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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Flyer


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In 1972 — the first year that I collected baseball cards — Topps produced a small series of cards called “Boyhood Photos of the Stars,” which was exactly what it sounds like. I immediately thought of those cards when I saw the photo you see above, which shows reader Mike Hersh at the tender age of five and a half, slightly before his increasingly indispensable phase.

I love everything about that photo: the oversized jersey, the stick-to-child ratio, the puck on the sidewalk, and especially that look of boundless enthusiasm on Mike’s face. Is there any doubt that he put the biscuit in the basket mere moments after this photo was snapped?

As it turns out, that wasn’t the first time Mike posed in Philly sports regalia. Here’s a shot from when he was about a year old:


You’ll note that Mike was way ahead of the trend toward oversized caps. But even that isn’t the earliest recorded instance of Mike wearing Philly sportswear. That distinction goes to this shot, taken when he’d been on the active roster for two scant months:


I think this photo probably says more about Mike’s parents than it does about him. Not surprisingly, they’re in the sports memorabilia biz. Apple, tree, etc. (Mike and his wife, Ali, just had their own first child, incidentally. Has young Zachary had his first uniform photo shoot yet?)

Now then: I’m sure many of you out there have similarly embarrassing adorable photos from your uni-youth. If you’re willing to share them, send ’em my way and we can start a recurring feature. As for me, my father definitely took photos of me wearing baseball, football, and basketball uniforms during the 1970s, but I’m not sure if those photos have survived, and I definitely don’t have any of them in my possession. I’ll look for them the next time I go out to visit my Mom.

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Uni Watch News Ticker: The 1998 movie BASEketball, which I didn’t see, showed a Miami Marlins uni that wasn’t that far off from the design that the team recently unveiled. ”¦ Here’s a good article about Chief Wahoo (from Tony Crespo). … Craig Bates spotted some amusing Preds fans at a recent game. … Have I mentioned recently how much I love Wisconsin? (Thanks, Kirsten.) … Also from Kirsten: a really good article on the invention of the bendy straw … Those white Coke cans are on the way out. … Throwbacks on tap for Detroit Mercy hoops (from Scott Held). … Adam Edwards found a Steven Jackson jersey with a DeSean Jackson — i.e., Eagles-fonted — NOB. … Here’s something I don’t think I’d ever seen before: Bo Jackson playing in something called the Japan Bowl (from Clay Cutler). … This is pretty amazing: The Olympics used to include artwork competitions! I had no idea (Kirsten yet again). … Nice to see that UConn is conducting loyalty oaths. … New 45th-anniversary logo for the Rockets. I’m assuming it’ll be worn as a patch, but I’ll find out for sure when I have my annual uni-rundown meeting at the NBA offices in Manhattan. ”¦ Here’s a great view of the Red Sox’s rarely seen 1974 panel cap (excellent find by Peter Wallace). ”¦ Josh Hansen was watching some old NBA footage and spotted Adrian Dantley wearing a No. 5 jersey with NNOB, instead of his usual No. 4.

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    Let it be noted that there’s a ton of movies many people have never seen; self included. I gave up going to the theatre about 10 years ago.

    “Dude, you couldn’t get a chick with a $100 bill hanging out of your zipper.”

    “Yes I could!”

    “No, dude, you’re a piece of shit.”

    “I am not a piece of shit.”

    “Yeah, but you are a little bitch.”

    “God damn it you guys! I swear, if you make fun of me like 13 or 14 more times, I’m out of here.”

    Yeah, but it’s good-stupid. As sports movies go, I’d put it right up there with Major League. If nothing else, it’s better than The Replacements.

    Lump me in with Paul on that one. And personally, I don’t see much of a resemblance between those two uniforms. Maybe there would be a little, if the new unis had a teal softball top. Otherwise…?

    The lettering is mainly black, aligned on a horizontal baseline, and the M has sharp angles. That’s pretty much the extent of the resemblance. Which is to say, Shock Bulletin: New Miami Marlins Uniform Anticipated by Every Newspaper Masthead Ever! It’s amazing Drudge hasn’t put out the red flashers for this one.

    Ernest Borgnine as the greedy owner, cameos by Costas and Michaels, and lets not forget the “psych-out” This is a MUST SEE movie!

    For Love Of The Game was much better.

    I did see Mr. Baseball, and The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh, but I’m not too proud of that last one.

    Fully realize that I am a day late to the party, but Man vs. Food had an episode (I think in Nebraska or Oklahoma) where some dude had to eat 8 lbs of pig wings. Before he did that, they showed where they source them, how they cook them, what part of the pig, etc.

    Thoe boyhood photos of the real major leaguers all have really nice flannel-looking uniforms. When I was in Little League, all we got were T-shirts! (And my first year, they — unforgivably — had the name of a local bank on the back instead of numbers! The significance of one’s first childhood jersey number, taken away in favor of advertising!

    Wow… that’s bad. My first little league “jerseys” were t-shirts with sponsor NOBs, but we still had numbers.

    We did get actual uniforms every other year I played though.

    I was SO excited when I was FINALLY old enough to play in the “big” little league class in my town because I was going to get to wear one of those cool button-up jerseys. That year they switched to polyester pullovers.


    My league had colorful T-shirts and matching caps — sponsor name only on back — well, colorful except for my team. Our Blocksom and Co. Tees were black and white. Sort of the Penn State of I-C Baseball.

    The beginning of my love for subdued uni design?

    My first “jersey” was also a t-shirt, sponsor name on back, no number.

    Every other little league jersey I ever wore had number on front, sponsor name on back.

    Give me the good ‘ol 16-ounce glass returnable soda pop bottles. Perfect amount (12 oz. too little, 20 oz. too much), kept your soda cold and it seemed like it tasted better. All these plastic beverage bottles can’t be good for anything, and they’re littered everywhere.

    There’s an old scene you don’t see anymore: stacked 8-pack empty bottle pyramids inside the front of the grocery store. Every childhood Thursday shopping trip began with loading the empty, sticky and clanky bottles into the car trunk. Ah, memories.

    The fact that the bottle is unopened is kinda disturbing to me. Would it be fatal to drink it now?

    I can totally understand keeping the bottle after drinking it, but to actually buy a bottle of Pepsi and not open it… it baffles me. There can’t actually be that much of an increase in collector value, can there?

    Nobody consumes it. It would be flat and extremely old tasting. It’s more about mint condition and presentation context, or it was just a neglected oversight, or handled like vintage wine bottles.

    Ah, the moderation bug has bit me again!

    Nobody consumes it. It would be flat and extremely old tasting. It’s more about mint condition and presentation context, or it was just a neglected oversight, or handled like vintage wine bottles.

    This guy drank 25-year-old New Coke without any harmful effects. I couldn’t say for 35-year-old soda though.

    Thanks… he just had to mention Pepsi Blue at the start of that video… god damn I miss that stuff. Pepsi Blue was FUCKING AWESOME and I hate our society for not buying enough of it to keep it in production.

    /Mountain Dew Voltage is close…but not close enough

    Yeah, I seem to recall New Coke/II tasted a lot like Pepsi. Tho I only drank Coca-Cola to dissolve old rusty nails in my stomach that I swallowed.

    Am I the only one who see anything obviously wrong with putting the word “Crystal” in front of any product?

    “Clear cola” – jesus christ, give me a break. It was just glorified 7up. Back in the early 1990s ads, you would have thought soda pop was going to fuel the next world wide revolution.

    “Am I the only one who see anything obviously wrong with putting the word “Crystal” in front of any product?”


    only when it’s a stripper

    Amen to Crystal Pepsi. I drank that stuff like it was liquid crack when I was in 4th grade. I’ve never forgiven Pepsi for discontinuing it.

    If there’s one thing that I really dislike, it’s people complaining about something that can be easily remedied by READING THE SIDE OF THE FREAKING CAN. Isn’t your body important enough to make every effort to know for sure what you’re putting inside it? If I’m trying to get Cheerios, you can bet I’m going to make sure the box doesn’t say ‘Honey Nut’ on it before I just go grabbing whichever similarly golden yellow-orange colored box I see.

    I buy link whenever I can find it for the real sugar and heavy glass bottles.

    But the sad truth is that I actually like the taste of canned coke better. I always have, as a matter of fact.


    Pepsi Blue was FUCKING AWESOME and I hate our society for not buying enough of it to keep it in production.

    I guess you and I were the only ones who were buying it.

    I think the defunct Japan Bowl was played in late December, and was a popular all-star game. It drew a ton of stars, and Heisman Trophy winners in part, because of the location.

    It kicked off very late for U.S. viewers, around 10 or 11pm.

    The Montreal Impact of MLS unveiled their jerseys last night:


    Very simple, using Quebec blue; nice contrast between Toronto FC’s red, and Vancouver’s white. The sublimated cross comprised of tiny fleur-de-lyses is a nice touch.

    I like it too, though it’s difficult to just ACCEPT the fact that a pro soccer jersey is going to feature some big honking advertisement as the dominant graphic of the shirt.

    I am totally down with Quebec nationalism, so the blue and fleur-de-lis for a team from Montreal is certainly appealing. Interesting to see the Canadian national flag on the sleeve, though. What for?

    Yeah, I know, this maple leaf iconology thing consumed 879 lines of commentary yesterday. But still, why does the third Canadian franchise in a binational league need to feature the national ensign? If your response is that American teams over-feature the US national flag, you’ll get no argument here, or that US flag jingoism is a sad commonplace of contemporary American life, or whatever.

    And please, no lectures about Yankee ignorance of Canadian history. [Lundy’s Lane, Confederation, Sitting Bull, Valmy Ridge, Canola oil. OK?] It just makes me a little sad that formal emblems of nation-states are appearing more and more frequently on the uniforms of sports teams that are not entrants in formal international competitions. Don’t get me wrong — Canada has a great flag, the best example of design-by-legislation that I know of. But still, mes amis du nord, give it a rest.

    All MLS jersies have a flag. Toronto, Vancouver & Montreal have the Canadian flag & all the American clubs have the stars & stripes. Agreed that it is totally unnecessary.

    “…All MLS jersies have a flag. Toronto, Vancouver & Montreal have the Canadian flag & all the American clubs have the stars & stripes…”

    Oh. Well. In the immortal words of the late Emily Latilla, “Never mind.”

    Remember the bit where she was ranting against the TV station’s editorial in favor of more bisexuals in the park? Facilities for bisexuals, special paths for bisexuals, etc. How could the TV station endorse such disgusting people??!!

    Then the newsreader (Chevy Chase) says diffidently, “Um, no, Ms Latilla, we were talking about bicycles, not bisexuals…”

    “Oh. Well, never mind.”

    Two other elements. According to the press release, the jersey’s side stripes are silver, symbolizing the rivers surrounding Montreal. Sure, whatever…

    Also, on the back of the neck, it will have the team’s motto “Tous Pour Gagner,” a design element shared by almost all MLS teams (logo, wordmark, or motto on the back).

    It’s hard for me to pitch a brown+yellow San Diego Padres uniform when the other team with that color scheme tries so hard to be an eyesore.

    Geno isn’t the one that wanted it. It was the AD. He said he didn’t even remember the words when the AD suggested they do it.

    I think it’s a silly gesture. Why isn’t the Star-Spangled Banner enough anymore?

    And I know this is going to start a shitstorm, but I’d like to go on record as a religious person who dislikes “under God” in the Pledge. We don’t have a state religion, it throws off the meter, and it was only added into the Pledge in the McCarthy era as a way to stick it to the godless commies.

    We don’t have a state religion, but we still make people use the Bible when they take oaths of office or when they are testifying in court.

    Just once, I’d love to see a President refuse to use a Bible and insist on being sworn in on a copy of the Constitution instead.

    That’s actually a personal choice. The default is the Bible, but you can request to swear an oath on any text you sincerely feel is worthy of it.

    Except we don’t. A witness can either swear an oath (no religiou text needed) or an affirmation, if their personal beliefs forbid the swearing of oaths.

    Keith Ellison (D – MN), being Muslim, took the oath on a copy of the Koran.

    Swearing on a Bible is no longer necessary, either in court or when taking an oath of office. In fact, no text is necessary. It’s just an affectation that became common practice. Just like some ending the oath with “So help me god.”

    The Constitution specifies the Presidential oath —
    Article 2, Section I:

    “Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:–

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    Senators and Representatives are to be bound under an unspecified oath or affirmation “to support this constitution” (the oath now used is simply a modification of the Presidential oath, “but no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

    So any requirement that an oath be sworn on a bible is unconstitutional.

    No, we don’t require that. And we’ve had at least one president – unable to Google to make sure I’m remembering which one right now, but I’m pretty sure one of the Adams – who swore the presidential oath on a copy of the Constitution.

    Personally, I don’t like the Pledge of Allegiance with or without “Under God.” Pledging one’s loyalty to a flag strikes me as too close to idolatry for comfort. Idolatry is kind of a big deal to me, what with there being one and arguably two Commandments about it. If the pledge omitted the flag, and just went something like, “I pledge allegiance to the Constitution of the United States of America, and to the Republic it establishes, one nation …” I’d be much more down with it. My loyalty is to the thing itself, not to any symbol that stands for it. The current pledge makes loyalty to the republic itself an afterthought.

    Well put, Scott.

    People love getting hot and bothered about flag-burning (well, some people do), but here’s a question worth pondering: Which is more offensive — burning a flag, or burning a copy of the Constitution?

    I think both are absolutely protected speech, but there’s no question in my mind that burning the Constitution is a far more offensive act, because the Constitution is much more important than the flag will ever be.

    “but there’s no question in my mind that burning the Constitution is a far more offensive act, because the Constitution is much more important than the flag will ever be.”

    Plus, you’re supposed to burn a flag when it is too old and tattered to continue being flown.

    From the US Flag Code:
    “The flag, when it is in such condition that it is no longer a fitting emblem for display, should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning”

    Another reason idiots have never passed an anti-flag burning law.

    Keith Ellison (D — MN), being Muslim, took the oath on a copy of the Koran.

    Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Qu’ran, housed in the Library of Congress, to be specific.

    From Wikipedia:

    “Franklin Pierce was the only president known to use the word affirm rather than swear. Theodore Roosevelt did not use a Bible when taking the oath in 1901. Dwight D. Eisenhower, Harry S. Truman, and Richard Nixon swore the oath on two Bibles. John Quincy Adams swore on a book of law.[2] Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in on a Roman Catholic missal on Air Force One. Washington kissed the Bible afterwards,[3] and subsequent presidents followed suit, up to Harry Truman,[4] but Dwight D. Eisenhower broke that tradition by saying his own prayer instead of kissing the Bible.”

    It was John Quincy Adams after all. Should have known. TR not using a Bible was likely an accident, not a choice, since he was administered the oath of office on the death of President McKinley. On the other hand, McKinley took more than a week to succumb after being shot, so the need to administer the oath shouldn’t have caught anyone unaware. TR seems to have used a Bible when taking the oath of office for a second time in 1905.

    I agree that “under God” in the pledge and “In God We Trust” on the money both shouldn’t be there. The US is not a “Christian Nation” despite what some people want to claim.

    I’m not a fan of loyalty pledges anyway. Not everyone agrees with every policy their government creates, and no one has a choice in where they’re born. I pledge allegiance to myself.

    A “Loyalty Oath”?!? How dare you! I said that pledge every morning for fourteen years and it made the fucked-up monster I am today :)

    I think we should all take oaths with one hand on a copy of “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry.”

    (Canadians, we’ll get you something from Alice Munro.)

    and of course, the people who most vociferously cite the “under god” or “in god we trust” shit don’t even realize NEITHER ONE was a part of the original pledge nor did it originally appear on our paper or coin

    doing this entirely from memory, but im pretty sure the mention of god was added to the pledge and to paper currency during the “red scare” and fear of the “ungodly commies” during the 1950s, so it’s not exactly recent vintage, but it aint originally a part of our history either…i think IGWT was put on the coinage around the turn of the 20th century

    again, may be wrong on the dates, but god was never originally part of the pledge or our money

    Congress didn’t just put “In God We Trust” on the currency in the 1956. Congress made “In God We Trust” the national motto in 1956, and as the motto, it had to go on the currency. Which maybe would have been fine, except that the United States already had an accepted motto, “E Pluribus Unum.” Which, unlike “In God We Trust,” wasn’t selected by the 531 most cynically baby-kissing politicians segregated America’s white citizens could find on the ballot in 1954, but rather was selected after careful deliberation by the Founders of our republic just after winning the Revolution. You can respect the wisdom of the Founders, or you can be all rah-rah for “In God We Trust,” but you can’t be both.

    As for “under God” in the pledge, it’s the kind of thing that seems to me that if it’s true, it goes without saying, and if you feel the need to say it, it makes me doubt that you actually believe it.

    Right, the BASEketball uniform concept looks like it was basically stolen from the TV show. The Marlins uniforms are quite different.

    Absolutely agree. I like the font usd by Miami in the new unis but not much else. They forcefeed too many colors on too many places …. while going with a Black (cliche!) cap and Alt jersey(BFBS!) and Jacket (Unimaginative!). Either you are colorful or you are not. The Black with 5 pastel colored trim is sooooooo 1990s it aint even funny.

    The 2015 BaseKetball unis look alot better – not perfect – but alot better.

    And I do not want ANYBODY that ever praises the new Marlins’ uniforms to EVER complain about the Astro’s Rainbow/Nolan Ryan unis ever again. They are about 3000% more sensible looking than this Marlins’ mess ….

    Total balls-out color or none at all? I think they got the amount of color just right. Hell, I am loving that white home shirt pictured in the side-to-side. Clean with a dash of color is cool with me. Black sets it off better than any color. No number on the front was a great move, too.

    No, there’s too much going on in those letters. It’s not fun or vibrant…it’s just fussy, hard to discern and half-assed. I’m all for bright colors, but if you’re going to do it…well, DO it.

    I like the font. I’m… okay… with the abstract fish. But I think that using two complimentary colors (say, teal and orange) only would have registered a more pleasing result.

    My parents still have the original Eagles outfit. They actually have two and wanted me to put Zac in one. Ali really wasn’t into it. They also still have the Phillies cap which was made by Wilson. My dad got it from the team. The Flyers jersey is somewhere in the house. It was from Pearson Sporting Goods in Philly. They did the Flyers game jerseys in the 1970s. As far as Zac goes, we have a all-over NFL logo outfit that’s still a little big. He also has a Red Sox winter jacket that he has yet to make an appearance in. Thanks for the posting Paul. Look forward to seeing other Uni Watchers childhood photos.

    I just revisited the 2008 entry.
    I found myself looking into the background often. There was a book called “Skate and Street Graphics”. As a former skateboarder, I’m assuming it’s about skateboard graphics. The title seems kind of weird.

    Perhaps UCons should pledge to be more ‘loyal’ to the futures of their so-called student-athletes.

    Did Stanley Robinson ever attend a single class? Oh, that’s right he was working in a factory WHILE on the hoops team and didn’t have to go to class. Lol.

    Some serious misplaced priorities there at UCons.

    Slash he was suspended from the basketball team by Calhoun for the entire semester and was given the option of either being kicked off the team or working during his suspension – while never being declared academically ineligible.

    But hey, why let the facts get in the way of taking a shot at someone?

    Right, you keep on believing that, too.

    No way, no how that kid should’ve been able to play basketball. Well, at least at a respected institution that requires their kids to, you know, progress toward a degree.

    Lol, sheep.

    Dammit, now I’m consumed with finding out the story of Adrian Dantley wearing #5. I’ve narrowed it down to the 1983-84 season (the only years that the Jazz wore the green uni whilst having players wearing #s 14 & 44 were ’83 and ’84, and Dantley missed the game in Washington during the ’83 season with an injury).

    I know it’s probably some mundane reason like a lost or blood jersey, but I have to know…

    WOW, that Rockets logo is INCREDIBLY weak… but then again, so is a 45th anniversary!

    No reference to the championship years at all. I have hated that stupid broken rocket design since the movie house came up with it… it’s just crap and WOULDN’T FLY!

    What’s really stupid about it is the repetition of “Rockets Basketball,” not only on the logo, but on the same element of the logo.

    Wait, is that Rockets Basketball patch going to be worn by the Rockets basketball team? The Houston Rockets?

    Rockets or R appearances: 3
    Houston appearances: 2
    Basketball appearances: 3

    Redundant, like when MLB teams have a baseball in their logo, then write “baseball club” beneath/around it

    SWC Susan, you are hereby found to be guilty of flagrant abuse of a metaphor. You are sentenced to a term of incarceration in internet prison not less than ten minutes and not more than the term of your natural life. You are additionally ordered to pay a fine of 25 cents to the pun jar. :P

    Susan is right about the Rockets logo. Honestly I’m surprised they’ve stuck with that crappy red and silver Jetsons thing for as long as they have. Go back to the championship uni’s already!

    I have hated that stupid broken rocket design since the movie house came up with it… it’s just crap and WOULDN’T FLY!

    It’s intended to be a sports logo, not a set of engineering specifications.

    Not one hint of mustard in that logo? C’mon, Rockets!

    Actually, the current unis have grown on me, although I still say link would be more appropriate for the Houston Redrum. Sad thing is, it’s slightly better than the angry rocket logo.

    Just. Bring. Back. link

    I actually liked the angry rocket flying around a basketball. In fact, my submission looked REMARKABLY like the chosen design. Intent was to pull in a reference to the Aeros’ war plane with nose art. And the orbit was to represent the Astros (on the field and in space).

    Maybe the logo itself would be OK, but it was paired with those awful striped unis. Not a good combo.

    Guess I wouldn’t mind seeing the angry rocket on the ketchup and mustard unis. Any tweakers in the house?

    Why knock the Big Four-Five? That’s halfway to 90! Which would be important, to a race of sentient creatures with three three-fingered hands. Except they wouldn’t use base ten at all, so the big anniversary would be 81 seasons.

    I was so hoping the logo was going to show a possible shift in uni design, but no the Rockets choose not to capitalize on a reason to change one of the ugliest unis in the NBA.

    To be fair, as a diabetic, I didn’t like having to scrutinise Coke cans at a party to figure out which one wouldn’t try and kill me.

    That said… it was a minor inconvenience.

    Never mind the baby (sorry Mike) look at that game used Eagles helmet and durene jersey! Riddell RK model with painted silver wings is crazy rare!!!!!!!

    Ugh. Germany drawn into Group B for Euro 2012 with Denmark, the Netherlands, and Portugal.

    Not just an incredibly tough draw, but teams playing in red and orange means we more than likely won’t be seeing Germany’s beautiful green away shirts.

    It depends. UEFA designate the home teams for each match. If, say, Denmark are designated the home team in their match, and have designated their white jerseys as their primary, your wish to see Germany in green may come true.

    Denmark’s primary shirts are almost always red, but you’re right, there is that slim chance.

    Or if Germany get out of the group of death (prooobably) and end up drawing with England or Croatia.

    Btw, I have a question for the uni-tweakers.

    I’m using GIMP on a Mac, and can’t figure out how to import a font for a Canucks uni I’m whipping up. Any advice?

    Camouflage? I see it just fine, I see red numbers on white. I’ll grant you, the light red is a totally different shade, so I’ll call it a slight fail aesthetically (and a totally gross cash cow), but it’s infinitely better than a certain tomahawked baseball team’s navy on navy on more navy, extra navy.

    re: Baumgartner’s

    They’re still there on the west side of the courthouse square in Monroe and they’re still renowned for their limburger sandwiches. Washed down with a locally-brewed Huber beer, of course.

    PL, you owe it yourself to stop by the next time you’re out this way.

    I kinda like the huge chest logo, if you’re gonna go corporate, go all the way. I know, it’s soccer-standard, but they could probably even get rid of the crest, it’s redundant.

    I like that logo. It looks like the logo of a sports team and not a product. And using a picture rather than a corporate logo involving words makes it less in-your-face. You’d think that more soccer sponsors would create logos that really look like soccer team logos instead of just slapping their ugly, corporate-font company name on everyone’s chest.

    eBay alert:

    Poor Todd Hollandsworth probably wishes that NOBs were banned when he played for a NOB team like the Rockies. Or, at the very least, that they use smaller lettering so that his 2002 home jersey:


    …and 2000 road jersey:


    Also spotted on eBay: a NOB misspelling. link (not Hawbiltzel) pitched briefly for the Rockies in 1996 (wearing #13), and this #48 jersey was evidently made for him in 1995, though he didn’t appear in any games then.


    Note also that in the Rockies’ letter of authenticity, his name is spelled correctly. I wonder if they spelled it right when he finally got into a game.

    Your surprise is probably a function of the Hawks not playing the Isles very much these days, but as I recall from 40-plus years of watching the Hawks, it is not uncommon for Foley to refer to the Isles as “Long Island.”

    And here’s a heads-up — sometimes he refers to the Avalanche as “Denver.”

    sorry to ‘ricko’ but I forgot something:

    fox part owns The BTN so they probably had first rights to any B1G Championship game and either they bid on the Pac12 one or had/have a similar relationships with their regular season broadcasts.

    Fox outbid ESPN for the championship game (they also have a weekly PAC-12 game on the FX network). I don’t recall if they are a partner in the future PAC-12 Network.

    Maybe it is just the lighting or the tv cameras but does anyone else think the green Oregon helmet is different than their normal green helmet? It seems to have a darker hue to it, kinda more of the color changing effect then before. Instead of green to darker green depending on the light it seems to go from green all the way to almost black.

    I don’t know. Maybe I’m dreaming…in my head…like Michael Crabtree!

    you’re um…not seeing things…

    check out the duck tracker from this entry and read the comments — it’s the *same* helmet they’ve always been using but depending upon the lighting it can definitely look black (similar to how the jags lids look teal in some light and black in others)

    Caught that at the beginning of the game. I’m surprised he got under the NCAA’s radar, because even though they dropped the ball by allowing players to wear biker shorts, they still mandate knee pads for everyone. This fuckery must stop.

    To continue, those shouldn’t even be considered biker shorts. Those should be called soccer spandex, or soccer shorts, or something… mini shorts? Boy shorts? Someone with more creativity than me should come up with something.

    re: Baumgartner’s

    I believe they’re the last place in the US to still make Limburger cheese.
    Be sure to have a limburger and onion on rye … you haven’t lived til you tried that!
    Monroe Wisconsin Cheese Days – every other year.

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