The Littlest Shark

Here we have a school photo of young Andy Holmes, circa 1992, when he was 10 years old. “I had a San Jose Sharks jersey, and I wanted to wear a shirt and tie with the jersey over it, so I would look like a draft pick,” he recalls. “That’s how the draft picks […]

Let’s Make a Big, Embarrassing Fuss Over Brinke, Shall We?

In last Tuesday’s “Collector’s Corner” column, Brinke Guthrie mentioned that he’d created this Bengals illustration back when he was a kid. As soon as I saw that, I asked him if he had any additional artwork from back in the day. He initially said, “I don’t think so,” but then he poked around and found […]

You Must’ve Been a Beautiful Baby (or at least a cute kid): Childhood Uni Photos, Vol. 2

Last month I ran some photos of a very young Mike Hersh wearing assorted Philadelphia uniforms and invited readers to submit their own embarrassing endearing childhood uni pics. A nice assortment of you accepted that invitation, so let’s take a look, beginning with this shot of Mike Colvin (which, like most of the photos in […]

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Flyer

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In 1972 — the first year that I collected baseball cards — Topps produced a small series of cards called “Boyhood Photos of the Stars,” which was exactly what it sounds like. I immediately thought of those cards when I saw the photo you see […]