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Of White Whales, Blue Horses, and Red Herrings

My annual college football season-preview column is now available on ESPN. Ordinarily that would mean a short main entry here, but today we have big news that can’t wait.

It’s been several months since we’ve had an update on the mystery of the Broncos’ early-1962 helmet decal. But now the case appears to have . . . → Read More: Of White Whales, Blue Horses, and Red Herrings

An Earthquake, a Hurricane, and Now This

So Phil and I are at yesterday’s Mets/Fish doubleheader at Shea, and we decide to take a stroll around the ballpark after the first game ends. In the midst of our perambulations (which are interrupted three times by people complimenting our matching “I’m Calling It Shea” shirts), I glance out from the concourse and . . . → Read More: An Earthquake, a Hurricane, and Now This

The Earflap Chronicles, Continued

Hurricane, shmurricane.

I don’t mean to make light of a storm that killed 21 people and has left millions without power. But in my part of Brooklyn, thankfully, it was mostly a big nothing. I didn’t lose power, internet, or sleep. No downed trees on my block, and very few in my neighborhood. . . . → Read More: The Earflap Chronicles, Continued

Black and White and (kinda) Red All Over...

By Phil Hecken

There is no surer sign of spring than the first robin … or so the saying goes. So there must be no surer sign of the impending college football season than the introduction of spiffy new football uniforms, including three in the past week by Nike alone — all in their . . . → Read More: Black and White and (kinda) Red All Over…