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The Giants/Padres Game in Mexico Was Very Uni-Notable

Paul here, making a rare weekend appearance, because I wanted to document all the uni-notable action from last night’s game in Mexico City, where the Giants and Padres began a two-game series. First, as you can see above, the Padres wore their Mexican-themed City Connect uniforms and the Giants wore their “Gigantes” jerseys. Because the Giants were the designated road team, they also wore their grey pants, which I’m pretty sure marked the first time they’ve gone with that uni combo.

And that was just the beginning. Here are the other uni-notable developments:

  • Both teams wore “MLB World Tour” patches on their right sleeves and the right side of their caps:
  • On the other sleeve, both teams wore an advertisement for a Mexican financial services company (somehow neither team worried about it being rendered in “Phillies colors”):
  • Because of those series-specific patches, the Padres didn’t wear their usual sleeve ad, and the Giants didn’t wear their Gaylord Perry memorial patch.
  • As we’ve seen in previous games in Mexico, there were also series-specific ads on the batting helmets, this time for a Mexican metals company. The white ad stood out on the Giants’ helmets but was harder to make out on the Padres’:


The second game of the series will take place this afternoon.


Comments (12)

    I expect a new “Jumbo” hat line coming from New Era that contains big hats and sombreros.

    Padres also ditched their standard swinging friar logo. Makes me fear what’s gonna happen in the WS when teams have that patch plus an ad, assume they’ll just ditch their standard sleeve logos.

    FYI Paul – The Giants have worn their Gigantes on the road: 05/05/2017 @ the Reds (a.k.a. Los Rojos)


    Ah, thank you — did not know that! I’ll adjust the wording. (But it’s still the only time they’ve worn the *black* Gigantes jersey with the road pants.)

    Better be careful, I don’t see a New Era makers mark on that sombrero…

    Good to see the Giants have their priorities in order on those ad patches in place of the Gaylord Perry memorial. Hey, it’s just business.

    My prediction for the post season and beyond: no more team logo sleeve patches but ads on both arms. We have crossed the border and the ad train keeps on rolling.

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