A Uni Watch Look at the NFL 2020 Season Opener

The 2020 NFL season got underway last night, as Kansas City hosted Houston. As KC took the field, I was surprised to see that they weren’t wearing a Super Bowl champions patch. As I noted in my NFL Season Preview column, a team source had hinted to me that they’d likely unveil the patch […]

Charge! 1960s Car Commercial Is Loaded with Uni Goodness

Reader Chris Alvarez (@chrisinleaucadia) recently stumbled across an old TV commercial that totally delivers the uni-driven goods. It’s embedded above — go ahead and take 60 seconds to watch it.

Lots of things worth noting here: Let’s take one thing at a time:

• First and foremost, it’s so awesome to see have up-close […]

Taking It on the Chin

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Last night’s loss to the Eagles was the latest evidence that the Giants really suck again this year. They’re not just bad — they’re boring (a pretty neat trick when you have playmakers like Beckham and Barkley), which is another way of saying they’ve become unwatchable. So […]

An Interesting NFL Chinstrap Habit

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Reader Jon Solomonson recently brought something interesting to my attention: Former NFL linebacker Mike Curtis, who was best known for his time with the Colts but also played for the Seahawks, used to wear his chinstrap on top of his helmet during practices or while standing on […]