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U.S. Soccer Unveils New National Kits for 2024

U.S. Soccer unveiled new kits today for the men’s and women’s national teams.

My general sense of things is that the white home kit is quite handsome (I particularly like the striping at the base of the sleeves and the shorts), and that the striping on the blue road kit is silly. But as you all know by now, I don’t follow soccer, so my opinion doesn’t mean much here. Instead I’ll just show you a bunch of additional photos and a promo video:

According to the press release: “The uniforms will first be worn by the U.S. Men’s National Team in its Concacaf Nations League semifinals matchup against Jamaica in Dallas on March 21, while the USWNT will wear them for the first time during the upcoming SheBelieves Cup, presented by Visa, on April 6 in Atlanta and April 9 in Columbus, Ohio.”


The U.S. isn’t the only country that got new national kits today. Several other Nike-outfitted nations also revealed new kit designs, including Brazil, Canada, Croatia, England, Portugal, and more. There’s a good rundown here.

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    Home kit looks fantastic, only wish is for a sash as think that should be a permanent part of the USMNT look. The Change is kit is more mixed, as yeah the tye dye stripping would look a lot cleaner with the out the tye dye effect but overall it’s a change kit so not a big deal. The bigger deal for me is a return to a more royal blue than the navy they’ve been using so that’s a plus

    Agree with Patrick, particularly on the sash, can’t remember their name (my apologies) but the 7 red / 6 white striped sash that someone submitted here, should have been incorporated yesterday, and become the signature home look.

    Either a sash or go back to the Waldo kits, but Nike should at least do fun stuff like they did for Norway

    It’s not quite a bomb pop throwback, but it definitely has that feel.

    Are they ever going to reintroduce the Waldo???

    Hopefully they reintroduce it for their 2026 World Cup unis.

    And with any luck it’ll include a moderized version of this: link

    I love the US flag collar. I think it would look better in V-neck, but it’s still sweet.

    The color fade/streaks remind me of the MNUFC Northern Lights kit:

    The home kit is okay…the away kit is meh. Both are mild upgrades from the current versions, but not by much. These could be so much better.

    Some of the kits Nike has come up with for other countries look really sharp…it seems they consistently do some of their most middling, mediocre work for the USA. I just don’t get it.

    I wish the U.S. team would adopt the candy cane style unis as their soccer trademark it was their best look imo.

    I don’t know how I feel about these two designs but they both sure look a lot better with 4 stars above the crest.

    White: It’s fine. With Nike, one expects worse, so “not bad” is about as high as praise is liable to be here. C-plus at worse, middle B at best.

    Blue: Pretty bad, but compared to the worst of the colorful secondaries Nike has foisted on us, this is tame. And predominantly blue, not predominantly red, so it can almost sorta kinda pass as a United States soccer jersey. Not good, but could be so much worse. D to D-plus.

    I like the home kits a lot more than the consensus but ONLY when the shorts are included. The coordination of the trim between the collar, sleeves, and shorts reads VERY classy to me. The kinds of details that are the best of what soccer kit design can be. (They are less exciting from a fan fashion standpoint for sure). Likewise, the second kit definitely looks better as a complete look, but I don’t think it’ll age well. And like everyone else, where’s Waldo!?

    Eh—I replied before clicking through to the full drop of other Nike kits. Having a nearly identical design approach to the England kits makes me less excited about the US home kits.

    Click on the last “here” and scroll to Nigeria.

    Whooooo-hooo those look good!

    I seem to fall in with the masses – white looks good but not their best (needs a sash), blue is OK but not their best. Give me a sash and the Waldos with a font that doesn’t look contrived and call it a day.

    The white one is OK but needs a sash to distinguish it from England, The away one is yet another take of this obsession with tye dye that I as a non-American have never understood. Nobody ever looks good in it, except for the people who invented the process centuries ago in the Pacific for their original attire. They never thought of using it for t-shirts, lounge pants, baseball hats or sweatshirts. So let’s not do that.

    As an American, I never understood it either.
    Tie-dye makes me seasick. Leave it in the 60s where it belongs.

    As for that “here” link, nothing better than a bunch of low-rez, poorly lit photos with distracting backgrounds to highlight the new kits. :rolleyesemoji:

    Blue kit straddles the fence between fine and meh. White kit is pretty much perfect.

    home kit is good.

    away kit is awful: 2014 bomb pop redux. looks like pepsi. just not good.

    waldo needs to be the signature look for US soccer, but if that’s too polarizing i would accept white top with a red sash a la 1950 as the primary shirt and the red and navy hoops like the 2017 gold cup as the secondary. i would also be cool with adopting a chevron like mexico did in 06 (i know, sacrilege, but that kit with US colors would look so good)

    I must be in the minority. I really dislike the use of bright royal blue on the primary kit. Old Glory employs dark blue. Use it.

    The second jersey is fine, though I feel that they should have used more tie-dye if they’re going that route. Hell, make a tie-dye version of the Waldos and watch people’s heads explode.

    The blue “spike” down the left side of the away kit is a neat concept, but nonetheless pretty odd. That isn’t captured clearly in any of the photos (the more subtle right side is, but in the photo, her jersey is untucked), though it’s seemingly one of the more distinct elements of this kit.

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