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Looks Like the Timberwolves Are Planning a 1990s Throwback

Are the Minnesota Timberwolves planning a throwback version of their 1989-1996 white uniform (shown above)?

Sure seems that way, judging by a photo taken from outside the team’s arena by a local fan. Take a look:

It’s a little hard to see, so let’s zoom in for a closer look at the pertinent part of the photo:

As you can see, it appears to be a mural showing Timberwolves forward Kyle Anderson wearing the team’s 1989-96 white uni design, but with the team’s current jersey advertisement and a Nike maker’s mark. (Update: As several people have pointed out to me, the player depicted in the mural is probably guard Anthony Edwards, who’s swapping uni numbers with Anderson this season.)

The new throwback, assuming that’s what it is, would join the team’s new City uniform as part of this year’s Timberwolves wardrobe.

(My thanks to Dan Bodurtha for bringing this one to my attention.)

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    I’m pretty sure that’s Anthony Edwards. He changed to #5 for the 23-24 season. I doubt they would create a new mural using Kyle Anderson with a number he no longer wears.

    It’s funny the Wolves are in a somewhat similar situation as Tampa Bay Bucs – classic uniforms during an absolutely god-awful period of productivity. As a Wolves fan I always enjoyed this initial uniform look and smile when it comes back, but I want nothing to do with remembering they went 152-422 (!!) in them and were the joke of the NBA.

    This Bucs fan (and former season ticket holder) absolutely detests the orange uniforms. They are more synonymous with 0-26 than any of the (moderately) positive years.

    Thankfully, I’m pretty sure they will never throw back to the digital uniforms of the late 2010’s.

    Hoping it becomes popular. I have a game used home jersey from 1994 that I’ve been trying to unload for a while. Yep, my interests in this story are completely self-serving!

    Remember watching Jerome Allen (and his #53) pair with Matt Maloney for a great Penn backcourt in the early 90s. Didn’t realize that he played for the T-Wolves – but immediately recognized him by his number.

    That was a hell of a backcourt. Tangential story: I was on spring break in Miami and it was past 2 in the morning. We were out being young and stupid and I came upon a store selling NBA replica jerseys. Even at 21 and having played the game through high school, I didn’t buy NBA jerseys because very few people look good in tank tops, the way most people can pull off tops from other sports. But I found a #12 Matt Maloney Rockets jersey with the cartoon rocket of the day. Matt Maloney went to my high school (Go Dawgs!) and grew up around the corner from me. Best drunken purchase ever, still have it.

    I like a lot of what the Wolves wear but their original set was always my favorite. Royal blue and kelly green are vastly underrated (looking at you, Mavs and Seahawks) and that set was just great.

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