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Ravens Going With Rare Uni Combo This Sunday

The Ravens, who have the NFL’s best record, will be wearing an atypical uni combo for this Sunday’s home game against the Dolphins, as they’ll pair their black alternate jerseys with their purple pants.

This will be only the fourth time in team history that Baltimore has worn this uni combo. The three previous instances were all victories. Here they are, from most to least recent:

Personally, I love the Ravens’ mono-black uniforms (the rare mono-black combo I endorse), but I hate the black jersey with the purple pants. Ugh.

The Ravens/Dolphins game is scheduled to kick off at 1pm Eastern on Sunday.

(My thanks to Phil for bringing the Ravens’ announcement to my attention.)

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    OMG, Paul loves the all black mono combo? Color me surprised. I dislike it in all instances personally. I especially hate it when the Jets have done it.

    It makes total sense for a team named after an all black bird to wear all black. Panthers can get away with it, too, if they wore it with the black helmet.

    If the Panthers would fix the logo on their black helmets so the eyes and teeth are white, their all-black look would look awesome.

    I’m also normally opposed to mono-anything (except white, and only then in certain circumstances), but the Ravens are one team that TOTALLY pulls off the all-black uni perfectly. Especially since the NFL dropped the “low white” sock rule, which ruined the all-black look. (link)

    My only wish is that the pants had stripes, but even without them, I’m still OK with the Ravens in all black.

    To clarify, when I say “mono” I mean non-all white instances, like the Colts’ away look. That’s fine by me. Yes, the Ravens/Panthers and black make sense. I still don’t like it.

    Can I assume that you like it, Paul, because it is not BFBS as its the in Raven’s primary colors?

    Saying the Ravens should wear all black because Ravens are black is like saying the Browns should wear all brown, because, you know, the name.

    The Ravens could make some cool alternate uniforms with blue tones accenting the purple …kind of mimicking the wings and feathers of a raven…

    With that said I don’t think they stay undefeated in these unis…

    The Ravens and Panthers are the only teams where a mono-black option makes sense to me…

    I bitch and complain about the mono-shitish uniforms that have plagued use over the last few years. I prefer this over the mono-black for the Ravens. Just like the purple pants vs the solid black ones. How cool would this look with the mustard pants?????? Please bring those back once a year……

    Agreed! I think the mustard gold pants is a solid look as well…I think the only reason fans hate the look is because they lost a game in them….

    I agree….. PLEASE bring them back!!!!!!!

    I, for one, was a fan of the Jags solid “gold” uniforms. Think they could have paired that jersey with the black pants. Or, the pants with a black jersey. Scrap that helmet though LOL

    Agreed about the all black set. Usually it’s boring and unimaginative. But ravens are all black birds, so it makes sense for the Ravens.

    They gotta bring back those gold/yellow pants they wore a few years ago. Those were beautiful.

    Not a fan of the Ravens doing anything other than the purple jersey with white pants or the all white set. Yes, a raven is black, but it still felt like they started the black jersey nonsense around the same time as the other teams cause “cool”. Just needless.

    While it’s true they didn’t introduce the black jersey until 2004, they were actually “born” (moved from Cleveland) in black pants. In fact, that first season, they only wore purple over black or white over black. So, they’ve had black (helmet and pants) in their colorscheme from the beginning. And the BFBS *craze* (which has somehow never not gotten stale) was well underway by 2004 (although Baltimore is not BFBS as they’ve always had black as an official color).

    Well aware they wore those hideous pants in their first season. Doesn’t mean I like it. Not disagreeing that black is a part of their color scheme, just that I don’t care for it and would prefer they stick with the two uni sets I mentioned.

    I don’t remember the Ravens ever wearing a different color alternate helmet? I guess the options could be purple, white, or gold?

    Correct. They’ve only ever worn a black helmet (different decals, but black shell).

    When I did my “2/3/2/3” project, I envisioned the team with a white …


    …and gold helmet…


    I also tried purple, but it was too similar to the black (and the bird didn’t really show up either).

    The colors and stripes of the Ravens’ helmets are ideal. Their logo, on the other hand, needs a major makeover.

    Hey slap that bird head design you posted with Phil’s Old Baltimore logo and I think that’s a winner… I don’t have the software to mock that up sorry

    I’m not a huge fan of any of the Ravens combos. If I had to pick a combo, it would be either white over purple or purple over white. That said, I like this black over purple alt.

    Agreed that only the Ravens and Panthers should ever wear mono black.

    Odd looking combination with the purple pants, as the striping is not on the jersey or helmet. I would pick white pants with a single purple stripe to go with the black jersey.

    The only Ratbirds combination uglier than black over purple is purple over black.

    Of course, there’s not a single Baltimore combination that doesn’t stink.

    These are actually my favorite uniform combo for the Ravens. I really like how the black and purple look together. I think the mono-black is a bit too much for me.

    The Ravens wearing black over purple is like a public admission that ALL the colors they chose as team colors suck, so we’ll remind you with yet one more way of looking awful. But never fear, the team that stole a franchise from a city and a logo from a janitor, still has MUSTARD PANTS in the closet. Waiting…

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