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One Frozen Moment

[Deputy Editor’s Note: Today we have a quick uni recap of the 2024 Men’s “Frozen Four” Hockey Tournament by our own Jimmer Vilk. Enjoy! — PH]

The puck is dropped
And there you are
You’re skating for your life
You’re a shooting star…

Welcome to One Frozen Moment, as we take a really quick look at the other NCAA championship in April that most of us overlook: college hockey’s Frozen Four.

Thursday night in Saint Paul, Minnesota, the men’s national semifinals began with a very red-heavy matchup. The Boston University Terriers faced the Denver Pioneers in a battle of schools with their names splashed across the front of the sweaters.

NHL fans might be more put off by this than the lack of color contrast, but I like them. I also really like the unconventional number on the front of Denver’s sweaters.

The next game featured…oh my…the Boston College Eagles facing the Michigan Wolverines in a colorful diagonal block versus script matchup.

I’m not sure what I like better…the script, or Michigan’s use of the football team’s signature helmet design.

Last night’s championship game featured another red-ish-heavy matchup, with Boston College facing off against Denver.

Maroon and gold against red and gold may not be an optimal color palette. Still, it sounded great on the radio and it looks pretty good, too.

Congrats to Denver for winning a record TENTH title, and congrats to all four teams for their championship-caliber looks!

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    How do others feel about the Boston University cresting? I would expect the upper word Boston to be radially arched with the lower word University to be straight. If the top word Boston is going to be level, then I would think that University would be arched in the reverse manner with the U and the Y the upper ends of an “under arch” with the center of the word being the lowest point.

    these BU sweaters are actually throwbacks, they usually just say Boston with the jersey number below


    One of the very few things I miss about not having cable: can’t watch college hockey or baseball.

    Almost impossible to find college hockey telecasts even WITH cable or dish. Serious lack of coverage in the US, and the NCAA…. well, it’s not football or basketball, so it doesn’t really exist. A travesty that the regionals don’t get much coverage, are played in minor league venues or smaller, and then come to a complete stop for two weeks. Run the regionals the week after the basketball Final Fours, and the Frozen Four the week after that.

    The Big Teen channel frequently shows college hockey. Anytime I’m over my sister’s house I try to catch some of it.

    Used to watch DU play hockey when I lived in Denver 20 years ago. Their kit has changed little if at all over that time.

    Red and Gold is a prominent color scheme as four of the best programmes wear it, Denver, Boston College, Minnesota and Minnesota at Duluth, albeit the later had a down year. Not that I watch a lot of college hockey, but when I do, I get a slightly nostalgic feeling watching it. It’s harkens back to simpler days. Everything isn’t so overblown.

    Some great looks. Really think college and pro hockey deliver the best uniforms. Hands down. MLB a distant third. NFL and NBA barely on the radar.

    Man…as a BC fan/grad student I was losing my mind during the final. That Denver goalie was ridiculous.

    3 sharp-looking games though. College hockey has a lot of fantastic sweaters.

    Michigan’s script is great, but the maize collar is too wide. Also, Michigan’s home whites were an utter nightmare this year that tried to blend four different classic elements and none of them worked together.

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