Jags T-shirt. ”¦ It’s a little hard to see here, but this NNOB No. 10 is USF walk-on Mike McCloskey wearing an old Anthony Crater jersey with tape covering up the NOB (screen shot by Tim Burke). ”¦ Coppin State basketball’s warm-ups are completely ridiculous. “I was able to withstand it just long enough to snap that pic,” says Will Wyss. … Here’s a great video clip of Rangers goalie Henrik Lundqvist getting some emergency surgery on his leg pad (big thanks to Ryan Connelly).

Comments (135)

    The Meat Hook is a complete joke. The skill and knowledge level among their butchers is frustratingly low, not to mention the lack of professionalism. I get it; they’re supposed to be cool, but that’s hardly what most people are looking for in a butcher.

    I don’t know anyone who’s given them repeat business.

    Man, those sausages look awesome. I want to pick some up when I come back to the US next week. Anybody know if you can carry that kind of uncooked food on a plane and through customs?

    I know you can’t bring meat *into* America unless it’s been processed at a USDA-sanctioned slaughterhouse. Other countries probably have their own rules about meat brought *from* the U.S..

    I brought pickled pig’s feet to a friend in London last year because he didn’t believe they existed. Packed them in my luggage, which in retrospect seemed like a really poor idea as I watched the baggage handlers toss luggage around while waiting for the flight. But they passed muster, apparently. Or I just got lucky. My friend certainly didn’t.

    The purple nitrile gloves are debatably the most common gloves in healthcare settings. Now that many people have or are beginning to develop a latex sensitivity, most hospitals are switching to nitrile. It just so happens that the most common dye color for nitrile is the purple based. As a side note, the green gloves are aloe based, black are for “bad asses”, and blue are sourced by a different manufacturer.

    I work in a bio lab, and I have to agree; it seems like everyone’s using either blue or purple nitrile gloves (suppliers like Denville Sci. provide both colors) instead of latex.

    Not entirely true. Reggie Hodges is the punter for the Browns. He ruptured his achilles in preseason and is on the IR but still a punter under contract.

    For what it’s worth, the starting safeties for the Bears yesterday were link and link.

    Y’know, the guys who were basically told to go ahead and let the Broncos march right down the field at the end of the 4th quarter.

    And after reading the article, I can’t believe I overlooked Reggie Roby. Thankfully, they didn’t. He was my favorite Dolphin ever. I even used to punt like him, keeping my plant foot on the ground…although I couldn’t get the kicking leg up as high as he did.

    Don’t forget currently out of contract Ross Ventrone, who’s been a part of SIXTEEN different roster moves by the Patriots this season.

    That’s gotta be some sort of record, right?

    Speaking of the Pats and white cornerbacks, Paul, what about Julian Edelman? He switched from WR to DB a few weeks ago out of necessity/injury.

    I would have thought for sure that the Army/Navy endzones for the Patriots-Redskins game would have been mentioned today. It seems kind of weird that an NFL stadium would give graphical priority to a neutral-site college game on the same weekend as a home game for their primary tenant.

    But then, nobody ever accused the Redskins’ front office of having their shit all the way together.

    Well it makes more sense after reading the article; nice move on their part, then. Maybe they’ll celebrate by giving out another $100M contract.

    Nice move? This was the more likely scenario:
    “Mr. Snyder, the painters put the logo back at midfield but say they’ll have to charge overtime to do the endzones.”
    “What? Hell no, I’ve got a new yacht to take care of! Fire them and put out a press release that we’re going to honor those military guys another day by leaving the endzones the same.”

    I saw a quick highlight yesterday and saw part of the endzone obviously not painted like the redskins would have painted it, seeing a giant A and part of the R, etc. So I figured it probably said something like Army, etc.

    I don’t see what the problem is leaving Army/Navy in the endzones for one game, tribute to the military, etc., especially since the game was the day before. I know the OCD folks and the “we hate anything outside the norm” folks probably hated it, under the circumstances I thought it was a bit predictably unique.

    I don’t mind it – logistics and all – but in what way is it a “tribute” to the military? Just saying (or displaying) words isn’t a tribute. The word has a meaning, and demonstrating gratitude or esteem – the heart of that word’s meaning – requires more effort than the kind of lazy name-checking that too frequently passes for “honoring the troops” or whatever. Leaving a few party decorations from the day before up for your own celebration falls far, far short of anything that can be called a “tribute.” That wasn’t the Redskins honoring the Army or Navy, that was the Redskins being too lazy to clean up their own field and then inventing a BS cover story to explain their own half-assery. And because the BS cover story involves “the troops,” we all accept it at face value because, hey, look, the troops!

    And like I said…I know the OCD folks and the “we hate anything outside the norm” folks probably hated it…

    Besides, how hard would it be to write into a contract the fact that the field must be left in the exact same condition as they found it in, i.e. redskins painted endzones? None of this “I’m not paying overtime crap/laziness crap.” In fact it would have been the NCAA/Army/Navy whoever footing the bill for having the field in shape for sunday NFL game.

    It was obviously left there purposely as a tribute to the armed forces. I saw it and said “gee, nice gesture, odd quirk noting the circumstances, didn’t see game anyhow didn’t really care.” As for a nice gesture, yeah the Army and Navy guys saw it and probably got a kick out of it. How many armed forces folks watched the game and were pissed off that they left the endzones like that? How many redskins fans were pissed off they left the endzones like that?

    I guess in my book a lazy tribute is better than none, you know, give whatever you can even if it’s a few cents? I guess some folks here don’t think that way. Give us $1000 or get lost. Anyway, I guess that makes ANY military tribute before any game or race a farce. Come on, can’t the NCAA do more than fly a few military choppers over the East/West Game? Lame, i agree arr scott.

    Tom, I’m not OCD about unis, and I don’t hate everything outside the norm. I actually began my comment by noting that I didn’t mind it – even if it was just a logistical issue, I’m cool with that. And, heck, if it was only possible to paint the end zones once last weekend, giving priority to Army-Navy over a random Redskins loss in a lost season was the right call.

    But that doesn’t make it a tribute. This kind of post-facto justification of an empty gesture undermines the value of actual tributes. If we accept every lazy attempt by a corporation to wrap itself in the mantle of honoring the troops, then we lose our ability to recognize real, meaningful tributes. I’m not saying it’s insufficient to give pennies instead of c-notes, I’m saying it’s wrong to credit someone who gives literally nothing (the Redskins) with having given something.

    I was stunned to find out that Saturday’s game was the first ever Army-Navy game in the nation’s capital.

    I always thought that was where the game SHOULD be played, even if the campuses are closer to NYC and Baltimore.

    Which is much too close to the site of the Battle of Bladensburg – the most disgraceful defeat in American military history – for comfort. Let’s just say they played in Washington, and hope none of the cadets or midshipmen know their history.

    It’s fascinating how few — very very few — Americans know about the pastings we took in the War of 1812. I mean, look at those Niagara farces. It goes to show that schoolbook US History has always leaned to the “print the legend” side.

    Now the Mexican War, that’s different. Them boys was awesome.

    But there are so many games on over any given weekend, and schedules change without notice when games run long and whatnot, that a casual viewer actually does rely on visual cues such as the endzone markings and the teams’ uniforms to figure out what the hell is going on when he flips to a game.

    So a team screws with a basic element that helps viewers identify what’s going on, and then some fans have difficulty identifying what’s going on, and we hate on the fans? Because, um, the troops!

    I am guessing the NCAA/Army/Navy just left the stadium a complete mess, garbage all over the place, didn’t clean up the field or locker rooms, parking lot, etc too, right? You don’t think both entities had to agree to this well in advance and make sure there were hundreds of pages of contracts etc?

    I get a kick out of some of the folks here who think so many things are just shot from the hip when it comes to making decisions like these.

    Just unconscionable laziness on the part of the Redskins.

    Here’s another thought to consider. ’twas cold in our nation’s capital…and therefore, in Landover, MD as well…wouldn’t that affect the application of a freshly painted end zone with less than a one-day turnaround? I know they switched the midfield logo, but that’s a lot smaller area and a lot less paint.

    *Changing channels*…What game is this? OH MY GOSH WHAT GAME IS THIS? Theres a red team and a blue team, and the ticker isn’t on the screen right now. It didn’t say in the guide which game it was, and the ticker isn’t on the screen, and its a faraway shot I can’t make out logos and I didn’t look in advance to see what games were going to be on the two games I get at 1pm. The humanity I’ve had the game on 5 seconds now and I still don’t know what game this is.


    It took me all of a millisecond to realize they had probably played the Army/Navy game there. Can’t understand why anyone would care, except to be charmed by it.

    Also of note: Weddle is currently tied for the league lead in interceptions! So whatever he’s doing with his hands/fingers/etc., it’s working.

    I’ve sent a request to the Chargers — hope they’ll let me speak with him.

    Hey wonder what the resolution was on that lawsuit? Hope that he won, although I find it funny that alka seltzer had to photoshop off 4 logos so they could use the pic.

    I’d almost call it attention whoring on his part. Without that lawsuit, who’d know it was him? People see the package and to them it’s just a random football player.

    Yeah, but it’s not a random football player to Alka-Seltzer. To them, it’s exactly the football player they wanted on their box to sell their product. That has value. And value should be fairly compensated. (Ditto for the photographer, natch.)

    I agree with Mr. Lukas…No corporation has the right to take your likeness, image, or voice and use it for their commercials…be it print, video or radio without compensation. When I worked for a local radio station they had an infomercial produced to air on TV. I did not make the final cut because I did not sign the waiver. I did not want them to use my likeness on TV without paying me for it…even though I was not an on air personality.

    I don’t think so, unless you’re talking about practices or something. I believe they’ve alternated between the white and the gold lids for all their games over the last four years.

    But I don’t exactly follow the Baylor Bears, so whatever.

    Oh, I know they have worn the green helmets in the past. I’m just saying that, to my knowledge, they haven’t done it since 2007.

    And I agree. That was a pretty solid look.

    They’re ok I’m just not a fan of the mono look in general. Plus my fear is that next season when the orange becomes the home jersey and the blue becomes the alternate that when they wear blue it will always be with the blue pants. That is if swooshie doesn’t come up with something worse.

    – Jake

    And the record company’s address and phone number right there on the label!

    I’ve never heard ‘Christmas In Jail’ by the Youngsters and that is infinitely my fault.

    The Giants once again paired their road pants with their blue jerseys against the Cowboys. Do they only do that on the road against a white home jersey Dallas?

    They haven’t always done that.

    Correct. But they started doing it three-ish years ago, and that’s their current protocol. In fact, Joe Skiba started doing it after seeing some old photos posted here on Uni Watch.

    I would second that. Those things have remained a mystery to me too. Might have been gone over before, but if not, it would seem like a story made for this blog. Darn things are looking more and more like protective cuffs worn by gladiators.

    Yahoo as a whole is an embarrassment to the internet. You would think that after having existed for 15 or so years and having as much traffic as they do they would know how to maintain a website. Plenty of mispellings, bad grammar, server errors, etc.

    CBS came back from commercial some time during the first half of the Bears/Broncos game and showed somebody on the sideline trying to repair Wesley Woodyard’s jersey, which had torn on his right shoulder. Nanz and Simms even commented on it, something to the effect of how hard it is to tear a jersey. My phone was charging at the time so I didn’t have it handy to snap a photo. Sorry.

    Anyone notice that CB Terrence Newman was wearing different pants than the rest of his Cowboy teammates last night? He looked to be wearing the silver pants that are usually worn with the blue jerseys. My son and I noticed it while watching but don’t have any photos.

    Was only able to find this one photo. Looks like royal stripes on the pants and blueish tint, albeit nowhere near as blue as some of the other Cowboys in that photo:


    Silver pants for comparison:


    I’m really hoping this means they become the first predominantly orange and silver football team. Very underrated combo. Orange and dark silver.

    Depends on where you are. Here in the east, we pronounce “orange” in such a way that it doesn’t rhyme with “forage” or “porridge” (it’s more like “car-hinge”). Elsewhere, they pronounce it so it does.

    Re: FedEx Field still having Army/Navy painted endzones.

    The Pats won the coin toss, deferred the kick and chose to defend the endzone painted Navy.

    Interesting to some considering BB’s connection to the Naval Academy.

    That endzone is primarily the east endzone. Defending it in the first means he gets to kick with the prevailing wind in the 2nd and 4th and deferring means he gets the ball at the half.

    Both of those are the choices of the winning team an overwhelming percent of the time with the exception being Lovie Smith and the Bears who frequently (but not always, see: Denver 2012) chose to receive the opening kick because of their big play potential on kickoffs ala Hester and Knox.

    That gadget reminds me of the trips to Florida we’d take when I was a toddler. On a side trip to an orange grove, they’d hand out free fruit and a plastic nozzle to jab into the side of the orange, and you’d drink away. Good times..

    Good one.

    I originally thought tape on fingers was just decorative — a way to look cool or bad-ass. But now I’m thinking these guys are using finger tape in the manner of the old friction strips on jerseys. Anyone know more about this?

    I’m still hoping to speak with Weddle. If that happens, obviously, we’ll learn a lot more.

    I always wore tape to brace my knuckles. I had a tendency to jam up my fingers making tackles, so I started taping my knuckles to stabilize them and it worked.

    Growing up, I only saw defensive guys with taped fingers. It was definitely rare to see an offensive guy with taped fingers. However, how could I have forgotten about Tim Brown?


    Looking at the picture of USF’s Mike McCloskey, I noticed it was from a game played at the Bob Martinez Sports Center at the University of Tampa (D-II). USF is splitting time there and the St. Pete Times Forum while the Sun Dome is being renovated. I see that they got the Big East logo on the floor. I’m only surprised because if you’ve been to that gym, you’ll see it’s more like a nice high school than a college gym. But I guess the Big East people don’t mess around when it comes to getting their logo on the floor.

    By chance does anyone know if the Big East logo is still on the floor during University of Tampa games?

    I went to the Rams/Seahawks game a couple of weeks ago in the TWA Dome (free tickets). It was THE most terrible game I’ve ever seen. Rams were in mono blue. The seats in that awful stadium are predominately red. The sound system is muddy. The “ring of fame” includes Merlin Olson and Dan Dierdorf. The entire presentation of the game is about as entertaining as a sleep study. It was 40’s and rainy outside but I found myself wishing we were in the elements seeing a sloppy field, or dirty uniforms, anything to provide some character to the game. A horrible team, the Rams need to be returned to LA.

    Yes? Okay, maybe not. Just got me on a tangent. So here’s another one. Sidelines. Nothing seems more fragmented than the people, supplies, and overall junk piled up than an NFL sideline. Since there are many fewer players than in college, the sense of team color, texture, organizational order appears to be lost on the bench. The dugout in baseball is filled with all of this, as is the bench during an NBA or NHL game. But the NFL always appears to be a disorganized mess. The only positive is when the offensive lineman sit in line order together. That is cool. Other than that, it’s a total cluster of media, coaches that dress like trainers, wondering nobodies, displaced equipment, and a few players spread out like it’s a game of 52 pickup.

    Well he didn’t play in St Louis. Obviously his name should be on a ring of fame in an empty unused LA stadium instead.

    It’s the same thing we get from Baltimore fans and how Johnny U was a BALTIMORE Colt, not an Indy one.

    Meanwhile, a Raider is a Raider and it doesn’t matter if a guy played in Oakland or Los Angeles. I guess it’s because they stayed in the same state when they moved?


    Nothing wrong with Dierdorf or Olson. They were both great. But why the hell are they in the same ring of fame? Yes, I understand, but it’s dumb. Not as bad as the red seats, but still dumb.

    It has become a distressingly regular event in my life when I look at the highlights from a Ram game and gag on the awful color combination they’ve seemingly picked at random each week. Occasionally they stumble on the only possible correct ones: gold pants with blue or white tops. The white pants look like shit. The blue pants vaguely work with the white road tops, but still look…off. Just not “Ram-like” for some reason.

    I grew up worshiping this team when they were in LA. Everything about this franchise makes me sick to my stomach these days, but if they had decent uniforms, I’d at least be able to retain just a tiny scrap of my traditional allegiance. But as it stands right now? No. Just no.

    You know, I kinda like that look for Seattle. Screw low white socks, let everyone go navy with a green stripe.

    /if only players would actually wear them consistently

    The first Rams game I’ve seen since about Super Bowl 36.

    I had no idea that Junior Ah You’s nephew played pro football. IMO, the best name EVER in sports.


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