Nike’s Hijab: Empowerment Or Cash Grab?


[Editor’s Note: Paul is on vacation and will return to the site on March 9. Today’s content is by assistant editor Alex Hider.]

By Alex Hider

Nike announced yesterday that it will begin selling Muslim headscarves for female athletes. The “Pro Hijab” will reportedly be made of light, stretchy polyester. Tiny holes in […]

A Black Cross for the Vols

Courtesy of the Tennessee Athletics Dept.; click to enlarge

When I wrote last week about Arknsas State modifying a cross-shaped memorial decal due to Constitutional issues, several readers noted that the Tennessee had worn black crosses in 1965 after three coaches died in a car crash. Unfortunately, none of those […]

Do Not Cross: Arkansas State Memorial to Be Modified

If you read the Ticker closely and have a good memory, you may recall that about two weeks ago Arkansas State added a new memorial helmet decal for player Markel Owens and equipment manager Barry Weyer, both of whom recently died. At the time, I wrote, “I wonder if there are any non-Christians on […]

Religious Garb on the Field of Play: Kosher or Not?

The boy shown at right is Yossi Lipskier, a nine-year-old who plays on a Little League team in Arizona. As you can see, he’s wearing tzitzit — the knotted fringes attached to the corners of the prayer shawl worn by observant Jewish males. Yossi, the only Jew on his team (and, according to his […]