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MLB All-Star Design Contest Results Now Available

I recently challenged Uni Watch readers to come up with some good designs for MLB All-Star uniforms. Yes, of course it would be better if MLB just went back to the old way of having the players wear their regular team uniforms. But since that ship has apparently sailed, it shouldn’t be that hard to create something better than what Nike’s come up with, right? I’m happy to say that we received lots of really good entries (including Anthony Rodriguez’s logo treatment, shown above), the best of which are featured today in my latest Bulletin article.

My Premium Subscribers can read the article over on Bulletin. If you haven’t yet subscribed, you can do that here (you’ll need a Facebook account in order to pay). Don’t have or want a Facebook account? Email me for workaround info. Thanks!

Comments (7)

    Are you going to post an gallery of all the submissions for non-subs? Or is it just for premium subscribers?

    Anthony Rodriguez’s logo and wordmark shown here is really well done.

    Add a corporate logo and it’s a 100% realistic MLB ASG logo.

    So…can Bulletin articles be commented upon here (they will have a separate post from now on?) or is past protocol being followed…comments can be made only on FB?

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