A Uni Watch Look at Don Maynard

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Pro Football Hall of Famer Don Maynard died yesterday. I saw him play during the tail end of his career in the early 1970s, when I was just starting to watch football as a kid, and even then I spotted the uni-notable thing about him: He never […]

A Uni Watch Look at the NFL 2020 Season Opener

The 2020 NFL season got underway last night, as Kansas City hosted Houston. As KC took the field, I was surprised to see that they weren’t wearing a Super Bowl champions patch. As I noted in my NFL Season Preview column, a team source had hinted to me that they’d likely unveil the patch […]

Charge! 1960s Car Commercial Is Loaded with Uni Goodness

Reader Chris Alvarez (@chrisinleaucadia) recently stumbled across an old TV commercial that totally delivers the uni-driven goods. It’s embedded above — go ahead and take 60 seconds to watch it.

Lots of things worth noting here: Let’s take one thing at a time:

• First and foremost, it’s so awesome to see have up-close […]

Taking It on the Chin

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Last night’s loss to the Eagles was the latest evidence that the Giants really suck again this year. They’re not just bad — they’re boring (a pretty neat trick when you have playmakers like Beckham and Barkley), which is another way of saying they’ve become unwatchable. So […]