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Gridiron Teams on the Hardcourt

Yesterday’s Ticker included a shot of the 1981 Browns playing basketball. That prompted the submission of additional photos (some of which we may have seen before, not sure) showing NFL players suiting up in basketball uniforms for charity events. Good stuff.

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Rask Mask

Happy 2016! Bruins goalie Tukka Rask is going with an interesting cross-sport theme for today’s Winter Classic. His mask will feature New England Patriots imagery, including a modernized version of Pat Patriot decked out in Bruins colors (click first three images to enlarge):

Unfortunately, the weather forecast for Boston calls for . . . → Read More: Rask Mask

Cross-sport Uni Watching, NFL & Golf Edition

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By Phil Hecken

When Paul went on his annual August sabbatical, you guys will recall I had asked readers if they’d like to pitch stories to me (to ensure there would always be content) during his break, and as it turned out, more readers contributed than I had room for — so . . . → Read More: Cross-sport Uni Watching, NFL & Golf Edition

Cross-Dressing Alert!

Interesting news last night out of St. Louis, where the Blues announced that they’ll be marking the start of the baseball season by wearing Cardinals jerseys for pregame warm-ups on April 11.

I’m a bit conflicted about this one. On the one hand, it’s cool to see a city’s teams cooperating, collaborating, acknowledging each . . . → Read More: Cross-Dressing Alert!