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First Look: Team USA Olympics Men’s Hoops Jerseys Are Here

The Team USA men’s basketball roster for the upcoming 2024 Olympic Games in Paris was finalized this morning. And although the uniforms haven’t yet been officially unveiled, we’re starting to see photos and videos of team members being presented with their jerseys.

Here, for example, are Jayson Tatum and Jrue Holiday:

And here’s the back of the jersey, as seen in this shot of Joel Embiid:

I like it! Simple, straightforward, and I’m always a fan of block-shadowing. I look forward to seeing the white version, along with the shorts.

The Paris Games are scheduled to open on July 26, with the first basketball games slated for July 27 and the Team USA men’s team’s first game set for July 28, against Serbia.

(My thanks to Twitter-er @nrkastroll for this one.)

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    I give it a “B.” I like the simplicity and the drop-shadow. I feel like the wordmark and numbers would stand out better if they were rendered in red rather than in the same navy blue that forms the base color of the jersey, though.

    I’m not really a fan of all the patterns in both the blue main parts of the jersey and the red side panels. But that’s just not where Nike’s uniform design is these days, for any of Team USA’s equipment in any sport.

    I had them in my Ticker (literally that tweet) on Monday. As you can see they didn’t have numbers, though.

    There’s no white this year. It will be red instead with a similar template. Watch the video in Jamie’s reply :).

    Is that not the women’s uniforms? The US women’s team traditionally wears red while the men’s wears blue.

    Agreed–USA Basketball unis are almost always solid, occasionally great.

    I am also interested in the shorts: there should be a five pointed star somewhere on this uniform. And good to see Grant Hill again, always liked him. Nice guy, good player, decent analyst.

    If memory serves, the USA men’s and women’s shorts will have the fifty-star Union, or canton, taken from the US flag on the belt. I saw a globe logo on other team’s shorts during the demonstration in Paris.

    Kind of reminds me of the Adidas “tire tread” football jerseys….. But, overall a pretty good look.

    I like those a lot. The drop shadows look great, and I’m happy to see no silly bug-like logos above the NOB as we so often see.

    To me it looks too basic, like they put about five minutes of effort into it. At least arch the “USA” mark, and maybe use a different font for the numbers. This is too much like a generic uni template.

    I saw video of Tatum and Holiday being presented their jerseys and they looked black on TV. Good to see that they are actually blue.

    I would like brighter blue/red (like the flag), and I would prefer no black and no blood splatter on the sides. I do like the letter and number font and the block shading. I wish they had more contrast to the jersey color. It seems like it should be easy to incorporate elements of stars and stripes on these jerseys. Without the ‘USA’ and the flag, I would not immediately think USA if I saw them. All that said, they could have been so much worse because the bar has been set so low.

    Ghosted numbers are a thing that needed to die 8 years ago. Over than that, I like these.

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