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Boston Red Sox to Have New Protocol for City Connect Uniform in 2024

Interesting news today out of Boston, where Red Sox manager Alex Cora said on a podcast that the team’s blue/yellow City Connect uniform will be worn for Saturday home games in 2024. The uniform had previously been worn on random dates scattered throughout the season.

Boston was the first MLB team to get a CC uniform, back at the beginning of the 2021 season. At the time, the plan was for all teams to be CC’d by the end of 2023, with each CC design being used on a three-year cycle. So under that original plan, the Red Sox would be due for a new CC uni next season.

But the timetable has been stretched out a bit, as next year will be the fourth season for Boston’s CC design. Meanwhile, there are still 10 teams that have not yet joined the CC program: the A’s, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Guardians, Mets, Phillies, Rays, Tigers, Twins, and Yankees. Those teams will presumably get on board next season, although nothing official has been announced on that front.

In his podcast appearance, Cora also said the Sox would continue to wear their red alternates for Friday home games, with white being worn for all other days of the week.

(My thanks to Patrick Kelley for bringing Cora’s quote to my attention.)

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    Looks like they’re tightening up the protocol to wear white and gray more. They used the red and blue jerseys way too much the last couple years, as opposed to just Friday, like when they first introduced the colored alts.

    Well, that is a clear statement. I do not see myself visiting Boston any time soon but if so I will try any day but a saturday to go to a game in Fenway Park. Still not a fan of the UCLA look for the Red Sox.

    Still hoping they bring back the navy lettering on the road grays… the ones they stopped wearing in 2013 were perfection link

    Oh, I’ll show you bland!!! Remember the 1979-1986 road uniforms? Lettering was Varsity Block, numbers were Sand-Knit Block. Ugh.

    Those were super-bland, but the blandness really made the sock design (when you could see it) stand out more. Also for some reason I like how they had different number fonts at home and on the road.

    Speaking of the Red Sox in that era, I found this picture of the ’86 Red Sox celebrating in their home uniforms and the numbers on the back of #55 LaSchelle Tarver (the highest-numbered player on the team; a late-season call-up) are absolutely massive: link

    Is this an optical illusion?

    “….Fridays at home will feature the red uniforms. Rest of the week will be whites….”

    It’s become as irritating to me as a whistling booger when people refer to jerseys as “uniforms”.

    Just stop that. Stop it right now.

    I appreciate the structure & the communication. But this means every weekend home series will be 3 different uniforms. 2 of which are terrible so something to look forward to.
    Also, on most summer weekends Fenway is 50%+ casuals, so they are definitely catering to the pink hats & tourists to sell more alternate merch.

    Don’t know about the other teams, but I’d be pretty surprised if the A’s break out a new uniform to “connect” with a city that they’ve already decided to leave.

    I’ll be happy if they stick to this as the red and blue alts were already supposed to be only worn on Friday.

    But I’ll believe it when I see it.

    I’d be happier if they’d scrap the red and the blue and the CC completely but they won’t.

    Also agree on returning the road blue lettering with the removal of the socks patch because of the stupid ads they need to reverse the current colors and do a read trim with blue letters.

    An improvement! Dislike the CC. Not a huge fan of the red. If they are going to use red, do so with the white piping used on the original red. Prefer white and gray but do like the blue and wouldn’t mind seeing it in 1/3 of their road games.

    Do you mean navy piping on the reds? That’s what they had in the early 00s when they only had a red alt, no blue. I agree with bringing back the navy piping, keep it in line with the white home. The white has piping, the grey does not. Ergo, imo the red should have piping and the navy alt away can do without.

    Yes! For some reason thought it was white, but it was navy. White may look good, but piping white or navy would be a huge improvement

    I like that they’re re-introducing some regularity. I wonder if the red on Fridays at home means blue on Fridays on the road, or if the blue road alt can still be worn whenever? I can see either being the case as it seems MLB is starting the phase out road aways. I’d bet eventually every team save for the Yankees and Dodgers, maybe a few others will likely have ditched the greys. Not my preference, just a prediction.

    As a Red Sox fan, I actually really like the city connect jersey. Yes, it’s a departure from tradition, but it is an important aspect of our city that I thought was pretty well-executed. But even if you don’t like the jersey, this isn’t going to make the team wear the city connects less frequently. It’ll be a similar number of games, just spread out more over the season instead of blocked together. As for the other changes, the white jerseys are definitely better than the reds, so that’s an upgrade.

    As a Red Sox fan who lives over 500 miles from Fenway, I get to home games about once a year. Those games are almost exclusively on Saturdays. I am now relegated to clown shows.

    Get off of my lawn and all of that stuff, but I just want to see my team in their uniform.

    If they want to pick a day for those things it should be a day with limited games, like Monday or Thursday.

    Will the A’s’ uniforms be Oakland-themed or Vegas-themed, if they have to keep them for three years? Is that why the A’s haven’t gotten them yet, because Nike is waiting out the move?

    I don’t understand this. How many fans have Fenway Park and the Boston Red Sox as a bucket list game to see? I’d imagine the majority of those folks are traveling on the weekend and a Saturday game might be what’s most attractive. I know that’s how I would plan my trip. However, if I went to a game at Fenway and saw the Red Sox wearing this, I would be highly disappointed.

    City Connect, Color Rush, Statement or whatever the NBA has now are all complete jokes. Luckily, Color Rush has gone by the wayside.

    Also, from strictly a uniform standpoint, the helmet/hat logo should be the B from the jersey just reversed to yellow rather than their actual Red Sox B.

    Sounds a lot like the Braves. Braves have been doing red on Fridays and then introduced “city connect saturdays” this past season.

    I hope City Connect Saturday isn’t becoming a league wide thing

    I’m curious to know: Has any team cut bait on their City Connect jersey and decided not to wear them anymore?

    I mean, a couple of them are prettay… prettay… prettay… prettay… bad.

    I wouldn’t say the Los Dodgers have “cut bait” on their jerseys, but they have twice modified their CC unis.

    When they were first introduced, the unis included a “Los Dodgers” cap as well as a mono-blue uniform.


    Subsequently, they ditched the “Los Dodgers” cap and replaced that with their regular interlocking “LA”. They also changed the brim from royal to black.


    Finally, they completely ditched the royal blue pants altogether, and added a new set of white pants (the CC pants have royal piping, their regular white pants are plain)


    So they haven’t cut bait on the jersey (it remains the same since its introduction), but they have modified both the cap and pants.

    In addition, the D-bax (Serpientes) went from being tan over white …


    to full tan:


    The Rockies, while still wearing their CC’s with green pants…


    …also now pair them with white pants:


    So, while no teams have *stopped* wearing their CC’s, three teams have altered them since their introduction (although none have changed the jer$ey$). You can probably figure out why.

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