Behind the Scenes at the Puppy Bowl

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Two days from now isn’t just Super Bowl Sunday — it’s also Puppy Bowl Sunday! (And Kitten Halftime Show Sunday, but that doesn’t roll off the tongue quite so nicely.) The production is usually taped here in NYC in late October. I got to attend the […]

Talking Uniforms and Officiating with Puppy Bowl Ref Dan Schachner

For the past seven years, I’ve had the fun of attending the taping for the Puppy Bowl and the Kitten Halftime Show. The taping of this year’s installment, which will air on Super Bowl Sunday (or, if you prefer, Puppy Bowl Sunday), took place last October. I shot a bunch of photos and videos, […]

Talking Uniforms with Puppy Bowl Ref Dan Schachner

Photo by Mary Bakija

Back in October I was once again lucky enough to attend the taping of the Puppy Bowl (the latest edition of which will air, as usual, on Super Bowl Sunday), and I managed to get a few minutes with Dan Schachner, the Puppy Bowl referee. As […]

Behind the Scenes at the Puppy Bowl

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Back in October I got to attend two days’ worth of taping for Puppy Bowl XI, which will air this Sunday. Everything I saw and photographed was embargoed until yesterday, but now I’m finally allowed to share it with you. I had […]