Closet Case Vol. 6: A Pair of Vintage Softball Uniforms

Photos above by Heather McCabe

I recently scored this vintage Michigan Bell softball uniform on eBay for a mere $12 (with free shipping!). As you can see, it fits quite well. Let’s take a closer look, starting with the jersey (for all of these photos, you can click to […]

Hale, Hearty, and Full of Unresolved Questions

As most of you probably know, all MLB teams wore “Health” patches in 1942. This was the logo of the Hale America initiative, which was basically a “Shape Up!” fitness program that arose in response to America’s entry into World War II following the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The patch was also worn by […]

The Single Most Amazingly Awesome Photo in the History of Ever

I have a bad habit of engaging in way too much hyperbole (I even did it just there, by using “way too much”). I routinely describe things as great, awesome, the bomb, the shit, my-t-fine, tremendous, stupendous, cool, the bee’s knees, and on and on. Part of this is because I write about dozens […]

And Not a Single Pink Wristband in Sight

The sports media world, Uni Watch included, doesn’t pay much attention to women’s sports. And that was even more true in 1974, when Billie Jean King helped launch womenSports magazine (which was later renamed Women’s Sports; you can read about its history here). I don’t think I’ve ever seen an issue of the magazine, […]