Revealed: The Story Behind the Dodgers’ Red Numbers

The red uni numbers on the front of the Dodgers’ jerseys, which the team began wearing in 1952, are among the most unusual uniform elements in all of Major League Baseball. For some people, they’re a nice visual accent, a splash of color, the cherry on top of a classic design. For others — […]

Of Pence and Pants

Astros phenom Hunter Pence made his big league debut on Saturday night and drew immediate attention from readers John Ryan and Kevin Gee, both of whom noted that Pence wears only one batting glove. As you can see in the photo at right, Pence also takes pains to hike up his pants, which led […]

Seeing Stars Stripes

One winter all-star game down, two to go. The NBA All-Star Game package was unveiled yesterday, and the big news is that the league has finally succumbed to logo creep. The Adidas logo has been stamped on the shorts, marking the first time that a manufacturer’s logo has appeared on an NBA game […]

Table Service

We all know about clothes horses in tennis. But what about table tennis? (Please, don’t call it Ping-Pong.) I’d never much thought about the apparel in that sport until Jeremy Brahm recently alerted me to a Japanese player named Naomi Yotsumoto, who wore an off-the-shoulder dress and a geranium in her cranium during last […]