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Texas Man Runs Marathon in XFL Uni, Sets Guinness World Record

Did you know that there’s a Guinness World Record for the fastest marathon time while wearing a football uniform? I didn’t, but it turns out that there is. Up until Sunday, the record time was 3:33:42, set by an Australian runner named Alistair Kealty at the 2019 Dubai Marathon.

But that record was shattered — shattered! — on Sunday, when a Texas man named Brian Goldsmith completed the Dallas Marathon in 3:29:30 while wearing an Arlington Renegades uniform, thereby setting a new Guinness World Record.

This was Goldsmith’s first marathon but not his first attempt to set a novelty record. He once attempted, unsuccessfully, to run the fastest half-marathon while dressed as a piece of fruit (he wore a banana costume).

Was he stoked to complete the marathon on Sunday? Yeah, you could say that (click to the video of him drinking post-race Champagne):


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Goldsmith’s choice of a Renegades uniform was no accident — he works as a ticket rep for the XFL club. Reports have indicated that the Renegades are among the XFL teams that will still exist following the recent XFL/USFL merger, so Goldsmith won’t go down as the last athlete to compete in a Renegades uni. But he’s almost certainly the only person who’ll ever set a world record while doing so.

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    Chafing preparation and prevention considerations must have been insane. Can’t imagine what a football helmet for 3 continuous hours of constant motion feels like.

    Try a 25 mile road march with full gear (50+ pounds) and a helmet on. Our military does it all the time.

    My wife used to run marathons and talked me into running a half-marathon one time. It was quite the challenge in just a dry fit shirt and shorts. Couldn’t imagine running an entire marathon with all that gear.

    That was a true test for Under Armor’s “moisture wicking fabric” if there ever was one!

    Thereby providing the only opportunity to use “long-running” and “XFL” in the same sentence.

    Quite a feat, much respect! Who will follow, wearing a hockey uniform? Including a goalie helmet and leg protectors?

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