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Picking The 2024 Divisional Round Winners by Better Uni

Last weekend, I picked the “Super” Wild Card Weekend winners by better uniform (you can check that out here). In those games, I went 4-2. I had picked the Browns over the Texans (that didn’t work out so well), and if you didn’t already know, CJ Stroud is a pretty good QB. After licking my wounds, I went 4-0 over the next four games (KC covered the 4.5 spread, the Pack upset (and destroyed) the Boys, the Rams lost to the Lions, but covered the 3 point spread, and the Bills cruised to victory over the Steelers). Fresh of that 4-1 start, I once again got creamed as Tampa Bay embarassed the Iggles. Still, 4-2 is a good start.

I’m back today to pick the Divisional Round winners by better uniform. We’re gonna have some interesting looks (and picks) as well as some beautiful games. Let’s go!

• • • • •


Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens
Time: 4:30 ET

SPREAD: Bal -9

I thought it was an odd choice for the Ravens to go purple over black, especially since the Ravens defeated the Texans 25-9 in Week One wearing purple over white (which is their best non-mono-black look). But according to this article, the Ravens are undefeated (2-0) when wearing such uniforms. Among the teams they’ve won when wearing them are the Texans, who they beat 20-13 in the Divisional round of the 2012 playoffs. So, if one thinks either combo is “lucky,” then the Ravens have options against the Texans. Surprisingly (?) I don’t hate the black/purple/black look for Baltimore (though I’d have preferred white pants), but it’s still better than the Texans, especially since both teams will be sporting the same color pants/socks look. It’s not going to be a particularly good looking game on the field, but the Ravens get the nod here.



Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers
Time: 8:15 ET


Once again, we’ll get a beautiful, classic matchup between two NFL dynasties. Last weekend, I opined the Packers have the best home uniform in the NFL, so any time they wear gold/green/gold, I will pick them. The same doesn’t hold true for their road uniform of gold/white/gold. It’s a great look, to be sure, but there are some teams’ home uniforms that are better looking — and one of those teams is their opponent tonight, the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers may not have the best looking home unis, but they’re close, and they look better than the Pack in their road white kits. It’s a shame that one of these teams (and their gorgeous unis) won’t be moving on, and this time around the Packers will be out (despite the heroics of Jordan Love of recent games). It’s a close call, but someone’s gotta win this uni battle.




Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Detroit Lions
Time: 3:00 ET

SPREAD: Det -6.5

Earlier in the week, it appeared the Lions would be wearing their Monolulu blue uniforms again (and as of Friday, the GUD had the pants listed as “TBA” after earlier having them in blue pants). I made the assumption the Lions would stick with this “lucky” combo (especially after this article seemed to support the mono-blue). Finally, late yesterday, the Monolulu Blues were confirmed. Last weekend, I mentioned I much prefer the Bucs to wear their white jerseys if they’re pairing them with “pewter” pants, which is their post-season preference, and the uniforms in which they won Super Bowl LV (their other Supe win, against the then Oakland Raiders, came in 2003, and they wore pewter/red/pewter — they wore actual pewter then). So, I’m going to give TB the edge. It won’t be a great looking game, but Tampa Bay will look better.



Kansas City at Buffalo Bills
Time: 6:30 ET

SPREAD: Buf -2.5

Just like San Francisco/Green Bay will be a gorgeous look, so too will Kansas City/Buffalo, and a nice way to close out the Divisional Round (unfortunately for me, I will miss this one as I’ll be curling). The Bills are once again wearing their absolute Sunday best going white/blue/white/blue, while KC is playing in red/white/red in what I believe is their first road playoff game in the Mahomes era. I know some (many?) of you prefer this road look for KC, but I actually much prefer them in white jerseys and white pants (their original Supe look). Visually, having them in red pants is probably better for this game, since the Bills will be in white pants. Either way the game will be good looking, but the Bills have the better look overall, and they get my pick.


• • • • •

And there you have it. My picks, by better uni, for this weekend. Feel free to disagree.

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    It’s funny you mention the white pants for the Ravens as part of your favorite look, because most Ravens fans prefer the purple or black pants.

    1) It’s one of several NFL combos where helmet, jersey and pants don’t match that I like.

    2) I would like the black/purple/black more (I do like it, just not as much) if the black pants had stripes.

    You forgot to add the Chiefs to KC. 7 out of 8 teams have a name attached to it. Yet the Chiefs name was left out.

    Definitely no need to go down that path, though putting this out there: I’d prefer UW go all the way or none of the way. I personally prefer all the way – meaning, don’t report on the teams you disagree with on their naming until they change something. Not saying their names but then putting clear pictures of the images you so disagree with for all people to see seems contradictory. I get why you do it, but just my two cents

    I will volunteer to step in. After the incidents of 2020, the use of team names with Native imagery and names have been declared forbidden for use on this site unless the name changes, ala Cleveland in MLB or Washington in the NFL. So the editors only use the location identifier of whoever still has that type of name. I know this because I live in Atlanta and the MLB team has such an identity.

    It was technically not a road game, as it was the Super Bowl, but KC’s loss to TB was at TB’s home stadium. So, call it what you like, but Mahomes lost his only playoff “road” game. I don’t think it will matter here.

    All I can say is, thank you Tampa Bay, for not only winning the division (meaning no Saints and their stripeless pants), but for beating the Eagles (goodbye, dreary green!)!
    Thanks to them, this weekend looks really good. I don’t even mind their game against the silver/blue/blue Lions. It’s not as good as the best looking combo in the league beating the Bills, but it’s watchable.

    I thought the Lions tweeted midweek that they would be going with their silver pants. I guess they changed their mind.
    That sucks.

    Houston/Baltimore: This would be easy if the Texans wore red socks…but nooooo!
    Sadly, the Ravens will look worse in those dark-over-dark duds. Advantage: HOU.
    Green Bay/Santa Clara: the Niners do have terrific home uniforms, but the helmet shine is the 1 aspect (a touch too shiny, YVVM) that doesn’t make it their day today…gotta pick the Pack in their classic aways today. Advantage: GB.
    Tampa Bay/Detroit: The ‘good luck’ Lulu Blues are no match for the Bucs P/W/P’s in this one. Hope the weather doesn’t play a factor! Advantage: TB.
    Kansas City/Buffalo: This Bills look is by far their best and is tough to beat…as for KC, “I actually much prefer them in white jerseys and white pants”. What Phil said says it all. Advantage: BUF

    Just curious why you chose to say “Santa Clara” (which I’m fine with), but not “Tampa” or “Orchard Park,” both of which I’d also be fine with.

    We start going down that rabbit hole and 10 of the 32 teams would be called something different. Just discovered that the Raiders Allegiant Stadium is in Paradise, NV.

    Like many of my comments, I probably should have thought it though a little better before posting.
    Think harder, Cheis!

    SF home is my favorite uniform, with the Saints when they rarely wear gold pants close behind, and when they often wear black pants as one of my least favorite. I greatly prefer the Bucs creamsicle, but this combo would be pretty good if Nike could get metallic pants correct and match the pants to the pewter helmets.

    this combo would be pretty good if Nike could get metallic pants correct and match the pants to the pewter helmets wasn’t the uniform supplier.

    I agree with all the choices except Baltimore. The Texans have average unis, but in my opinion the Ravens have the worst set in the NFL and it’s bot close. I don’t mind the colors, but the goofy bird logo, the fonts, the whole effect together is hideous.

    I was really expecting you to pick the Packers, I liked the props for the Niners’ home set, my favorite NFL uniform.

    As I’ve explained with other odd uniform “likes,” I don’t quite know for sure what it is about the Ravens’ set that makes me like it, but I do. They do some things I should HATE (mono-black, stripeless pants, extra layering on the numbers), yet it just works for me. One of those things I can’t really explain. Like Potter Stewart and porn, I know (like) it when I see it.

    As far as the 49ers homes > Pack road…while I LOVE the gold/green/gold combo, those light color helmets and pants lose something when paired with a white jersey — like teams with gray/silver helmets and pants. They look great when paired with a dark color, but not always so great with the white jersey.

    The Ravens don’t have the best set, but there’s no way it’s worse than the Falcons, Jets, or the Rams with their dishwater jerseys.

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