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Check Out What the Zambonis Will Wear for the Uni Watch 25th-Anniversary Party

The great hockey-rock band the Zambonis routinely wears hockey jerseys onstage. But when they play at the upcoming Uni Watch 25th-anniversary party in NYC on May 26, they’ll be wearing something very special — a full set of Uni Watch hockey jerseys, complete with our anniversary logo on the chest!

Three members of the band will wear the white design, and two will wear the green. Here’s the rear view and some close-ups:

This is gonna be so great! Tickets for the event are available here (with all proceeds going to the band, not to me). Hope to see lots of you there!

(Special thanks to Nathan Haas of AdelphWear for making these jerseys — and at a very fair price, to boot.)

Comments (7)

    Hopefully at some point a fight breaks out on stage to see who Gets It™ the most.

    I think this is a great example of the theory that white hockey jerseys are superior to their non-white counterparts.

    If I could go (I have the time, but not the means for a road trip like that, as I’m in a transitional phase right now), I’d be wearing the other hockey jersey design, since that’s the one I got. Though these are definitely fine.

    The stripes on the green one just serve to remind me that I prefer that striping style, the 1978-1997 style, on the Rangers’ blue jerseys – the thin base-color separation between the stripes, and the waist stripes raised above the hemline. It still confounds me that they reverted to their pre-Ferguson unis, or as I think of them, their drought-era unis, in 1997.

    The green versions stripes also remind me that the Rangers’ blue sweaters should have the should striping like the whites. Would look awesome.

    Maybe we need to pull a few strings to have The Baseball Project open . . . .

    Just for shits and giggles, I contemplate the Canadiens and Rangers adopting the color scheme of the other, but with the design associated with the original team. They complement one another perfectly.

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