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Ian Kinsler Wears Israel Jersey to Throw Out First Pitch

Former Texas Rangers player Ian Kinsler, who is Jewish and has Israeli citizenship, wore a Team Israel jersey and a Rangers cap while throwing out the first pitch prior to last night’s American League Championship Series Game Four in Arlington.

While it’s possible that Kinsler would have worn the jersey anyway (he played for Team Israel in the 2020 Summer Olympics and managed Team Israel in the 2023 World Baseball Classic), it seems more likely that the move was a gesture of support for Israel in the country’s current war against Hamas.

MLB’s only other uni-related reference to the war that I’m aware of has come from Astros third baseman Alex Bregman, who inscribed a small Star of David on his cap for Game Three of the American League Division Series and has continued wearing it since then:

(My thanks to Phil for bringing the Kinsler jersey to my attention.)

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    I’ll bend the rules against political or religious comments: God Bless Israel! Go get ’em.

    “Go get ‘em”? They’re not exactly playing sports over there. Insensitive comment.

    Our commander-in-chief, yesterday referred to the terrorists as “the other team.”

    What do you mean it “seems” he wore the jersey in support of his country? He absolutely wore the jersey in support of Israel.

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