Hot Dog! Jewish Softball Team Becomes Hebrew Nationals

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I recently received an email from a guy named Dan Skinner, who explained that he was (a) a longtime Uni Watch reader and (b) the brand communications manager for Hebrew National hot dogs. He said an all-Jewish softball team that plays in a church […]

A Very Important Ampersand

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As you all know by now, I have no interest in purchasing or wearing mass-produced retail jerseys, but I do like vintage jerseys from high school teams, factory teams, softball teams, and the like. It had been a while since I’d picked up one […]

1967 Softball Game: MLB All-Stars vs. Celebrities

Reader William Yurasko recently pointed me toward something very cool on YouTube: the full broadcast (shown above) of a 1967 softball game between a team of MLB all-stars and a team of celebrities. The game was held at Dodger Stadium with Vin Scully and Jerry Lewis handling the broadcast duties.

The MLB all-stars wore […]

The Coolest Softball Team Ever

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It’s not often that a single photograph is enough to main entry here on the site. The rare exceptions have usually involved photos that present a history mystery, or provide the missing piece to a previously unfinished puzzle, or show a serious jersey typo or other mishap. […]