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Padres Announce Details for Peter Seidler Memorial Patch

Back around Thanksgiving, the Padres said they would be adding a memorial patch this season for owner Peter Seidler, who died on Nov. 14. They didn’t say what the patch would look like or where it would be worn, but they included a graphic (shown above) of a heart-shaped “PS” logo. Many observers, myself included, speculated that this would be the patch design, and that it would be worn over the heart area on the jersey.

As it turns out, that’s exactly what’s happening. The team announced today that the heart-shaped “PS” patch will be worn on all four of its jerseys this season, like so:

Those mock-ups were provided by the team. I suspect the actual patches will be a bit larger. Note that the patch on the City Connect jersey has pink lettering, instead of brown:

The heart positioning on the jersey makes sense, not just because of the patch’s shape but also because the Padres already have a big honking ad patch on one sleeve and are adding a stadium-anniversary patch on their home jerseys this season.

Seidler will be the second Padres owner to be uni-memorialized. The first was Ray Kroc, whose “RAK” initials appeared on the left sleeve of the team’s jerseys from 1984 through 1986:

This will be the Padres’ first memorial patch since 2018. That year they wore a “KT|RP” patch for GM Kevin Towers and coach Rob Picciolo, both of whom had died during the offseason. Oddly, that patch appeared only on the team’s throwback uniform, which was worn six times that season:

(My thanks to Jared Bremseth for his assistance with this post.)

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    Should take off the stupid ad and put the PS memorial patch on the sleeve. All would be much cleaner looking.

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