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There’s No Service Like Wire Service, Vol. 30

Screen shot 2009-12-29 at 10.06.03 AM.png

Time for another batch of classic wire service photographs. The images in this batch were submitted by Mike Hersh, Bruce Menard, Jerry Wolper, Brendan Slattery, Mako Mameli, and Phil. Off we go:

• Whoa, check out this cap that had little inner pockets to hold protective plates. (If you scroll down to the 1941 entry in Larry Granillo’s batting helmet history opus, you’ll find info and a photo that appears to be about a very similar — self-same? — product.)

• Gotta love the hornets’ nest. That’s Bill Barkley of the 1953 Charlotte Hornets — right, the original Charlotte Hornets (further info on them here).

• Nice Cardinals dress on Miss Darline Wimer, who’d just been named Miss Fresno Cardinal of 1956. Ogling her at far right is Marvin Milkes, who should be familiar to many of you as the GM of the 1969 Seattle Pilots (and a key character in Jim Bouton’s seminal Ball Four).

• Speaking of sports cheesecake, here’s Doris Sheive, better known as Miss Elmira Pioneers of 1958. She’s wearing a baseball cap, basketball shorts, and what appears to be a football-style varsity sweater, which I guess means they really know how to multi-task up there in Elmira.

• Here’s a great shot of Cowboys equipment manager Jack Eskridge packing up the team’s gear after Super Bowl VI. Love the “Esky” monogram on his shirt.

• Always good to see another shot of the Denver Bears’ 1952 strike zone uni. (If you’re not familiar with this chapter in uniform history, you can see additional pics here.)

•Remember how that stadium where the Dolphins play was briefly known as Land Shark Stadium? Looks like that name would have been appropriate for another facility 27 years ago.

• How awesome would it be if today’s auto racers wore something like this? That’s French driver Louis Larsonneur, roughly 100 years ago.

• You wouldn’t know it at first glance, but there’s a lot of uni-notability in this unassuming photo. The player there is former Broncos running back Billy Joe — that’s what it says on the back of the photo, plus it looks like him. But if you go back to the notes on the back of the photo, you’ll see the date “1-6-64” — an implausible date, given that he’s wearing the dark helmet decal that was only worn early in the 1962 season. Okay, so maybe it’s a 1962 photo and the date on the back of the print refers to when the photo was catalogued in a newspaper’s archive — except Billy Joe didn’t even join the Broncos until 1963, so what was he doing wearing the early-’62 helmet? And as you can see on that last linked page, he only wore No. 3 for the Broncos, so why is hear wearing No. 67 in the photo (which is particularly odd given that he was a running back)? Maybe that isn’t him after all. Oh, and that helmet decal: It’s blue. Unless it’s brown. And vicey-versey.

• Here’s a Dave Parker facemask shot I hadn’t seen before. I’ve added it to this set. (In case you missed it a few years back, here’s an ESPN column I wrote about Parker and his 1978 mask odyssey.)

• Speaking of masks, here’s Tigers catcher Richard Ferrell trying out a new mask in 1950. The caption says it’s a “lighter” design, although it doesn’t explain what’s lighter about it.

• Here’s a major find: You knew Joe Montana wore No. 19 with the Chiefs, but I’d never seen him wearing 19 with the Niners until now. And look at the date — that’s a few days after Dwight Clark made the Catch, and 10 days before Super Bowl XVI. How is it possible that they didn’t have a proper practice jersey for Montana?

•  One reason the early Mets teams were so awful is that management made a conscious decision to go with popular geezers with New York baseball roots who were way past their primes. Swell photo, though.

A good haul, right? And in the spirit of our wire photo series, the Fleer Sticker Project has put together an excellent piece on what may be the first-ever photo of Reggie Jackson in an Orioles uniform. Check it out here.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: If you have a ticket stub with a particular story attached to it, there’s now a site where you can share the stub and the story. ”¦ Here’s a good slideshow of old stewardess uniform designs (with thanks to Kenn Tomasch). ”¦ Bad news for all our research efforts: Google is dropping its newspaper archive project. ”¦ “My daughter is on a U-8 soccer team, and before one of her games this year one of her teammates’ grandmother passed away, causing her to miss that week’s game,” J.J. Dean. “The girls decided to pay tribute to ‘Grandma Mitzi’ with some makeshift sleeve memorials.” ”¦ Bishop Verot High School in Florida won the state championshp the other day while wearing some nifty socks (big thanks to Nick Hanson). ”¦ Evan Miller notes that Neil Walker’s batting helmet logo is a bit smaller than the one the other Pirates are wearing. “It’s been like this all season,” he says. ”¦ A ranking of Big Ten helmets? Sure, why not (with thanks to Neil Berger). ”¦ We’ve seen players in various sports wearing wedding bands before, but how about a pitcher wearing his ring on his throwing hand. That’s Doug Davis from Friday night (good spot by John Ferguson). ”¦ Two things I didn’t know about Howard University athletics: (1) Their logo is the same as the Bills’ charging buffalo logo. (2) And according to the third-to-last graf of this story, Howard had the logo first, and the Bills basically stole it. Anyone ever heard that before? (With thanks to Ken Cromwell.) ”¦ Speaking of the Bills, Brad Eckensberger spotted someone wearing this very cool motorcycle helmet in Manhattan the other day. ”¦ Ryan Adams notes that Kevin Durant has had some sort of orange striping on the back of his socks. Anyone know more about that? ”¦ “JP Howell was called up by the Rays and is now wearing #74, instead of the 39 that he wore back in 2009,” writes Rob Holecko. “He explained in an interview that the 74 is a tribute for his friend and mentor Guy Dubetz — initials G (seventh letter of the alphabet) and D (fourth letter) — who recently died.” ”¦ R.A. Dickey wore an orange undershirt on Friday. First time he’s pulled that move, which is normally done only by David Wright. Third base coach Chip Hale was wearing the orange on Friday as well, although I’m not sure if that was a first for him. Orange is a Mets color, natch, but it’s not supposed to be a Mets undershirt color. ”¦ Here’s a pretty cool Colorado Rockies drawing blog. ”¦ Uni changes reportedly in the works for the Seahawks. ”¦ Those Notre Dame and Michigan throwbacks aren’t a hit with everyone. ”¦ Speaking of college football, here’s a good video clip about Penn State’s new helmets (with thanks to Bryan Koval). ”¦ New lacrosse footwear for Johns Hopkins and Virginia, but the big news — and I got over a dozen e-mails on this, which is impressive for any lacrosse development — is that Syracuse wore Nike’s Day-Glo yellow trim yesterday. “Some players even had yellow sticks,” says Matthew Radant. “Terrible.” Further info here. ”¦ The Gary Railcats were wearing a very odd uni the other day, but it totally works (big thanks to Julie Streeter). ”¦ Here’s a rarity: Roy Campanella in Mets gear. “It’s from a flyer promoting Roy Campanella Day at Shea Stadium in August, 1978,” says Steve Presser. “Seems odd that they wouldn’t have had him wear a Brooklyn Dodgers cap/jacket, especially since they were playing the Dodgers that day.” ”¦ Can’t say I was in love with the Seahawks-esque color combo that Bernard Hopkins wore for Saturday night’s light-heavyweight title bout against Jean Pascal, but I sure did like his socks. ”¦ No photo, but one of Hopkins’s cornermen entered the ring wearing a Flyers jersey. ”¦ Aussie rules football news from Craig Snyder, who reports that the Richmond Tigers wore a special Guernsey for their annual Dreamtime match against the Essendon Bombers. ”¦ Matthew Butch says he gets a lot of comments when he wears this uni to Phillies games. “The hat and jersey come from the Phillies store,” he says. “The pants come from, the stirrups and sannies come from our friend Robert Marshall, and the red belt (hard to see) comes from Amazon. I still need to shorten the pants, as they are pajama-length and hard to blouse properly. Might also go top a black or blue belt, since that’s closer to the 1948 uni.” ”¦ A few good NFL finds by Mako Mameli, including Randy Dixon’s ProCap and an unidentified Bengal with an odd mouthguard. ”¦ Also from Mako: Some absolutely spectacular early-’60s Michigan State football program covers. ”¦ One more from Mako: a design schematic for laying out a baseball diamond. If you can’t quite place Briggs Stadium, you might know it better by the name it later had: Tiger Stadium. ”¦ Outmania returns to the A’s tonight, as Josh Outman — freshly called up from the minors — starts against the Angels. Let’s hope Steve Vucinich has a set of stirrups and yellow sannies ready for him. ”¦ An Albany-area car dealer is using a 40th-annivsersay logo that should look familiar to Canucks fans (good spot by Jeff Lutz). ”¦ Two design students in the UK have started a blog about their kit design for their local soccer club (with thanks to Dan Legg). ”¦ There’s a growing movement for college cheerleading to be considered a bona fide sport. ”¦ “Stamp collecting has never really floated my boat,” says Kirsten, “but I almost want to start, just so I can use this perforation guide.” ”¦ Jeremy Meyerowitz is active in Challenger Little League, which is for kids with disabilities. “We have a child with hydrocephaly, a birth defect that causes excess fluid on the brain,” he writes. “We have been unable to fit him in the largest helmet we could find, so one of our board members approached a friend who has a business that fabricates plastics. He took two XL helmets, cut them in half, and fabricated a middle piece to form a new larger helmet.” ”¦ This is pretty good: Elements from Star Wars reimagined as corporate brands (with thanks to Stan Olechowski). ”¦ Good find by Vincent Vignola, who spotted Paul Coffey wearing what appears to be a goalie’s throat protector on his helmet during the 1991 Stanley Cup finals. ”¦ With the Indy 500 fast approaching, John Goodrich took his family to the Indanapolis 500 Hall of Fame. “I’ve been there several times before but never thought much about the vast array of awards that they have on display,” he writes. “After your recent bling column, the awards really jumped out at me this time, so I took some photos.”

Comments (171)

    Paul, the link for “the Denver Bears’ 1952 strike zone uni” is going to Miss Darline Wimer instead.

    you say that like it’s a bad thing. re Darlene in the Cardinals dress: va-va-va-voom!

    I know I am becoming an old man when I looked right past Miss Wimer and noticed the horrible condition of the grass on the field.

    You must be older than Ricko…
    Don’t buy any green bananas.

    As for the other half of the dueling cheesecakes, I don’t think link is wearing basketball shorts. Granted, they were short and tight back then, but I think these shorts are even tighter.
    Very classy photo. No flip-flops.

    what’s that on miss sheive’s left ring finger?

    guess she didn’t stay miss for long…

    The Uniform Numbers of the NFL reference book says Bob McCullough wore 67 for the Broncos from 62-65, but that clearly is not him, since Mr. McCullough is Caucasian.

    Practice was a whole lot more “casual” back then.
    Somewhere at home I have a photo of Bart Starr dropping back to pass in practice wearing ankle length sweats and #77 home jersey.

    You think with a contemporary brain. Back in the early days – which includes the 60’s, newbies got old stuff. Even in the pros. So, a 62 helmet in 63? hah NBD, My HS Junior Varsity team had to wear another school’s uni* for the entire 1964 season due to budget probs. Pretty sure it’s why we went 0 & 14. Nothing to do with the fact that we couldn’t hit, pitch or convince people we were the HS JV team.

    (* it was a defunct shool at least- sort of…)

    It’s one thing to get an old helmet; it’s something else to get a helmet with the old DECAL, since all the dark decals had presumably been replaced by white ones by ’64.

    dear god

    ricko must be rolling over in his grave

    maybe you can get an interview with him? see if he remembers the color of the horse?

    Perhaps… but in Denver’s case, the story we have is that the dark horse decals were replaced with white ones in mid season – there shouldn’t *be* any leftovers.

    Right, so this is the tantalizing possibility: The caption is correct, and at least one Dark Horse survived as an actual artifact. I tend to think Occam’s Razor favors the reliability of the caption. I mean, so very much would have to be wrong about the caption for it to be from early 1962, that that seems to me to be the lower-odds likelihood than the possibility that some small number of helmets didn’t have their decals replaced.* If this artifact was still around in 1963 or 1964, then there’s a nonzero chance that a color photograph of it might exist, or the artifact itself might still exist. That’s huge, since the best estimate before this photo would have been that there was zero likelihood that an artifact still exists. Anyway, this one seems to increase the odds that the Dark Horse white whale might actually be solved. Not new evidence for the answer, but new evidence that the answer may be attainable.

    *Let’s say a helmet was somehow damaged such that it could no longer be used on the field of play at the time of the decal switch. It would be plausible that such a helmet would not have had a new decal applied; why bother? But it’s also plausible that such a helmet would not have been discarded; it was a cheapskatier time, and this was a notoriously thin-walletted club, and besides, you never know when you might find some use for the thing. Such as when taking posed publicity shots of players, since you can always arrange the pose so that the helmet decal can barely be seen, as here. This story would fit in every detail with documented contemporaneous cases of equipment retention and reuse. It’s a low-odds scenario, but if the caption is correct about either the player’s name or the post-1962 date, then it could very well have happened.

    Um – is it just me or are those brown pants (and brown lettering on the jersey)? According to the quick 30 seconds of research I just did, the Broncos wore white pants for both home and road after adopting the orange jerseys. Are they dressing the guy in leftovers? Is it a throwback uni?

    I wondered about the pants, too.

    No Cheddar stripes, though, but they could have come loose and just been ripped off rather than repaired. And, yes, that would appear to be road jersey from ’60 or’61.

    A thought on the helmet. Perhaps Joe had a huge head, and the last Bronco player with a head that big was cut sometime in ’62 before the decal change, so the helmet just sat untouched in an equipment room somewhere.

    I don’t know, of course. Simply speculating on why the Dark Horse helmet would still be around a year later.

    Maybe it was his college uniform?

    There are shots like this: link floating around…

    I don’t really have any other ideas. The dark pants don’t really match up with anything the Broncos have ever used. I suppose it could be a prototype, but then again as low budget as the team was, I’m kinda doubting it.

    Billy Joe went to Villanova. Navy jerseys with white shoulder loops. White pants, home and road.

    It was a long time ago, yes, but guys didn’t bring their college unis to NFL/AFL camps.

    I really think they’re likely old brown pants gone to seed, with the probably-tattered Cheddar stripes removed.

    And, having mentioned it, I’m now sitting here with memories coming back that Billy Joe was “famed” for having about one of the biggest heads in pro football. Or was it another running back, the Chiefs’ Mac Lee Hill (or maybe was both of them?) Trying to google it to make sure my mind isn’t leading my mind somewhere erroneously….but not finding anything.

    If you search “Bill Joe big head” you get a lot of Billy Joel responses. Found that out in a hurry. :)

    “Look! Brown pants with an orange helmet!
    The Broncos obviously wore brown and orange as a color combination one year!!!

    “Wow!!! What a discovery I’ve made!!!”
    (Or so might say an amateur, half-assed uni-historian more interested in “discovering” something than really sorting things out)

    No, wait:

    “The helmet’s orange, with a blue decal and yellow stripe; the jersey’s yellow – but with blue numbers – and the pants are brown”

    “Of course the socks would be brown with vertical yellow stripes, but they burned them and went without for a whole season…”

    Just retro-engineer a good story to cover up a half-assed assumption. Sometimes such imaginings are epidemic on the Internet.

    Bob Schieffer of CBS News once described the Internet as “the nation’s water cooler.” Doesn’t mean you can’t find facts there, but keep your bullshit detector turned on.

    Of course it’s always possible this picture was taken at an inopportune time, and Billy Joe put on whatever was available.

    But that kind of takes the fun out of it.

    “…is that Syracuse wore Nike’s Day-Glo yellow trim yesterday.”

    The most frightening part about this is that the announcers kept on referring to the new “Nike VOLT trim on the Syracuse uniforms.” It looks like someone slipped them the new Nike Lifestyle-guide before the game…

    A plus: all that yellow was so jarring that as I flipped channels last night, it caught my eye, and my son and i actually watched 20 minutes of that game (which is 20 minutes longer than we’d ever watched lacrosse together before).

    A minus: it looked like Syracuse was wearing little girls’ rubber rainboots, like the kid on the Morton Salt box wears. Horrible.

    “Can’t say I was in love with the Seahawks-esque color combo that Bernard Hopkins wore for Saturday night’s light-heavyweight title bout against Jean Pascal, but I sure did like his socks.”

    His corporate adidas socks?

    I’m wearing triple-striped tube sox right now, and they’re not Adidas. Sometimes three stripes are just three stripes.

    EFF needs to get on that Charlotte Hornets jersey, pronto. A baseball jersey of truly all-time greatness.

    Ebbets has launched a link, by the way.

    I’m pretty sure EFF has done the Hornets jersey before, though I can’t find it on their revamped site at the moment.

    It was in one of their first catalogs, back in the early 90s, with a zipper front. Really beautiful.

    Besides, the volt the Syracuse helmets were special for another, better reason. They included for the first time ever a colored facemask. Cornell also did this with their helmet for this weekend.

    the neon was not for headstrong. it is neon green. the syracuse was neon yellow, the same that oregon was wearing. the announcers made references to it at least twice.

    Maybe the Niners were trying to fake out the Bengals scouts who might’ve been observing practice?

    Couple of notes:

    1. The story about the Howard Bison logo and the Buffalo Bills may indeed be true. However, I wouldn’t place the same trust in a college newspaper with amateur journalists as compared with professionals.

    2. One of the photos of Dave Parker with the protective mask in gold pinstripes really shows how poorly the 2010 throwback compares. The sleeve banding on the 1977 version was much larger, along with the team nickname. Since 1977 isn’t exactly 1918, it was disappointing to see how far off the 2010 reproduction was.

    re: #2

    agreed, but it wasn’t just 2010

    majestic has been screwing up the bumblepins since at least 2004

    but all i do is complain about throwbacks, so pay me no mind

    I don’t care what any of those whiners said yesterday, Phil, that whole game sucked shit. Shit I tell you!

    So, apparently Michigan’s going with some Winter Classic-inspired or Sabres 3rd-style hybrid fauxback thing? Yikes.

    At least there won’t be any “vintage peed-on-and-balled-up-in-the-corner-of-a-dank-basement-for-50-years-NOT-WHITE”.

    I made it to Foxborough for the lacrosse games. There was a bit of laughter in my section when Syracuse came out in the Nike outfits. I heard a few hoots about Pentel highlighters. Syracuse fans a bit behind me were wondering why Syracuse messed up its orange look. I didn’t here anyone say “that’s a good look”.

    Go Terps!

    If the teams that wear the VOLT crap continue to lose, Nike will have a hard time convincing other schools to do it.

    Go Terps indeed! Great to see them finally get past the quarters and Syracuse at the same time. All the better that they beat Syracuse in those ridiculous get ups.

    I was actually a fan of the Nike pro Volt whatever stuff for Oregon. I thought it looked bold and meshed with the Ducks unorthodox dark gray/white scheme. But neon yellow and orange? Ugh, that was terrible. And it smacked of lacrosse just getting football leftovers tacked on for the sake of tacking them on. I’m guessing the over flashiness also helped fire up Maryland too – since ‘Cuse used them for a quarterfinal. Kind of like showing off before they’ve made the main event in Baltimore this weekend. Now the Orange(men) and they’re bright orange socks will be home for Championship Weekend.

    Mentioned this late last night – I caught a little bit of that game, and when I saw Syracuse my first thought was, “What’s the cause of the day today?” Didn’t think that it was nothing more than Nike Awareness Day.

    I could see that color on Oregon (nothing they do would surprise me anymore), but it was way out of place on Syracuse. Now neon orange? THAT would have been cool.

    Uniwatch moment in the Washington Post’s Soccer Insider, breaking the news of when the yawn-inspiring 3rd kits will be worn. United will wear the third kit June 3 at Los Angeles, July 2 vs. Philadelphia, July 23 vs. Everton and Aug. 21 at Kansas City.

    That Charlotte Hornets jersy was pretty sweet!

    Is it just me or does the cap look almost exactly like the early 80’s Cleveland Indians?

    The best part of that ’63 Mets pic is the caption that was clearly written by somebody who was pretty clueless. They managed to misspell Duke Snider’s name with a “Y” no less than 3 times! But even worse is saying, “Hodges and Snyder played together for old NY Dodgers…” C’mon, did they forget Brooklyn already!!?! Geez…

    Check out this cool 1920’s newsreel film of the Detroit COUGARS hockey team. Someone just posted this on a hockey history forum, here’s what he had to say about it:

    “I was looking through an archive of Detroit News videos from the 1920s and I came across a really cool video of one of the first practices for Detroit, who were then known as the Cougars. The practice takes place at Border Cities Arena in Windsor, where the Cougars played while the Olympia Stadium was under construction in Detroit. The jerseys shown towards the end of the video are the ones that the Red Wings based their Winter Classic jerseys on.”

    Here’s the link to the film…


    WAY COOL!!!


    Second time watching it, I’m also struck by the huge “NO SMOKING” banner on the arena wall.


    I prefer that version of the “Old English D”, similar to the Tigers with the two strokes in the center, over the link that they used for the Winter Classic. It’s odd, though, that they changed the “D” at some point in their inaugural season (since they had the multi-striped “DETROIT” jerseys the next year).

    Maybe they felt their first “D” was too similar to the Tigers? Maybe the Tigers protested? That’d be an interesting research project. (Of course, such an issue would be moot today, so long as the Ilitch family continues to own both the Tigers and Red Wings…)

    Thirty renditions of “There’s No Service…” and it never fails.

    … Hard to take a pass on the lovely Darline Wilmer (Fresno, 1959), you can bet, but that Doris Sheive (Elmira, 1958) touches ’em all for the guys in these precincts. Cute as a button, natch, but, you know, kinda “kooky”, too. Perfect cast member if they ever make a movie out of Where the Boys Are… Those ’61 Michigan State program covers are a hoot. Love the way the “Spartan” looks like a Swede with a buzz cut. Hey, Sven, gimme fries with that Moussaka Special!… Lost-and-found sez scatback Billy Joe could use a last name, fer jiminy’s sake… RIP Louis Larsonneur, The Flying Frenchman who broke the world land speed record (53 mph!) back in 1913, the Croix-de-Guerre winner for his exploits at Fort Douaumont, the movie star with a babe on each arm and a good word for all old pals, and just about the best ami a broken-down ink-stained wretch could ever hope for, has ambled off to the Big Bistro… Save a place, wouldja, Frenchy?….

    Kind of funny that among the Wolverine pelts on that one cover, one of them is celebrating a tie. I mean, they’d been pretty dominant enough in the rivalry at the time as it was…

    It’s the 30th “There’s No Service…” and there’s no sleeve patch?

    Maybe I’ll just write “30” on some masking tape and put it on my sleeve today.

    Note the Phillies logo history in the background of the photo of Matthew Butch. Very cool.

    The Philadelphia Inquirer’s John Gonzalez link today. I’m a bit confused by his reference to “the horizontal black-and-yellow bumblebee striped Pirates” as I only remember the veritcal “bumblpins” referenced above.

    He’s also soliciting opinions so fire away.

    I’m so excited my Seahawks are looking at some uniform adjustments.

    I’m particularly interested in the talk about the throwback. I would love to see us use the plain silver helmet again like in 1976.

    Hopefully they will at least put some silver back in the uniform somewhere.

    Sorry to burst your bubble – but the Seahawks did have a logo on their helmet in 1976.

    They only wore the plain silver helmet during preseason that year.

    Actually, I think it was established here that the logo was on the helmet even for the preseason. Seems there’s a photo of them playing the Bears at Husky Stadium and the helmet logo is present and accounted for.

    It’s cuz of those stupid Topps cards one year with no logos on anyone’s helmets.

    The stupid Topps cards with no logos lasted for more than just one year, but yeah, that.

    I really hope they don’t do something stupid and go “retro” as a full time switch the way the Jets, Giants, 49ers & now Bills have done.

    They have a unique and distinctive color scheme (even if it is a bit on the depressing side). The NFL doesn’t need another silver & blue team. The Cowboys, Patriots, Lions & sometimes Panthers is enough. If anything they need to use more of the neon green.

    As nice as the original Seahawks unis were, “The NFL doesn’t need another silver & blue team” was pretty what I thought the first time I saw them.

    But, that was about the time the Dallas Cowboys were seemingly always being named the “best dressed” team in sports.

    The Cowboys have no business wearing blue and silver. Dress ’em like link and let the Seahawks go back to blue and silver. Or green and silver. Anything but their link

    Or this…
    Aren’t many NFL unis I like better than that one.

    When they came into the league, that shoulder treatment was pretty damn unique. Saw them in the road version in ’61 at Met Stadium. Fine looking uni. Fine, indeed. Basic in that it’s one color and white, but the shoulder really made ’em special.

    That said about the disinctive shape of the Cowboys shoulder design, I always wondered if one of the reasons they dropped it was becasue they thought it looked a bit like the College All-Stars, whose shoulders were similar, but not quite as large…

    I remember seeing one of the last college all-star games. When I see those old Cowboys unis that’s exactly what I think of.

    Well, the Pats have no business being blue and silver, so lets just swap the Seahawks out with them.

    Oh no. No. No. No. No. The Patriots should have never been a red team. They’re one team that should be blue. Even Pat the Patriot was wearing a blue shirt, despite his team’s uniforms. (insert Ricko talking about the AFL in 1960) I guess the silver part is iffy, but if you take that away then they look like the Colts.

    Maybe the Seahawks could go to silver & green… sorta take over the colors that the Eagles don’t use anymore. (of course there’s nothing wrong with the current color scheme, but if they are going to change it…)

    Ok, I will agree the Pats never should have been red.

    But Colts be damned, the Pats would look great like so…


    Well, of course,the Original New England Patriots — the men of Lexington-Concord and Bunker Hill — didn’t wear much of anything blue. Or red, for that matter. They wore motley, mostly. The war moved out of New England on 17 March 1776. Only later did the blue Continental uni become standard issue.

    The flag flown at Bunker Hill was red, white, and green, by the way. Now THAT would have been a cool combo….

    yes, because this is so much worse than this

    seriously THE…i know you think only da raidahs belong in silver, but that original seahawks uni rocked

    No, I’m just tired of every damn team going retro.

    How many teams have had throwback uniforms for alternates recently (and I won’t even count the AFL stuff)… let’s see… Bears, Packers, Patriots, Falcons, Bucs, Eagles, Colts, Lions, Bills, Cowboys, Steelers, Browns, Rams, Redskins, Chargers, Vikings… did I miss anyone?

    At this point, the Seahawks going retro is just following a trend. Sure, their original uniforms aren’t bad… but, we’ve been there done that. Do something new if you’re going to change.

    …and for the record, the occasional throwback game would be ok with me… but we don’t even get that. No, we get the Bears in 40’s uniforms against the current Vikings and other assorted visual disasters.

    I’ll tell you one thing. If you’ve ever stood at a high enough elevation to overlook Puget Sound on a typical overcast day, the current Seahawks LOOK like Seattle.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Seattle. Pike Place, for example, is one of my ideas of a perfect place go for breakfast on Saturday mornings. Right up there with Fisherman’s Wharf and the Farmers’ Market in L.A. Been to Seattle when the sun was shining, been there when it was rainy and cloudy. And even someone who lives there knows I speak the truth.

    As a Washingtonian I’m loving this. Here’s my take. Bring back the silver helmet and pants with the blue home uni. Go blue pants with the away white. Add some more neon green to the look and we’ll have a winner. Interested to see if they go with a more classic or modern uni look when they redesign. I think it’s cool that when Nike met with them they had Pete Carrol and several others in the Seahawks organization with them to bounce ideas off of. Sounds like Nike isn’t just going to arbitrarily change everything and will take into account feedback from the teams. Kinda cool.

    “Sounds like Nike isn’t just going to arbitrarily change everything and will take into account feedback from the teams”

    Well, one would hope they were awarded the contract to SUPPLY the teams, not RE-DESIGN them all.

    I mean, they supply LSU and Alabama, and those teams still look like LSU and Alabama.

    In other words, the only way they can screw up a uni is IF THE TEAM LETS THEM.

    Absolutely correct. As a Sooner fan, I cringed when I heard we were wearing a throwback uni a couple of years ago. While I was not a fan of the Pro Combat style, the throwbacks were not bad. Very simple. I liked it.

    Like Alabama, Oklahoma has resisted the Nike urge to mess with tradition. We may not have the most exciting uniform in college football, but at least I can always recognize my team.

    the Penn State helmet vid is cool. now, if the Nittany Lions would just get rid of that fancy stripe. it really clutters up their helmets.

    Nah, his “look at me” stage was when he had the TV numbers on the helmets. Such an impetuous youth.

    Wait’ll they go Pro Combat.
    Add a stripe on the pant legs (like the ’60s).

    Radical, dude.

    I’m so happy they did away with that eyesore stripe on the jersey. I don’t care how much it attracted recruits, it was too distracting. (end sarcasm)

    “That’s French driver Louis Larsonneur, roughly 100 years ago.”
    Or is it Robert Downey Jr.?

    “Orange is a Mets color, natch, but it’s not supposed to be a Mets undershirt color.”

    It should be.

    Nah… they don’t need Halloween uniforms do they? Besides, the Giants & O’s already wear black & orange.

    Doris Sheive—photo of the year, hands down, retire the title now.

    PS, #76 for the Bengals—Vern Holland.

    Is she Laura San Giacomo’s mother?

    Don’t know who she is?
    Julia Roberts’ roommate in PRETTY WOMAN.
    “Maya Gallo” on JUST SHOOT ME
    Leading lady in THE STAND and QUIGLEY DOWN UNDER
    Major role in SEX, LIES AND VIDEOTAPE

    I LOVE the baseball field schematic.


    Interesting observation from this past Saturday:

    I was umpiring a DH at Peekskill Stadium,


    which was a bit scary considering that it was supposed to be the end of the world and I was right next door to the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant.


    Nonetheless, around the 5th inning of the second game, I was on the bases and I heard scraping every time the pitcher would plant his lead foot. So between innings, i took a walk over to check it out.

    Underneath the dirt, there were what appeared to be cobblestones, I would assume to help build up the base of the mound…very Interesting!

    “I LOVE the baseball field schematic.”


    Yessir, MP. Terrific.

    By the way, the objects which “appeared to be cobblestones” are in fact human skulls, grisly evidence of the death toll taken at the savage suppression of the Great Riot of 1875 in nearby Ossining Prison, aka Sing-Sing.

    Re: Cobblestone

    I’ve seen that as well. A field manager explained to me that there were clay “blocks” under the mound, “just like the big leagues” he said. I don’t know if he was trying to convince himself, or me…but they were not clay, they were solid stone.

    If anyone can confirm or deny that Howard story, it would be Terry Proctor.

    Growing up in Buffalo, I’d always heard it the other way around, that Howard had received permission from the Bills to use the logo, as a show of the organization’s support for “historically Black colleges.”

    Bucknell used to use that logo, too – maybe Timmy B can chime in on this one?

    Bucknell’s Bills buffalo (bison) I’m certain came well after 1974 when the Bills adopted the chargung blue buffalo and ended after the 2001 season (per “The Helmet Project”).

    Thrilled to hear the news about the Seahawks throwback and the fact they are not touching the current logo. All good news as long as we dont see a neon avalanche on their new 2012 sets. Fingers crossed.

    In regards to the Cubs pitcher that looks like he is wearing a wedding band, I believe that is most likely a tattoo.

    In reviewing the picture of Doug Davis I think that may be a tatoo and not an actual ring. I does not seem to reflect.

    Nice Phillies uni by Matthew Butch… but did you see the vile abomination on the head of the fan just ahead of him in line?!?!?



    pretty sure that type of fan is why the mets went BFBS in 1998

    “it’s so much easier to match my black wardrobe”

    Is attending a baseball game in full uniform akin to going to see Star Wars dressed link? I’m kinda thinking yes.

    This is not directed towards Matthew at all, but at what point does the act of going to the ballpark in full attire become tacky?

    Or does is ever?


    That was my first thought. Then I gave it a little time, and decided it’s kinda cool.

    I am the first person to say adults shouldn’t wear sports jerseys unless they are playing sports. However, the sight of a person in full dress at a baseball game would make me smile.

    Clearly he doesn’t take himself too serious, and he loves his team. I can respect both of those things.

    I say “keep it up”! It made me smile, and that’s what it’s really all about anyway.

    I have no problem with non-playing adults wearing jerseys. A full uniform, though? Well, I’d wear a lot of things, but I don’t think I’d wear that to a game.
    BUT, that doesn’t mean someone else can’t. I would smile and say “Keep it up!” as well.

    That Gary Railcats ensemble… wow. Snappy from head to toe. The only thing I don’t get is why the lower case “i” isn’t dotted…


    I really didn’t expect to see the Railcats on UniWatch. My alma mater (Wabash College) usually plays a game or two in their stadium, which I’m told is just a gem. I would like to catch a game there, but I’ve always been a bit, um, tepid about going to Gary.

    My wife is from Gary. Its not a bad stadium. But yes its not in a great part of of downtown Gary. I don’t know if the Bennigan’s is still in the stadium or not, I can’t remember from the last time I was there back in November.

    The Railcats’ stadium is nice, and you’ll be able to stroll to a ton of mostly abandoned buildings, many of which are absolute gems.

    I loved that when the stadium was brand new they built the Benigans in because nothing says “baseball” like a fern bar.

    Glad to see HBCU’s getting some pub. Any posts about HBCU’s and their band uni’s. Band is a sport at most HBCU’s…See Prairie View/Grambling State at the Cotton Bowl.

    Paul Coffey wore that mask during Pittsburgh’s 1991 Stanley Cup run. He had a broken jaw, had it wired shut and missed a couple of games before making a re-appearence sporting that mask.

    The version of the Bengals uniform, Ken Anderson throwing the pass, the Chiefs red pants (meaning the game was in Cincy) puts the picture sometime in the mid to late 70’s. That means the unidentified Bengal lineman is most likely Vern Holland. He played with the Bengals from 1971 to 1979.

    Yup. That’s Vern Holland.

    And seeing this picture made me really miss that uniform…


    People may call it plain, boring, too much like Cleveland, etc., but I call it sublime.

    People forget that uni resembled the Browns ON PURPOSE.
    The NFL wasn’t what it would be even a decade later, and they actually thought they had to look familiar for Ohio fans to take them to heart.

    And Paul Brown was there, too, of course.

    Sort of a Perfect Storm for a deriviative uni.

    I’ve always been convinced one of the main reasons they chose “Bengals” was just so they COULD use orange and black. Well, and I suppose it was bit similar to U of Cincinnati Bearcats, being a clawed beastie n’ all.

    And, of course, orange and black came along on that ride, too.

    Still goes to my point about feeling they needed a connection to Ohio football history in order to compete. Not like today whre you get an expansion franchise and people throw themselves at the door waiting for you to open up and sell tickets.

    Oops. Thought you were talking about this team..

    “Brown gave up a brief attempt at law school in 1932 to become at age 23 the head football coach of his hometown Massillon Washington High School Tigers. In his nine years at Massillon Brown posted an 80—8—2 record which included a 35-game winning streak.”

    absolutely true, PB knocked off most of the Browns design on purpose. Remember, even tho he was a legend, he got the boot from the Browns.


    Ya know, if I got booted from the Browns, I think I would pick anything BUT the colors (or a close approximation) of that franchise. I would have gone for the most anti-Browns uniform you could design.

    Kinda strange that in the “popular geezers with New York baseball roots” photo UPI spelled Duke Snider’s name as Duke Snyder.


    The point is well-taken, though. The Mets burned through a boatload of fading Giants and Mets besides those two.

    To name a few: Roger Craig, Charlie Neal, Rube Walker, Wes Westrum…even Willie Mays (there are plenty more, to be sure)

    Either that’s:

    -a different Williams that someone mistook as Ricky
    -a random Williams acting as a placeholder because for whatever unforeseen reason, they couldn’t find a picture of Ricky, OR:
    -one of the most fucked-up PS jobs in the history of man.

    The answer we were looking for is “that’s not the Ricky Williams you think it is”. The judges would also have accepted “*THE* RICKY WILLIAMS NEVER PLAYED FOR THE COLTS” and “A 5-second Google Image search does not qualify as research.”

    The good news is that Bernard & Simply Moono will share today’s prize. The bad news (for Bernard & Simply Moono at least) is that today’s prize is my everlasting gratitude for responding to my post :-)

    do you know how hard it is to get the *wrong* ricky williams?

    even googling ricky williams colts comes up with a GRAND TOTAL of three photos of the ricky williams who played for the colts

    you seriously have to suck at google (and life) to mistake one ricky for the other …

    shit, a straight search for ricky williams doesn’t yield ANY photos of ricky williams of the colts

    there’s a lot of *interesting* pics on the straight ricky williams page…but they’re all of the former horn

    and the caption writer (who must NOT have seen the actual photo) even slipped in a ““go longhorns” in there

    really, really sad, actually

    Couple of things:

    This Charlotte Hornets uniform is really nice: (link)

    Can anyone colorize that for us?

    This is some sloppy reporting calling the entire uniform a “jersey”. Let me fix the quote a little bit:

    “…and had some really interesting things to say about the Seahawks’ uniform situation. Here’s what he said when Softy asked him if there is any plan for the use of throwback jerseys uniforms in the works:

    “Yeah there is, and it’s an exciting time. There will be no changes for ’11, for the upcoming season. 2011 is the final year for the Reebok deal with the NFL, and starting in 2012 we’re going to be going with a Nike jersey uniform and a Nike design. So we’ve actually met with Nike, and I think we were the first NFL team to meet with them, and we had a fascinating session with them. Pete Carroll was in the room, John Schneider, all kinds of people, and we’re looking at all kinds of new designs, and new kinds of jerseys uniforms, and we’re talking about a throwback for sure. So there’s a lot of creative stuff in the works right now.”

    New 2011-2012 Manchester City away shirt revealed. Bringing back a classic look from the 60’s (kind of)


    Really interesting to see them unveil them at the FA Cup celebration today – even to the point of having one sky blue/white scarf and one red/black scarf on the cup itself!

    Umbro makes the coolest kits – these look great. The sleeves should look pretty cool too. Will be interesting to see the long-sleeved version!

    As a United supporter, I am smirking at the fact that City’s away strip is in United colors.

    Ah, but if you read the whole thing you’ll see, “City fans will be pleased to know there is more black than red within the shirt.”

    So it’s black and red – not red and black. Polar opposites, eh?

    Betcha that’s supposed to be Harry CRAFT, who later would manage the KC A’s, Cubs (sorta) and be the first manager of the Houston Colt .45s.

    Hey, it’s UW. We nitpick.


    I still love this one SO much.
    Man, when I win the Powerball EFF is gonna hear from me, that’s for sure.

    I’m not anti-Nike, but it sure sounds like they are brainwashing the Seahawks. For the team to talk excitedly about how they can’t wait till the Reebok contract ends a full year from now is just plain rude. And reading between the lines, it sounds to me that the biggest changes for the uniforms will be the performance factor. I’m sure Nike is bragging about how the material will be lighter and make the players faster, etc. Here’s the quote that makes me think the material will be changing more than the design.

    “Certainly the logo is going to remain the same. When I say design change I mean you know you got a new manufacturer, in Nike, and they’re looking at all kinds of new technology, it’s really amazing all the kinds of stuff they can do.”

    i don’t think it’s rude…im sure carroll enjoyed a shitload of nike swag a good relationship with nike when he coached SC

    anything to get the hawks out of that gaddawful suicide blue (and monochrome to boot) is a positive

    it will of course depend on how much say nike has in the design process…they obviously (look at, well, SC, penn, bama) to see how they can keep classic design, if not left to their own devices…would they like to make the hawks the oregon of the NFL? probably, but the uni restrictions are far more stringent in the NFL…unless things change, they’d be allowed a home, road (and three different pairs of pants) plus an alt they can wear twice more…a throwback counts as an alt, so they don’t get a “fourth” uni out of it

    if i were a seahawk fan…i’d be VERY excited for pretty much anything nike brings to the table

    Nike (and others), given enough time, apparently will turn Pat Willimas into The Flash.

    Then what will be the point of watching the NFL? IF the players are so fast we can’t see them, I mean.

    Wouldn’t it be easier to figure Johnny Quick’s formula and have them all say, “3X2 NYZ 4A” before every game?

    But I guess they prefer the idea of Ralph Hinkley’s magic suit.

    Just now looking at the “Grandma Mitzi” memorial…

    It reminded me of my favorite uni memorial ever. The father of one the players on a local high school hockey team died unexpectedly. He’s been a huge hockey supporter, and had known most of the boys since they were squirts.

    School colors were royal and white, so what did they do? Added a simple white star above the TV number on the left sleeve of the royal jersy (white edged in royal on the whites).

    Thought that was classy and uplifting. A nice way of honoring a man they remembered fondly.

    I’m just excited ’cause I just found..and bought..a size XL Majestic Giants Dugout jacket.

    Do you KNOW how hard those are to find? Even the Giants Dugout store @ the park didn’t have them last check.

    Question: Why would you have a blue-out if your team is wearing white…especially if the visiting team is wearing a similar shade of blue?
    Looks as if the OKC crowd is pulling for Dallas here, eh?

    Perhaps they feel they play better under pressure. Or they think there’s some sort of disadvantage for the other team having fans in their colors cheering against them.

    /I don’t know, it does seem kinda dumb doesn’t it?

    Umm…. is this new, or has Uni Watch always had a PURPLE advertisement at the top of the page?


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