Adults Only: The Story of the Hebrew Oilers

[Today we have a guest entry from Matthew Ciccone, who’s going to tell about his adult baseball league’s uniforms. Enjoy. — PL]

By Matthew Ciccone

Adult sports leagues don’t get much coverage here on Uni Watch, but I feel like they comprise the deepest and most opaque vein of uniform culture. It’s always really interesting […]

Hardhat Zone

When Mets reliever Alex Torres debuted his new protective cap two weekends ago, lots of people on Twitter said, “Why doesn’t he just wear a helmet like the base coaches?” I responded to such people by saying, “A pitcher’s motion is too herky-jerk. A helmet wouldn’t stay on his head without a chinstrap.”

That seemed […]

A Team of Their Own, Continued

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Back on Tuesday I posted a guest-written entry about the Dubois County Bombers, a summer collegiate wood bat team that got a retro makeover from reader Kyle Kendall. Today Kyle has provided some follow-up materials about the Bombers:

• The program: Kyle asked me not to reproduce […]

A Team of Their Own

[Editor’s Note: Today we have a guest entry from Kyle Kendall, who recently got the opportunity to redesign an entire team. Enjoy. ”” PL]

By Kyle Kendall

I’ve been reading Uni Watch every day since the beginning. I wanted to tell you about a pretty large project I’ve been working on for the Dubois […]